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  1. I don't think it will work merely because of Devastation in Cities in Ruin. Arkham can turn into a wasteland. I see things more on the lines of small boxes, although the Amazon might work with Chaugur Faughn. I think maybe Y'Golonac could be an Ancient One, with his Doom effects revolving around Tomes. Or Cthugha, hitting you with travel action penalties. Yibb-Tstll could also require spending more Clues to do certain things, since she sees all, and stuff.
  2. I don't think so. Technically, the monster had two toughness during the encounter, not three.
  3. if we have the four from MoM, and the one from the card game, I wonder which three occupations could be left? Gonna go out on a limb and say...a pilot? A banker? Anyone else got any ideas.
  4. Simplification is not a bad thing, not by itself. I found Arkham to be almost unmanageable. I was using Notepad to keep track of my health, sanity, and money since it was easier than digging for what I needed.
  5. I don't think another "region" map is really needed. We've got plenty of them. I would rather they focus on more thematic elements like Disasters. Plus, we're almost out of investigators.
  6. You can still move by rail/ship into a devastated city, and you may leave a devastated city by rail/ship. I agree, it might have been thematic to make those no longer accessible by rail/ship. But they are.
  7. Yeah, Arkham was crazy complicated as it was just in the base game. Adding all that extra stuff just made it nearly unmanageable.
  8. I'd have to respectfully disagree on the expansions being disappointments. I don't like excessively complicated rules that take all that time just to learn. I think if you want to make your own house rules, go for it. But I'd rather play the game.
  9. I must disagree and say I'm actually pretty fond of the design, though I'll agree that it was not appropriate for a "Devastation" Maybe they just wanted it to really stick out?
  10. We had our first run through yesterday. Bob was every bit as epic as I thought he'd be. Roland was also pretty awesome, mostly because the services in the expansion were really useful, and Observation is always good. Ashcan did pretty solid in most of the run, but his ability wasn't useful until we discarded a weapon for him, then he picked it up with that talent of his. Rita was right useless, Talents are situational at best, and I'll take Mark or Lily if I want to fight, thanks. Our first Mystery was Renewing the Seal, which Bob did surprisingly well, getting two of them done (one was handled by Roland, the other by Jacqueline) Second, we did Exploring G'harne. Roland did well with those, with Lily and Bob helping out. Third was Disaster Relief Effort. Is it just me, or are those cards not all that difficult to get a decent resolution. Three Disasters had struck, but only the last one ruined a City (Buenos Aires) so we were all crammed in Rome. At least that made it easy for Jacqueline and Jim to cast Blessing of Isis. I thought it was one of the best sets ever, #2 for small box behind Strange Remnants. The artwork on the cards is great. Coulda used more "devastation" in the Devastation Encounters, but I'm a child of the 90s so that just might be me.
  11. Yes, you resolve the Disaster effects as normal. Simply don't do anything with the Devastation space. Rome starts the game devastated because one of the Mysteries requires a Devastation space, so they give you one off the bat.
  12. All right, got all of the small cards and most of the large ones on the wiki. Some interesting tasks from what I can see. My group is meeting next weekend to break in this bad boy, but from what I can see, Shudde M'ell is a punisher. His reckoning hits a lot and disasters can cripple. I'm thinking Instill Bravery and Flesh Ward are going to be the way to go for this.
  13. And you can use that saved money for Cities in Ruin. Welcome, friendo.
  14. Hey, yeah, I'm updating the wiki now. You got any questions you wanna ask, go ahead. I'll help as best I can I'd describe Bob as a definite all-rounder, although support is his primary duty. Being able to reduce the value of Assets is one of those abilities that's almost always useful, since Assets are almost always useful. BTW, the Winchester Rifle (Bob's gun) is a +4 to Combat only once a turn. Only costs 2. Roland's gun (Mauser) is also value 2, +2 to combat and 1 reroll
  15. It would depend. Let's say you had the option of "spend a Clue or impair Lore" with Lore already at -2 (and you have a Clue), then you could choose to impair Lore and nothing would happen. I don't think there's a rule that states certain skills are not allowed to be impaired, but I'm not certain.