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  1. I like the idea, N'dru is so cool. But I agree with Soekja, I think Cluster Missiles would be better choice. Also, I think there's no mistake with the number of bombs on the original list. There are only three slots as you say: 2 for the Bomblets and 1 for the Mines. But I gotta try your list. Thanks a lot.
  2. I've just brought Captain Nym home and I came up with this list with the ships I actually have: (98) Zuckuss (34) - G-1A Starfighter Veteran Instincts (1), Fire Control System (2), Outlaw Tech (2), Mist Hunter (0), Tractor Beam (1) Jakku Gunrunner (19) - Quadjumper Pattern Analyzer (2), Spacetug Tractor Array (2) Captain Nym (45) - Scurrg H-6 Bomber Veteran Instincts (1), Extra Munitions (2), Cluster Missiles (4), Proximity Mines (3), Guidance Chips (0), Bomblet Generator (3), Cad Bane (2) I only have this ships in case you suggest to change one: Scurrg, Starviper, Y-Wing, G1-A, JM5K, Z-95 (2), Slave-1, Quadjumper
  3. I would like to try your list, it sounds pretty cool. May I?
  4. I've just made this one and it worked pretty well today: Guri (Virago, Autothrusters, PtL, FCS, Plasma Torpedos, Black Market Slicer Tools) Dengar (Punishing One, 4-Lom, Predator, Counter-Measures, R5-P8, Black Market Slicer Tools) I like how Guri works with PtL, 'cause it can make great use of his 1-Green-Maneuvers to get exactly where he needs to be. And Dengar is always attacking 2 times and R5-P8 deals the finishing blow.
  5. Do you think the "Punishing One" title is off-topic here?
  6. I like the list, and I don't think K4 should be exchanged since Manaroo attacks with only 2 reds (a little bit of help from a free tl is something you can't refuse). Play it like this first, just don't rush 4-Lom into the battlefield or his agility will be the doom for your Mindlink.
  7. The last one was with Zuckuss (VI+Advanced Sensors+Munitions Failsafe+Outlaw Tech+Mist Hunter+Hot Shot Blaster+Tractor Beam). It went very well: 3 out of 5 this week. It's a little fragil against two big ships at the same time, but even swarms have a rough time fighting two heavy battlefronts.
  8. This is my favourite build for Dengar Dengar (33) Predator (3) Counter-Measures (3) K4 Security Droid (3) Punishing One (12) R5-P8 (3)
  9. I couldn't play this past weekend, but I'm gonna play it for sure this Saturday.
  10. It seems to work for me, and some others have been telling me it's a great combo.
  11. Hi. I've just built this list for a tournament in my city this Saturday. Hope it really works as it works in my mind. Bossk (49) Fearlessness Autoblaster Engine Upgrade 4-Lom Dengar Zuckuss (39) Veteran Instincts Advanced Sensors Munitions Failsafe Outlaw Tech Mist Hunter "Hot Shot" Blaster Tractor Beam Binayre Pirate (12) I've been playing Zuckuss this way for a while and I like how it moves, regardless the G1-A it's somehow a little bit difficult to play. The Adv. Sensors/Outlaw Tech/Mist Hunter combo makes him unpredictable: just barrel roll or target lock, then you can freely make that one 3-4 Red maneuver and then you get a Focus Token. I like to play Bossk equipped with Autoblaster to roll enough reds that the opponent can't evade, and with 4-Lom you get rid of those Defender's Evade/Focus Tokens in the case of two critical hits.
  12. I like playing the Jumpmaster with Dengar as a pilot, just like this: Dengar (33) R5-P8 (3) Punishing One (12) Countermeasures (3) Rather than Tel Trevura, Dengar might help you avoid continuous attacks as they will think twice to choose him as a target, and in those cases, Dengar will attack twice and return one hit with R5-P8. It's 3 points higher but you'll get in exchange two attacks and one damage that green dices can't evade. The rest is up to your list.
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