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    SheepRebel got a reaction from Zorprime in Keyan Farlander as Dash's wingman   
    I did quite a bit of B wing flying but have to say its based more on love of the ship than actual performance.
    Generally, the dial is the issue. Specifically, the named pilots become too expensive with the upgrades they need.
    Nera might be the exception as she has 360 torps, compensating for the dial issues.
    Try to compare this to Keyan, even a lean one, brute force and durability for points in mind:
    Chopper (Ghost), FCS, Hera Syndulla, "Zeb" Orrellios: 41 points.
    4 red dice (5 at range 1), 5K turn, doesnt need actions, will block + stress + shoot you w/ 5 red if in arc, 16 hull+shield total.
    As pointed out in an earlier post, I will second that the best B wing build is BSqP w/FCS at 24 points. Even more so in a pair of two (I never tried a formation of 4 but would expect most lists to out fly them easily and the terrible dial makes it hopeless to regain even the resemblance of a formation).
    The strongest argument against those to B's are two Y-Wing GSqP w/TLT at excactly the same cost.
    My favorite filler next to Dash is Miranda w/TLT and whatever you fancy, second choice being two Y-wing GSqP w/TLT. That is, if you are going for effectiveness. It is a list that really doesnt require much flying skill and relies mostly on math (consistency).
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    SheepRebel got a reaction from D00kies in Kanan Ghost builds   
    Im working on different Ghost builds, all based on Kanan.
    Now I need fresh eyes on them to see pros and cons I didnt.
    Ghost N Support
    VCX-100: Kanan Jarrus,  FCS, Recon specialist, Tactical Jammer (44)
    HWK-290: Kyle Katarn, Trick shot, TLT, Jan Ors (29)
    Y-Wing: Gold sq pilot, TLT, M9-G8
    Fat Ghost
    VCX-100: Kanan Jarrus,  FCS, Recon specialist, Rey, Auto blaster turret, Tactical Jammer (48)
    Z-95: Airen Cracken, VI, Concussion missiles, Guidance chips
    Y-Wing: Gold sq pilot, TLT, M9-G8
    Obviously, both versions lean towards a slightly defensive, or at lest cautious, approach, especially the latter where Rey should bank as many tokens as possible before engaging.
    And both want the small base ships taking cover behind the Ghost to get that extra green.
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    SheepRebel got a reaction from Jdgnielson in Ghost builds for store champs   
    Well, I prefer Kanan to Hera and see them flown differently, but here are some of my favorites.
    An obvious choice (valid in most rebel lists) is a Y-Wing gold sq, TLT, droid of choice (24+).
    Could also be the stress hog variant (26).
    Z-95 Airen Cracken, Homing missiles, VI, Guidance chips (25).
    HWK-290 Kyle Katarn, TLT, Trick shot, Jyn Erso (27).
    T-65 X-Wing Tarn Mison, R7 Astromech/M9-G8, Integrated Astromech (25/26).
    Or a two ship distraction:
    Tie Sabine Wren, A Score to Settle (15).
    Z-95 Bandit (12).
    Remember, PS9 shoots at Ahsoka; bombs and some other stuff that doesnt need to target her wotks fine.
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    SheepRebel got a reaction from BlodVargarna in B Wings in today's meta- what to bring?   
    I  experimented with this, but decided it was mostly a way of annoying friends to death
    2 B-Wing Blue Squadron, Ion cannon
    2 Y-Wing Gold squadron, TLT
    Fly along one side, Ys on the inside and Bs on the outside.
    Y     B
    Y     B
    K-turn when you run out of space, go back along the same side.
    Never loose patience, let them come to you.
    Blocking kills you, though. And stress when you wanna K turn ruins some of the fun.
    The idea is to minimize the effect of my bad dials and take away the advantage of speed and good dials. 
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    SheepRebel got a reaction from BlodVargarna in Which Dash Miranda for Monthly tournament?   
    Your second Miranda build is self contradictory IMO.
    Miranda and TLT are such synergy with her pilot ability they shouldbe stabled together.
    If you are dropping bombs, her pilot ability makes no diff and her PS only slightly. So why more and just take a Warden?
    If you shoot ordnance, you paid a lot of points for one (two) shot upgrades, and dont want to roll less dice and regen but burn shields and roll more dice. This advocates keeping her cheap as she burns fast; so no bombs.
    Ordnance is directed forward, bombs backwards. They want, from a positional standpoint, the opposite and work against eachother.
    In general, I think most people oversee the fact that the cheapest pilot option drops bombs just as well as the most expensive, unless they have a bomb related pilot ability.
    And most people overthink Dash; the thing with Dash is, you dont need to think, you dont even need to point. All he need is Outrider and a gun, everything else is variations to personal taste (actually, I might put Sabine on Dash, for surprise and R1 option, remember that the +1 damage works on everyones bombs).
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