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  1. It seems more like "Legacy" mode for games like Pandemic or Risk. I'm okay with it, honestly. I'll probably mix all the expansions (and that's probably the point)
  2. Some people have made homebrew cards. I think there are some links on BGG, but those are investigators. Turn your girlfriend into an Ancient One? Please let me know how it goes.
  3. Roland is another good one, he can spawn a clue without spending an action.
  4. Unless you have the Detained or Lost in Time and Space Condition, as I understand it, you have the option of undertaking whichever encounter you please if you have more than one choice, provided there are no Combat Encounters on the space. A Mystery that let's you do something "as an Encounter" is an option you get if you're on a certain space.
  5. No, you're not required to do it.
  6. If this "Campaign" mode goes as it implies, we'll probably mix everything together for that one.
  7. If the "Campaign" mode was all Nyarlathotep, I would SO get behind this.
  8. K'n-yan is a Mystery for Yig. I'd like to see some more Ancient Ones. Maybe Yibb-Tstll (making evade checks difficult, and maybe Cultists could seek out Investigators), or Y'Golonac (involving Tomes, since so many investigators get abilities with Tomes), maybe even Cthugha (that could hurt you if you move more than one space a turn)
  9. It sounds more like Syzygy to me. I agree Deep Ones are overused, but when I think of floods, why not Deep Ones?
  10. No. Such things only apply if you don't choose to take them. It's just like Mark Harrigan's Delayed.
  11. All of the Ancient Ones are old, though
  12. Antediluvium? That refers to a flood. Maybe it's like Syzygy in that it is an event rather than a person. Have to say: I like that. Give a Boon to someone on ANY space? Wow, that can be really useful. Agatha feels a little too much like Daisy for me, but not bad. Carson manipulating Travel is a good one, since we don't have much travel. And Preston, naturally, gets stuff really quickly. Sefina seems more like Lola or even like Joe, improving pretty quickly. She looks like she could become really powerful if you're lucky. Thanks so much for the details. If you know anything else, let us know, please.
  13. Maybe there's a certain process they have to go through for the Investigators, and they didn't have time because they were on a deadline.
  14. Forsaken Lore is the one you'd get the most out of, since it combines well with the main game. After that, I'd go for Strange Remnants. It's got an Ancient One with a great challenge, some of the cooler investigators, and introduces a new mechanic that is easy to understand and has some great writing. Then, I'd go for a big box. Mountains has cooler investigators. Under the Pyramids is more immersive, and The Dreamlands is good if you really like the Mythos (plus, it introduces an Ancient One we've never seen before) Cities in Ruin is really awesome with the devastation mechanic. Signs of Carcosa isn't bad, it has a great Ancient One, but it just didn't wow me as much as the others.
  15. Thank you very much, and welcome. Unless we see something else, it looks like the four from Mansions, Sefina, Daniela, and Calvin are what we get. And two Ancient Ones? Wonder who the other might be.