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  1. If the Force Choke doesn't kill them outright then I'd just rule that the mask is damaged, but functional enough to work for the time being. The character is experiencing an extreme amount of discomfort, but will survive until a replacement mask can be obtained or emergency repairs are made to the current mask. I am not seeing a lot of information on the Kel Dor Wookieepedia site about their culture, so it's quite possible that the species doesn't go roaming as much off their own world.
  2. Did this peter out? Did anyone get contacted? Inquiring minds...
  3. I am always hungering for some Star Wars action. I second what Bellona mentioned. Roll20? Play by post? Just over Discord?
  4. I know you already resolved with the player, but I thought to add something after reading the thread. Nothing says the target will attempt to kill themselves immediately, right? Perhaps they walk away, very sullen and contemplate how to kill themselves; Only for the effect to wear off after they leave the area of the Force user.
  5. Make cardboard armor like MTG players.
  6. Cloud Hammer could be a planetary assault device. The cloaking tech from the Wraith is needed to get it into place. The device is a huge satellite that pummels the atmosphere of a planet and basically rips it away from the planet's gravitational pull. Similar to that WMD in Star Trek (2009 movie). By using Sci-Fi tech magic, the air surrounding the target is dispersed somehow, causing everything needing to breathe in the area of effect to suffocate or perhaps to stimulate the air in such a way that it shocks living beings and droids with a highly-fatal blast of electricity. For the rest of the campaign, you'd have to decide how involved they will be with the canon storyline. Or possibly, this could be an alternate universe and they get to be the heroes? Could have them defeating the Cloud Hammer be just the precursor to discovering a secret weapons research lab (Rogue One) and about the plans for a much greater weapon (the Death Star).
  7. The problem is that powers and power level vary between media. Comic books and the Force Unleashed video games are prime examples of what the Force isn't and shouldn't be - super hero powers. I say that only to bring up my point, in that you should be careful of what you want to introduce into an RPG and allow players to do. If the Force is too strong, there isn't much point in interacting with NPCs or engaging in scenes when you can just crush a Star Destroyer with your hand. Main culprit on your list of new "canon" is the teleport.
  8. Here is an article on the non-Night Sister witches. https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Witches_of_Dathomir Here is an example of their offspring (from the Young Jedi Knight books) https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Tenel_Ka_Djo
  9. I couldn't find any Zeitalter der Rebellion on shopping sites, but got some hits for PDF sites. Might have to wait until the books are for sale. EDIT: You could always just use the classes and rules, and never put points into Force skills. Two of three specializations in each career don't usually have many Force talents anyways.
  10. If I ever get to run a Star Wars game again, I will just have the people that tend to the Roll-play the species that can't speak, so there is a reason for them to not RP as much LOL
  11. If it's a party member, they would have had time between adventures to learn how to communicate with each other. Otherwise, there - has - to be some kind of wearable translator that can be purchased on any system with a good tech level.
  12. Remembered a Star Wars game I tried to run a while back on a play-by-post site. The players didn't stick around long enough to discover the Force tradition (PbP forums tend to be like that, sadly), but I still fleshed it out a bit. The tradition were basically Force druids (like the ones in D&D, but with only Force powers and feats that others could also access from the D20 Revised books). They would have the one ability to affect weather and like Force adepts they could communicate with sentient beings (through the Force). The only thing I was going to use as a house-rule was that these Force users could morph into something like werewolves if they became evil and turned to the Dark Side. Bringing all of that up, because whatever Force tradition or unique Force user you think to use, they could comment on the Force in such a way that even though the PC thinks of the Force only as a tool they can learn the lesson about tools need to still be handled with care or they can damage you.
  13. Depends on how long they had the career for. If they were a veteran inside that career, they shouldn't really be a starting character anyways. If they started a different career, but found out it wasn't for them, then buying ranks in skills that aren't from the new career could represent having and old career well enough.
  14. Neti are naturally Force-sensitive, and since they are basically trees, might not have the need to join the Sith or Jedi. The can change shapes, but if you just keep it as a tree the players will likely never know what it is. (pic from D20 Revised Ultimate Alien Anthology - all the pics I found on Google were from a shape-shifted form)
  15. Eliminating two ships on my opponent's move with a crack/snap A-Wing squad.
  16. It would be fine, if there were decent upgrades in 2E. Too much useless jank now though.
  17. Looks like a fun pilot and crew card to test out. Too bad I can't use the Resistance 3P0 with it. Side note: This is the first time I've seen the name written down. I was surprised not to see it as K2-S0, that's how it introduces itself in Rogue One. https://youtu.be/II1x9ptMZag?t=6
  18. Obi-Wan Kenobi Flip card. +1 Force (Alive art) Side 1: Spend 1 Force to remove all orange tokens from one friendly ship. If equipped ship would be destroyed, flip this card. (Force ghost art) Side 2: Assign this card to a friendly ship. (still has the +1 Force on the flipped side) EDIT: A friend pointed out to me the timing, the removal of orange tokens would likely have to be at start of Engagement. We'll go ahead and toss a range 0-3 on there as well.
  19. I just wanted to make sure since the text next to the red die in the Force and Destiny book mentions the DM can add the die, so I was concerned that it's the only way it happens.
  20. I am trying to understand how the Body Guard talent (and others like it) function. It says to upgrade difficulty of attackers, but doesn't say if that will be an extra D8 difficulty die, or should I upgrade an existing difficulty die to a D12 challenge die?
  21. They need a better ship to partner with. The Nantex doesn't ace well enough to just be an ace list (maneuver dial and no native reposition actions).
  22. Greetings. I am new to the FFG version of the RPG for Star Wars. Is there any way to hide yourself from the Force in this version? None of the powers, below, seemed like there were what I had in mind. Ebb/Flow Protect/Unleash Influence Heal/Harm Enhance Battle Meditation Bind Foresee EDIT: I found one named Sense, but that doesn't look like it detects Force either.
  23. I made an Obi list with Battle Meditation to try, but haven't flown it yet. My idea was to have Obi flying close enough to coordinate, but hopefully avoiding shots, while the two Jedi Knights get shots in and take out ships in the early game. Just a for-fun list, before anyone thinks to harsh on me. Obi-Wan Kenobi - Battle Meditation - R2 Astromech - Delta-7B Jedi Knight x2 - Heightened Perception or Angled Deflectors (I was going to try both versions out) - Delta-7B
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