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  1. I'm sure it will be pretty Scyk 😎
  2. I hope it doesn't chase other swarms off the table, I'd prefer to see heavy swarm action all over the board
  3. Am I able to use the Force on Kanan Jarrus for attack and offense, or is it only for the card ability?
  4. I am just now getting back into the game, and opening my 2.0 product. While looking at a squad builder, I see that Dengar uses the little lightning bolt resource to use his ability. The little up arrow suggests that he recharges that per turn? While looking at the modifications I noticed an upgrade that gives him extra energy, so that leads me to two questions.... 1) Would Dengar be able to shoot, up to three times in a single turn, in retaliation from having that extra energy? 2) Would his recharge of one energy per turn get him back up to 3 energy eventually? I was looking at this build for him: Expert Handling Contraband Cybernetics Ablative Plating Punishing One R5-P8
  5. Easiest was Ghost-Fenn, of course I was playing the TLT Maul combo incorrectly, so that probably helped. Difficult was any list that was terrible, but I didn't find out until about the 3rd or 4th turn of engagements. Not only were you going to lose, but the real-life time was wasted as well.
  6. I can imagine all of the quarrels when trying to pilot. Also, how are the Rebels even designing ships after letter of our alphabet? The lettering in the movies are all gobbledygook.
  7. I've stopped playing. My favorite list isn't going to be a thing in 2.0, so I'm just going to wait and see what inspires me at release.
  8. I would have liked to move away from agility as a mechanic for ships that only have 0-1 dice anyways. Give them Hull dice or just rework the whole shield system to give you shield dice to roll to prevent damage. It could have opened space up for the Reinforce mechanic to work for everyone, and maybe the Azituck could have a special bonus on top of that.
  9. Falcon is likely going priced to be on a two-ship list anyways, so having Luke and an extra attack on the turn won't be game breaking.
  10. Considering Jan Ors doesn't say the ally has to be Range 1-3... that could be amazing. Just kite the table and keep your turret pointed toward the center.
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