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  1. Seems solid enough. Curious as to what his upgrades are
  2. Well this is the most pleasant of surprises. This is freaking awesome!!!
  3. Annnnnmnnd you just became the hero we all deserve. Well done.
  4. Annnnnd now I want to start writing Mordeheim like campaign rules....
  5. I hate that this is going on when I can' get away from work!!! ???
  6. New to this while vassal thing. 1) Are there any tutorials on how to use it? 2) Anyway that ww can watch vieods of these matches? 3) All hail our new cymoon overlords.
  7. Give me old man Ben Kenobi. Straight beast mode
  8. As are we all.... (I also might have done this....)
  9. That......is something I did not know, and might be a game changer. You have any links to sellers for later?(on mobile at work currently, and eBay is weirdly blocked)
  10. Hirstart super amazing. Use some of their stuff for Dnd dungeons.
  11. Annnnd this thread has swung me. Two core sets are gonna have to be a thing. Already beginning to design 2 3×3 boards that can be played together or separate. An imperial hanger bay for an airfield, large open area with some hallways and backroom for interior play, the other a desert scape, with a few ruins, maybe a downed tie fighter. A few moisture farm equipment, etc. I hope we get a dedicated terrain forum board.
  12. I would love love love an ISB strike team, almost similar to a 40k deathwatch squad. Highly customizable in terms of upgrades they can take, expensive but versatile and hard hitting.
  13. Soft cover could be like, general debris of a speeder or at-st with an area base underneath. Hard terrain would be the more solid bits I think. Hmmmm now I'm wanting to do a Hoth or Scariff board....
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