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  1. If you fail the check once you can not make the check again and that Modification Option is no longer available. Despairs will render the entire Attachment useless and break it.
  2. Well, then I rescind my previous issue. You are doing Space God's work my friend. You're amazing.
  3. 1.4.0 is working awesomely! This is easily becoming the #1 SWRPG bot companion! The !help command crashes the bot but, obviously, it's still a WIP. Other than that, this risk-taker is definitely implementing this version for our game this weekend.
  4. OH! Duh. Of course. Silly me... haha, thank you!
  5. @Astrydax Is there a way to follow your progress on updates? Or is it best to just await your Update messages here in this thread?
  6. Another error: The Pistol Hilt Lightsaber attachment, which takes up two Hard Points, is still available as an attachment even after all the Hard Points on the Lightsaber have all been spent. Actually, the Pistol Hilt has no Base Modifier description, Price, or Rarity at all. Also not sure if this was intentional, given the nature of the attachment.
  7. Another small mistake in a weapons stats: The Sorosuub "Renegade" Heavy Blaster pistol is listed with having an Encumbrance of 3, but it's actually 2.
  8. @Astrydax It's working perfectly! Thank you for the update. One question: is there possibility of implementing a d100? Nevermind. I missed it when reading the Update. Again! Thanks SO MUCH!
  9. One more thing for the Philaxian Phase-Knife; the Ghostfire Crystal is listed as an available attachment for the weapon but it shouldn't be.
  10. One mistake I caught: The Philaxian Phase-Knife is listed as 15,000 credits but it should be 1,500 credits. Great work Ogg! Thank you so much for your time and effort.
  11. I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to create this bot. It has streamlined our online games immensely and your work is greatly appreciated by all! I look forward to the update fixing the cancelling of Light/Dark points.
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