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  1. I just wanted to make sure since the text next to the red die in the Force and Destiny book mentions the DM can add the die, so I was concerned that it's the only way it happens.
  2. I am trying to understand how the Body Guard talent (and others like it) function. It says to upgrade difficulty of attackers, but doesn't say if that will be an extra D8 difficulty die, or should I upgrade an existing difficulty die to a D12 challenge die?
  3. They need a better ship to partner with. The Nantex doesn't ace well enough to just be an ace list (maneuver dial and no native reposition actions).
  4. Greetings. I am new to the FFG version of the RPG for Star Wars. Is there any way to hide yourself from the Force in this version? None of the powers, below, seemed like there were what I had in mind. Ebb/Flow Protect/Unleash Influence Heal/Harm Enhance Battle Meditation Bind Foresee EDIT: I found one named Sense, but that doesn't look like it detects Force either.
  5. I made an Obi list with Battle Meditation to try, but haven't flown it yet. My idea was to have Obi flying close enough to coordinate, but hopefully avoiding shots, while the two Jedi Knights get shots in and take out ships in the early game. Just a for-fun list, before anyone thinks to harsh on me. Obi-Wan Kenobi - Battle Meditation - R2 Astromech - Delta-7B Jedi Knight x2 - Heightened Perception or Angled Deflectors (I was going to try both versions out) - Delta-7B
  6. Maybe let you put him in a Seperatists list if you also control Dooku.
  7. Based on how car companies work, I would think the improvement from 95 to 96 would be minimal. Maybe they get a 4 blue where the 95 doesn't?
  8. My thinking was that, at the time, Luke isn't trained in the Force at all. So even if he had some Force points, he wouldn't have a Force power yet. For game purposes, if he did have a Force power then you would have to replace it.
  9. Or maybe allow your Force power to be assigned to that ship in place of theirs. Just like Luke picked up Instinctive Aim in the movie. EDIT: I remember this ability from the D20 RPG of Star Wars. Malacia Using the Force technique called malacia, the Jedi turns an opponent's equilibrium against him, causing extreme dizziness and nausea without any lasting effects. So for X-Wing, the Force power could give the pilot a purple Jam action. Also, I would add the rules exception that this won't work against a ship that has the Calculate action.
  10. FFG could just have the Z95 ship ability read "You can have this ship on any faction list... if you really want to for some reason."
  11. Agree to disagree, but how would a white evade, when near debris, break them for you? Couldn't figure out how to delete. I understand where you are coming from.
  12. Torrential Squadron Even though that might be a bad omen....
  13. Tractor beams are like just a hybrid of gravity generators and magnets, similar to the devices that give artificial gravity to all of the ships in Star Wars. So being able to push/pull a metal ship makes sense, while they are never shown to be able to move asteroids. Maybe even a low-grade energized beam that's magnetic, that allows for the reach, while the charge produced by the weapon will result in either the positive or negative charge (push/pull). (I think I gave up on the gravity idea half way through that, I think, but don't want to rewrite it. Enjoy my thought process)
  14. Battle Meditation gives you an extra action to use, but none of the Force powers take an action to use. Foresight is a bonus attack and the other powers just have triggers. You are still free to take an action during the turn. I agree that having an EPT on Force pilots would be nice. At least ones that were designated as fighter pilots in the movies like Plo Koon and Darth Vader; Ones that actually trained instead of relying solely on the Force. After re-reading, I wanted to add that most pilot abilities and EPTs do the same (allow you to ignore game rules, or give you an edge). Dash ignores obstacles, and Grand Inquisitor ignores range, etc.
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