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  1. That's very helpful. Thanks. I hadn't even considered LCG's that really interest me like Star Wars because the card pool is so large from being around so long that it felt overwhelming to jump into. This could be a good option.
  2. So I'm learning more about LCG's and they seem pretty awesome. I especially like that they eliminate "the chase" and spending a ton on singles to put your deck together, but my question is about jumping into them when they several years old. I have not aspirations of playing a Worlds but do like a little bit of competition even though I am mostly a casual player. Basically, I want the option of solid deck building on the table. With this in mind, for already well established LCG's, would it be necessary to retroactively buy ALL the deluxe expansions and chapter packs? I've got the Arkham Horror core set and the 2nd addition GoT is fairly new but I was also just considering waiting for the Legend of the Five Rings LCG to drop so I could get in "on the floor level". What say you, FF community?
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