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  1. I've now finished up all the Imperial Assault minis I currently own (until Tyrant of Lothal) and have posted up pictures on my blog, quick sample of two of my favourites below: https://cruciumgiger.blogspot.com/2018/08/star-wars-wave-1-completed.html
  2. Completed images are everything I done so far, I've had a lot of fun painting these. More images over on my blog: https://cruciumgiger.blogspot.com/2018/07/star-wars-imperial-forces-and-maul.html
  3. I just realised that although I have a thread up over in the Armada section I haven't posted the Imperial Assault minis I have been painting up recently. These are for some Star Wars Rebels era gaming we'll be doing (can't wait for the new expansion) and a big thank you has to go to Sorastro for his guides which have been invaluable (particularly for the Stormtroopers).
  4. I've not posted in a while but with the arrival of the Thrawn expansion I've had the chance to paint up some ships again, Mandalorian Gauntlet Fighters. This was a nice quick paint job that I think does the trick.
  5. Thanks guys, I must admit screen accurate Star Destroyers are a temptation however with other projects in the pipeline the FFG paint jobs are serviceable for now.
  6. Last night I finished of the last bit of brush work for Star Wars Armada (at least for now). The Interdicter is a great looking ship but the art always shows red lighting down the central spine which gives it a sinister look but is missing from the model so a quick 15 minute job and this was corrected. A quick black wash down the central spine to darken it off and the a couple of shades of red later and it looks much better.
  7. Cheers Visovics, I'm actaull yquite happy with the Imperial ship paint jobs so I'm not looking to do too much with them (though the Interdictor will be getting a small touch of paint).
  8. Another Corvette and Nebulon B have received a minor colour changed so that I don't have any identical ships.
  9. Just painted Slave I up which I thought was worth entering.
  10. Cheers and indeed I have! I was doing some minor re-painted of a Corvette and Nebulon tonight (pics tomorrow).
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