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  1. Knowing how to use a sword or even recognizing what makes a sword a great does not make a guy a blacksmith. Perception might let you notice all the different parts and how they link together when you raise the hood of a car, but that doesn't mean you can put an engine together from scratch. Fine motor precision is helpful for following a template or working in a factory, but not creating something that's yours. It's an average or hard check. Nothing a session's worth of XP, some tools and a destiny point can't fix for even a 1 intelligence character. A Jedi(or Sith for that matter) is expected to be diverse enough to handle a myriad of situations. Just look at the Jedi Trials in Nexus of Power. Having a character spend some xp to shoulder up a weaker skill that isn't a focus because they need to is not a system flaw, it's an opportunity for character growth and development. I have a pilot in a game I GM who has started pouring ranks into medicine because he tried to bandage a woman and failed on a simple check like three times and he decided his character couldn't stand seeing people in pain like that. If crafting your own lightsaber is important to your character 15 or 20 xp into mechanics shouldn't seem like an obstacle.
  2. Enhance can also be used to give a boost to your Agility. Not to mention just adding force dice to a bunch of different checks and leaping around.
  3. It's an obscure canon answer, but nullification resin is a sort of gel that the Old Jedi Order would use to contain artifacts they couldn't or wouldn't destroy that offers macguffin potential.
  4. Instead of having special turn qualities why not use the Nemesis rules in The Edge of Empire GM Kit? Rolls normally and them gets an extra initiative slot at the end of the round should be more than enough. If you have a particularly strong party give him an ability that lets him flip a destiny point and "create" a new initiative slot for this round and goes next in the order. Also, it's been a minute but I would personally say that Vader held the advantage for the duration of the fight with Ahsoka. It wasn't flashy but Vader held his ground and enforced the direction of the fight with powerful and efficient strikes.
  5. I'm having the same problem as @JonesyUSA and @RixxyAGoGo. Error: Cannot find module './db.json'. Rixxy what was your solution exactly?I found the mime file, but can't find any place to modify/input the code there. Did you mess with the config file?
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