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  1. What’s your Signature List?

    My first double-Large ship list. This current build has been modified, but essentially the same. I tossed together the list when Jabba first came out. I've changed the EPT since missiles became a thing. and Villainy&d=v4!s!131:11,-1,-1,233,-1,178,202:-1:3:;219:18,190,128,249:-1:3:&sn=Big Jabba&obs=
  2. New preview: save the dream

    Here comes some more Nym nonsense
  3. K-Wings On Ice

    Probably not skis, just landing pads.
  4. New Modifications/Crew?

    So you are approaching the idea along the lines of the Punishing One title in regards to cost.
  5. New Modifications/Crew?

    The crew costs 10 points, in addition to having to pay for the modifications? That's extremely expensive.
  6. X-Wing + RPG

    I need to find people willing to play a Star Wars RPG first, but I totally intend to use X-Wing for space combat, since it's actually more fun than RPG rules for space combat. Party should be on a Large ship, so survivability shouldn't be too much of an issue. It was my intent to give the players a floating slot on their ship(s) that can equip any kind of non-title card. Pilot Skill would scale with character level and ranks in pilot skills. Pilot abilities would mirror existing abilities that would be appropriate for their species choice and character temperament. So a raging wookie would have FA Chewbacca or Dengar ability, while a Jedi would have Poe or Luke's ability. I would probably make them wait until at least character level 4 to get a pilot ability though. The real issue is scaling combat to something the X-Wing rules would actually let them live through. Better to run the game like a scenario instead of straight 100pt combat. Escaping through an asteroid field, or making it to a specific location on the board (and facing a particular direction) in order to make the jump to hyperspace, etc.
  7. Let’s think of ways to help the Empire

    Title: 2 pts, PS = one less than highest PS value on your list that is in play. So Vader with a TIE swarm could be leading his 501st into battle and they would be PS8 while following his lead.
  8. Lack of Imperial flavor?

    It was Vader's call to use bounty hunters though. The officer on the ship literally said he was against the idea.
  9. Lack of Imperial flavor?

    It's actually against Imperial protocol to be unique and not conform to ranks. In regards to their fleet, the Empire goes with cheap and overwhelming numbers to maintain their rule of the galaxy. Aces with cool abilities are probably as 'special' as you are going to get (no Imperial codes about excelling in combat... yet).
  10. Writing on hands for tournaments?

    What on Earth is hidden material/resources in this game other than your dial when it's facing down? Why does that rule even exist? EDIT: Squad list is known before you start playing.
  11. The Elephant in the Room: how do you beat Kanan Fenn?

    Is there a squad builder list for what you are talking about? I can't understand half of OP post.
  12. Writing on hands for tournaments?

    Might be easier to just wear color bracelets and alternate them between wrists.
  13. Solo Trailer to Drop on SuperBowl

    Anything fits with her imo, as long as it distracts, bumps, get a few points of damage in, and can take a few hits.
  14. Splitting Fire

    It's a general rule to take shots off when you can get them (if unable to choose your targets at maximum efficiency) so I can see how you are winning games still. Whenever I fly new lists/ships, I am usually all over the board, so I take whatever shots I can get.
  15. Gunboats are the Tide Pods of X-Wing

    Advanced Tide-Podoes