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  1. I built a tool that lets you explore art by the different investigators. Check it out here. It works best on desktop. Note: it only has player cards, not Encounter cards.
  2. Hi all, SamWeiss - this thread inspired me to take a bit of a deeper look into Traits among the player cards. Here's the results: https://decipheredreality.com/investigator/player-card-traits-arkham-horror-lcg/
  3. Great thread everyone! I took a data-driven approach and wrote about it here: https://decipheredreality.com/investigator/who-is-the-worst-investigator-in-arkham-horror-the-card-game/ (also - this is a new blog! I'll be writing about the data behind AH:LCG. Let me know what you think!)
  4. I've published another post about the data behind the decks - what are the most popular 5XP cards on published Arkhamdb decks? http://gravyanecdote.com/arkhamhorror/arkham-horror-most-popular-5xp-cards/ (see if you can guess before you click the link!) What do you think? Do you agree with the list? Do you use any of the less popular ones?
  5. Absolutely. And beyond your excellent explanation it's also important to remember that this data represents a tiny subset of the playing population. Most ahlcg payers probably don't even engage with the online community let alone publish decks.
  6. I linked to your Leo deck in the post. I love the Finn deck. It's great how you're playing with these cards.
  7. I looked at the data from Arkhamdb to work out the least popular cards. And then wondered what it'd be like to build a deck with them... http://gravyanecdote.com/arkhamhorror/arkhamdb-building-the-least-popular-decks-guardian-and-seeker/ I'd love to know your thoughts!
  8. Nice write up! Also - thanks for using some of my stats in the post. It's great to see them being used.
  9. Is this it: https://arkhamdb.com/decklist/view/3114/the-skids-redemption-1.0
  10. Hi - I got an error saying that deck's private. Could you share it? Thx.
  11. I'd let him have the XP, and then write in your campaign log: "The investigators bent the rules."
  12. I love the narrative this rule creates. Pete says to Duke: "Good boy! Off you go, head into that room that we've not been in yet. Go see what you can get. There's a good boy. Duke: "Woof?" Pete: "Oh yes - here's magnifying glass, and Milan, can you go with him? I'll wait here. Thanks."
  13. I look forward to replaying this one. I tried it last night with solo Ashcan Pete and breezed through it in 20 minutes, taking zero damage. Therefore, based on one play with one investigator, I classed Essex County as "ridiculously simple." Then i took to the internet and discovered other people's experiences. Can't wait to try it again with different investigators and decks.
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