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  1. Superstrength79

    What Was The Most Broken Thing In 1.0?

    Push the Limit
  2. Superstrength79

    What Was the Easiest and Most Difficult List You Used During 1.0?

    Easiest was Ghost-Fenn, of course I was playing the TLT Maul combo incorrectly, so that probably helped. Difficult was any list that was terrible, but I didn't find out until about the 3rd or 4th turn of engagements. Not only were you going to lose, but the real-life time was wasted as well.
  3. Superstrength79

    H-Wing ideas

    I can imagine all of the quarrels when trying to pilot. Also, how are the Rebels even designing ships after letter of our alphabet? The lettering in the movies are all gobbledygook.
  4. Superstrength79

    Why Are You Actually Bad At X-Wing?

    Because I have to roll dice
  5. Superstrength79

    Are you enjoying 1.0 more or less today?

    I've stopped playing. My favorite list isn't going to be a thing in 2.0, so I'm just going to wait and see what inspires me at release.
  6. Superstrength79

    Game changes you DID want from v1 that aren't in v2

    I would have liked to move away from agility as a mechanic for ships that only have 0-1 dice anyways. Give them Hull dice or just rework the whole shield system to give you shield dice to roll to prevent damage. It could have opened space up for the Reinforce mechanic to work for everyone, and maybe the Azituck could have a special bonus on top of that.
  7. Superstrength79

    Gunner Luke is a geinus design decision, awful PR decision

    Falcon is likely going priced to be on a two-ship list anyways, so having Luke and an extra attack on the turn won't be game breaking.
  8. Superstrength79

    HWK-290s Seem Good

    Considering Jan Ors doesn't say the ally has to be Range 1-3... that could be amazing. Just kite the table and keep your turret pointed toward the center.
  9. Superstrength79

    "Caption Rex"

    New Captain Rex seems worse.. if a higher PS friendly ship shoots at him, it removes your condition?
  10. Superstrength79

    Cards you thought were good

    I love it on Starvipers. I typically always get the bonus.
  11. Superstrength79

    2.0 Ion Weapons vs Reinforce

    Does it reduce damage, or does it reduce the number of dice rolled by one?
  12. Superstrength79

    All Screenshots from Unboxing

    They missed the golden opportunity to give B the (B)oost and C the (C)annon powers.
  13. Superstrength79

    Happy Friday - Actor or Actress to Judge Worlds.

    Ewan McGregor. He can lean over your shoulder and say such wonder things as: "You can't win." "It's over, they have the high ground." "I hate flying."
  14. Superstrength79

    Special rules for S-Foils.

    That last one wants me to order some and paint them all like penguins...
  15. Superstrength79

    Scum Aces

    Ventress is going to be a Force user (she must be, or I'll riot), so there is your Scum Ace