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  1. Speaking as a guy who has worked in print for many years, most home desktop printers and many commercial laserjets autmatically shrink PDF files to fit the printer’s recommended margins. If you’re having cards come out consistently slightly too small then the pdf is probably accurate, you just need to find and deselect “reduce image to fit page” or something similar in your print setup.
  2. I love this for increasing the potential to destroy an SSD by smashing an A-Wing into it.
  3. Well, fair enough, all I really came here to do was reassure @Piratical Moustache that a Venator will or will not happen in the game based on what the dev team wants to do coupled with what the company is able to get approved and funded and that KDY and other fan content in threads here will almost certainly play no part in those discussions.
  4. I think “we don’t accept unsolicited designs” is a useful phrase for anyone trying to run a business with a large fanbase; there’s nothing restricting them from doing it besides the fact that it’s easier and faster to develop in house than it is to pick through KDY looking for ideas that have merit. There’s nothing to suggest they’ll never print an ability if a fan sent it to them in your posts so far- I think you interpreted “we don’t print things as a result of people sending them in” to mean “if you send something in that guarantees it will never see print” when those are different assertions
  5. You CAN copyright setting specific information like the word ‘venator,’ but in this case that copyright exists and resides with Disney, who have liscensed FFG to use it
  6. From a legal perspective in the US, this is nonsense. Game design, that is, rules, statistics, and mechanisms, cannot be protected by copyright and even if FFG took someone’s exact venator and printed it as-is that designer would have no basis for a legal challenge.
  7. Not to ruin everyone’s fun talking past each other, but you’ve missed a recent thread it seems- Get ready for the rise of the wave 7 Garm Neb Iblis meta
  8. I mean depending how hard you sunder it a star might just be a hunk of constituent elements and cast about as big a shadow as you can, you know, cast
  9. For my money it's quad turbolaser cannons, which are both pricier and less effective than H9s. There is no scenario where I don't take H9s instead.
  10. In fact why not both? Going to Dodonna gives you enough points to put LS on the two command cruisers.
  11. What you missed was the very next sentence: ‘games are worth fleet points /25 by default’ If we play a 400 point game that’s 16. Time gets 13 points if he wins, Sarah gets 19. I’d imagine that sarahs -1 point objective is conferring some disadvantage on her that makes the win harder to achieve, justifying the bonus.
  12. Hi! Glad to hear you’re interested in our weird little corner of tabletop. I’ll answer in brief, as you’ll get many strong opinions on some of these questions. 1. The rules are relatively simple to pick up. The learning curve for that is worst in terms of errata and the combat activation sequence, and neither are terrible. The rules forum here is active and helpful if you’re ever in search of assistance. Kids could play this game. The strategy component is pretty deep, between list building, deployment, and active play, and anyone who doesn’t like to make a detailed plan, child or adult, is unlikely to win very often, so there’s that to consider. 2. The models range from good (assault frigate, victory star destroyer, most squads) to great (liberty, Chimera). Squadrons come unpainted, so be prepared to either play them bare or put in some work on that. 3. This is a subject of heated debate on these boards. As a mostly casual player I find the release schedule of “thing every 6-9 months” suits me fine, but the lack of news between releases really bothers a lot of folks here. To me it’s mostly just griping. They put out good organized play support, too. 4. We don’t think 2.0 is likely very soon, the meta is in a pretty healthy place with errata and rules revisions rolling out pretty regularly and no single archetype overly dominant at top tournaments. 5. This game does reward collecting, but not as much as x-wing, and again, because the meta is better you can often field a viable list from what you have on hand. We were gratified that the super star destroyer announced at gen con has a few cool unique upgrades (Piett, Palpatine, and some SSD titles) but otherwise seems to contain only cards already in print, meaning you’re not forced to buy the 200 dollar ship to be competitive.
  13. Vapor bath: https://makezine.com/2014/09/24/smoothing-out-your-3d-prints-with-acetone-vapor/ I'd recommend this more to those 3d printing on their own than to anyone who bought pieces through shapeways or wherever, it's important to be able to test a couple times to get this to work right.
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