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  1. Black Crusade: Warp Charms?

    Argh, probably should have responded to this sooner, but forgot. Warp Charms are described in Tome of Fate (though not the core rulebook, where they first show up)- in "the soul meat" tab, it is explained that each is a 1-time +10 to a Ritual per soul.
  2. Black Crusade: Warp Charms?

    But if so, why are there no stats? Infinite versatility?
  3. [Provided] Fanware-AddOn for: Rivals for Glory

    Huh. That's rather a shame. Are you aware of any ongoing BC, or even GW in general, forums that are active? And does anyone know what "Warp Charms" are? Not a single rulebook states what they are. Yet they are listed as Gear in the Temple of Lies, for the High Prophet. And as a possible prize for part of Toppled Spires.
  4. [Provided] Fanware-AddOn for: Rivals for Glory

    Thanks! One last question. On Wednesday, I posted a question thread. I haven't managed to attract any answers. Any advice?
  5. Good ideas for Ascension?

    For Slaaneshi players: Leading an army into the heart of a craftworld, slaying all Eldar that resist, summoning a Greater Daemon to defeat the Avatar of Khaine, and sacrificing all Eldar within to Slaanesh (by killing them without their spirit stones, possibly with torture first). If they want the help of the party, here is the sales pitch: once they have control of the Craftworld, the resident Tzeentchian can rip open the Webway, right at the beginning of the portal. Then, you basically have a large, permanent, and stable Warp Gate within a ridiculously powerful ship. As long as the ship can still use the Webway (and the players have one of those human-null-skin books, or some other way to navigate it), or if it can use Warp Travel normally, ta-da! Raiding ship- instant Daemon army wherever you want. If one of the players wants to lead a Black Crusade for Ascension, this is the ultimate prize. Using rogue trader rules, I don't know how much space the ship would have. It is designed to be a world, however; it should be very well defended. And since it's the Eldar, who love retreating when their goal is achieved, it should also be fast.
  6. -When the Thousand Sons Sorcerer with a Psychic Hood and a Bedlam Stave in a party of advanced players still manages to somehow roll "Metaphysical Anihilation" on Perils of the Warp. - When you GM a party made of 2 Psykers (Telkine and Telepath focused), 1 Heretek, 1 Apostate, 1 Renegade- and they all die to a single Tyranid Warrior.
  7. [Provided] Fanware-AddOn for: Rivals for Glory

    Hmm. How do you get Avatars from FFG?
  8. [Provided] Fanware-AddOn for: Rivals for Glory

    Rather cool. Any suggestions on possible advancements for Hereteks towards becoming machines? The Rival Heretek has the machine trait, but what is after that? Also, forums-related post: how to get a profile picture. Apparently selfies are too big, or something.
  9. Hello! I'm reasonably new to BC, and I keep finding references to Warp Charms in the Rulebooks. However, not a single one states what they are. It's not just fluff; the Seer boss of the Temple of Lies has them on his sheet. And in Tome of Fate, stealing some Warp Charms is part of the Toppled Spires adventure. I've searched the internet, but no forum seems to discuss them. No homebrewed charms, or rules for their creation. And so, I ask now: what are they?