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  1. I keep things separate. It keeps things better organized, and that way I'm not overwhelmed by having so many things that could be done at once. Typically, I won't add more than one expansion because it makes cleanup much easier. Because of this, I tend to use Mythos cards from the expansion the Ancient One is a part of, filling in the original games cards if I don't have enough (can happen with Rumors in the small boxes)
  2. When in doubt, do the rule that makes the game harder. I would say that since you can't take an Amnesia condition, you must discard the card and you have a choice.
  3. I'm not the kind to enjoy hidden traitor aspects, but I'm sure I can find something to like about this one. I like getting Trish as an investigator, but I'm still waiting for my Roland, Tony, and Lola.
  4. We got lucky: Not many of the blue star gates opened, so we were able to reduce the Sanity-loss effect. But yeah, we were able to keep things down fairly quickly. Preston was tough and had lots of weapons, so he was the "point at monsters and they die." Took out a Shoggoth and an Avian Thrall.
  5. I met my brother and his girlfriend yesterday, and we decided our introduction would be a round of Eldritch with the new expansion. We picked Antedilvium because we really liked the Mystic Ruins. I had Father Mateo (my favorite) and Carson Sinclair. He had Sefina Rosseau and Preston Fairmount. She had Agatha Crane (my brother liked to tease and said she had an old lady fetish) and Daniela Reyes. Our first Mystery was to discard a spell and clue after Mystic Ruins encounters. Carson, Sefina, and Mateo did those. Our second Mystery was the Grotesque Statue. Given that it gives you five Clues when you obtain it, we got it almost by accident when Mateo gained an Artifact from an Encounter in Arkham. We got to the same space, Daniela gave him another clue and Preston gave him the two spells he was going to use for the first Mystery and we took care of that. The last Mystery was the one with the Eldritch tokens on the Mystic Ruins spots. Agatha, Daniela, and Carson finished off those. Other highlights: Agatha summoned lightning to destroy the Tick Tock Men. Mateo, the Christian priest built a temple for the Atleantean gods and threw out his back. Sefina ended up in debt to a Nigerian prince. Agatha got Amnesia and forgot she made a Dark Pact. Mateo had a Living Link with an ancient King, and Preston became superhuman and got +2 improvements on every character. Carson also found the Black Fan during an Expedition in the Himalayas. "See that old white guy with the courtesan's fan. Let's give him stuff!" Ahhh, fun times.
  6. Bob buys the Ancient One.
  7. I must also advise Strange Remnants. The cards are fun, the mechanic is easy to understand, and the investigators are some of my favorites (Tony and Marie FTW) After that, go for whichever Mythos you like the best. Mountains of Madness has the best Investigators of the group, but it was the first expansion released so it feels less streamlined than the later installments. Rise of the Elder Things is a unique variant on the Elder One which I really like. Under the Pyramids adds a lot of new stuff, and Nephren-Ka is a great Ancient One. The Dreamlands is a bit more Mythos-specific, but it has good Investigators and a new version of the "Expedition" style quests like Strange Remnants. Masks does have some good stuff in it, but I think it's not enough buck for its bang.
  8. To clarify: You use them all if you are using those expansions. If you're like me and you keep expansions separate, you aren't required to mix in the other ones. But if you're using both, yes, you only make one deck.
  9. How many are truly good with only their starting equipment? You're being a little hard on him, I think.
  10. Mateo is awesome at this game. He's one of the few ways to get rid of Corruption spells.
  11. I have my copy, but my group can't meet yet. While I was putting stuff on the wiki, I noticed one of the new Preludes: Unto the Breach. To summarize, if you win the game with the Ancient One not waking up, you get some positive effects depending on how much Doom is left, and then you must do the Final Mystery. That is the coolest thing I've ever seen!
  12. The reason Forsaken Lore is considered the essential buy is because it adds things directly to the main game. More Mysteries for the original bosses and such. Yig is also a fast playthrough in case you don't have much time. Mountains of Madness adds the Antarctica side board. Under the Pyramids adds the Egypt side board. The Dreamlands adds the Dreamlands sideboard. Strange Remnants and Masks of Nyarlahotep adds the Mystic Ruins Encounter, which are like Expeditions. Mountains of Madness first adds Focus, but any expansion will give it to you. Strange Remnants first introduced Glamour spells, but several other expansions like Under the Pyramids, The Dreamlands, and Cities in Ruins will give them to you. Signs of Carcosa first introduced Talents, but The Dreamlands, Cities in Ruin, and Masks will also give them to you. Cities in Ruins adds the Disaster mechanic Masks adds the Resource and Personal Stories mechanics. Under the Pyramids adds the impairment mechanic, which will reduce your skills. If you ask me my opinion, Forsaken Lore is the one I would get first. Followed by Strange Remnants, it also adds plenty while still being easy to manage, and it has some of the best investigators. After that, I would go for a big box. Mountains has the best investigators, but Under the Pyramids has better Mysteries, while The Dreamlands is more thematic to the Mythos. Cities in Ruin is a lot of fun, but it only has one Ancient One. Signs of Carcosa is a lot of fun as well, but it's a bit more involved, I notice games of those take longer. I would advise against starting with Masks, it will overload a new player.
  13. I'm perfectly fine with no new "expansions." There are plenty of characters to choose from. But I'd be okay with an expansion that had 3 AOs, a new mechanic (maybe the Cult of the Thousand) and no new investigators. Just some assets and such
  14. Personally, I don't like to mix the decks because it makes the cleanup easier. Plus, I want to try out the new things first.
  15. Released on February 28? The website says it's "Shipping Now" on the 31st. Usually it doesn't take that long, does it?
  16. I'm perfectly okay with no new sideboard. I only have so much space on my table.
  17. The idea has crossed my mind, but honestly, I find it to be against the Mythos, so I don't do it.
  18. I find Eldritch is more streamlined, less to manage. There's no Focus sliders or money tokens.
  19. It seems more like "Legacy" mode for games like Pandemic or Risk. I'm okay with it, honestly. I'll probably mix all the expansions (and that's probably the point)
  20. Some people have made homebrew cards. I think there are some links on BGG, but those are investigators. Turn your girlfriend into an Ancient One? Please let me know how it goes.
  21. Roland is another good one, he can spawn a clue without spending an action.
  22. Unless you have the Detained or Lost in Time and Space Condition, as I understand it, you have the option of undertaking whichever encounter you please if you have more than one choice, provided there are no Combat Encounters on the space. A Mystery that let's you do something "as an Encounter" is an option you get if you're on a certain space.
  23. If this "Campaign" mode goes as it implies, we'll probably mix everything together for that one.
  24. If the "Campaign" mode was all Nyarlathotep, I would SO get behind this.
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