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  1. Thats not a bad idea, that would help with the movement like a whale!
  2. Its 4 lambdas with collisions and shields
  3. Yeah im running 4 shuttles, not looking to change my ships, but yeah I guess a box would make sense.
  4. Hey guys found an awesome build using 4 large bases, how does one fly that many without crashing into things? Using Lambda with collision. Thanks for the help!
  5. Hey guys I am trying to optimize my raider to its max potential to alpha-strike every turn, heres the build and let me know if you can think of things that may work better! Let me know why too so I can weight the tactical options. 175pts(feel free to add more but keep with these 2 ships if possible) Raider(Fore) -Optimized Generators -Engineering Team -Supercharged Power Cells -Turbolaser Raider(Aft) -WED-15 Repair Droid -Vader -Instigator -Sensor Team -IG-RM Thug Droids(When attacking, you may change 1 of your hit results to a crit(Team 1pt)) -EM Emitter -Ion Battery -Quad Laser Captain Jonus -Adaptability -Shuttle -Systems Officer -Moff Jerjerrod
  6. Ooooooh even if they were the bright hope, there will be none left after the empire deals with it!
  7. Oh yeah, was super afraid of that basically running over like half of them
  8. Awesome, thank you very much man, yeah I feel like it would be as well, just love to do strange builds that are unexpected, helps to entertain the masses.
  9. Ahh that makes me sad, weres the ruling just so I can reference?
  10. So I had the idea of running nothing but academy pilots, now, I know this is assenine! But! Its roughly 20 tie fighters with stealth devices or 25 with nothing. Is the 5 extra ships worth stealth devices or no? Thanks guys!
  11. Lots really, try out connar jax with royal guard, stealth and autothrusters and juke get him range one of your enemy while your shooting with others and its a nice death battle, only fails Ive had with jax is guys who can dish out more than 4 dice for attacks, other than that he is untouchable. Also dont listen to people who say the defender title is useless on a defender, you just need to kit them out properly, tractor beam works well, stealth, shield, or engine upgrade are the nuts, push the limit and relentlessness work well. Up until last week, I had a twin defender list with just 2 defenders with d title that was undefeated. Play what you feel is good and what speaks to you when you command your forces.
  12. So going back through KotoR and my x-wing collection and was wondering...when we are getting a Ebonhawk? Its so awesome, maybe even a KotoR wave would be awesome!
  13. Im thinking if you want to go more bomber sentric you could replace tomax with a deathrain and have proxy and clusters which paired with the tractor beam and net could ruin someones day in or out of an astroid field.
  14. I typically use xwing squadron builder, it works about as good as any app that I can really Imagine for it.
  15. That actually clears it up a lot, thanks a ton!
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