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  1. Someone needs to invent some bases that have lasers built in. Just press to turn off and on.
  2. OP, Did you base that off of a song? Not sure how to read it correctly. Mind keeps veering to Little Mermaid "thingamabobs" song.
  3. It's my opinion that this will be a very nice skill card. Plop down your high PS ship at 0 and see how opponent deploys in relation, and then drop your other ship(s) with more knowledge. Or, deploy at 8 if you are facing a list that is mostly below that.
  4. Opening crew doors, on a U-Wing, in Space... lots of dead crew on your hands lol
  5. Does nothing against 2 ship lists. I'd use this in Epic though.
  6. I would have rather seen it have a range of effectiveness instead of limiting the number of ships that can equip. Range 1-2 or Range 1 only.
  7. Introducing some blue dice / Shield Dice would be interesting. As long as you have a shield point left, you roll a number of Shield Dice when defending, equal to your agility score (plus any mods, maybe the shield upgrade card could +1 your dice total). This roll would be in place of agility dice for as long as you have shields left. The dice would have an additional evade result on them, and you could also roll them against bombs and accuracy turret attacks. You wouldn't even need to change any existing pilot cards.
  8. M3-A reminds me of the Gungan submersible, actually.
  9. I love his content as well. His enthusiasm and the way he edits his videos so we aren't bored with movement of ships is key. Clear audio is another thing he gets correct. As mentioned before, if I can't hear the commentator, I'd rather just watch ships and dice rolls.
  10. 1 for large ships, 2 for small ships. 4-5 if the small ship can fly as a squadron (like A-wing or TIE).
  11. The 100/6 format doesn't do justice the Empire at all. Rebels would have 20 ships to every 300 TIE fighters in a normal fight.
  12. Doesn't having fewer upgrade slots keep the costs down, and thus let you fly more ships? Empire loves those swarms. That's my understanding of the faction design anyways. EDIT: Leia must play X-wing in her spare time. Nerf-herder insult finally makes sense. She wants that power creep fix
  13. Does he get his actions after the free barrel roll and maneuver? Technically didn't overlap or hit the asteroid that turn.
  14. I've had the best luck against him with my new A-Wing list that I fly. Pincer approach means I get to melt him down fast. As mentioned, I have started to set up obstacles in columns on the board when facing large-based ships. Works wonders to make them fly bad (and thus, preventing his ability).
  15. I might only get one of the Phantom II. Last few Rebel ships have only been playable as one of the aces. A full list/squadron just wouldn't be worth it in their case.