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  1. DGLaderoute

    Coiled Snake

    I won't presume to speak for FFG and their release of products--not my place at all. However, I will say that this story was conceived of, and written, quite some time ago, as part of the overall ongoing L5R story. It was really important for the readers and fans to gain some insight into the inner thoughts, motivations, etc. of the Emperor and his sons, because they're so integral to where the story is about to go. And, that's where I slam headlong into my NDA, so I'll keep it to that.
  2. DGLaderoute

    Children of Tradition

    No one has said DGL is doing the Crane book/novella...or not doing it. I realize that's pretty wishy-washy, but FFG is pretty clear that we writers write what we're given to write, and then shut up about it until publication time. So, seriously, I can't say that I am or am not writing the Crane novella...I just don't want anyone to come away thinking for sure that I am. And thanks for your kind words about "Children", glad you folks are enjoying the story (so far!)
  3. DGLaderoute

    Ancient Daisho

    Is DGL me? If so, did I suggest that? I don't recall doing that, because the discussion around the origins of the katana were, as I recall, rather intimidating...there are some folks on here who are obviously real experts on this subject (i.e. Japanese swords). I'm not unfamiliar with this stuff, but I'm hardly an expert...so I stayed clear of all that and just followed along. If this is me, can you point where I said that, because I honestly don't remember it. And if it's not me and you're referring to someone else, well...carry on, then!
  4. DGLaderoute

    Children of Bushidō

    "Interesting" is, indeed, pretty subjective. A character one person finds "interesting" may be completely uninteresting to someone else. So, when I wrote earlier that Sotorii is a work-in-progress and that we'll ensure he's interesting and will become more so as his story unfolds, I actually used a subjective term. A better way of putting it is that the character must serve a dramatic role in the story that engages the reader's attention, while contributing to the development of other characters and advancing the story's plot. And the story will aim to do that with Sotorii (and, again, with every other character in the story).
  5. DGLaderoute

    Fiction Library

    You may want to note that Hantei XXXVIII also goes by the name Jodan in "Children of the Empire Part 1". When I originally wrote this, I referred to him as "the Emperor", but Katrina pointed out that, since we were in his POV (inside his head) he probably wouldn't think of himself as "the Emperor". Hantei Jodan was his name in the old lore, so we decided to stay with it.
  6. DGLaderoute

    Children of Bushidō

    Sotorii is very much a work-in-progress. You can safely assume that the objective is for him to be...well, interesting, and ever more so as the narrative advances. (Of course, this applies to all of the characters, really. Just wanted to note that Sotorii isn't somehow excluded from it!)
  7. DGLaderoute

    I'm confused about vassal families.

    I think you would find the "Emerald Empire" supplement useful, as a lot of the information you're looking for is in there. If you don't own it, and would like to learn more about how Rokugan works, I highly recommend it. It provides much of the setting's "internal logic" regarding the organization of its society. That said, it certainly isn't trying to be exhaustive, because RPG's are always at their best when they leave some "wiggle room" for Game Masters to adapt things to their vision, their particular game and their players. For example, you'll find some examples of things like "way stations" along the Imperial roads. This is meant to provide a "type" of that sort of facility, so a GM can use it as the basis for way stations they players may encounter in his/her campaign. More broadly, EE tries to portray the broad strokes of the Empire and how it works, providing a few specific examples and adventure seeds along the way to illustrate. The presumption is that the GM will use this as a lever to help flesh out their own campaign.
  8. DGLaderoute

    I'm confused about vassal families.

    In my own version of Rokugan I use for roleplaying, I have a pretty firm idea of population, population density, etc. But that's MY Rokugan, and it might not work for everyone (which is what's great about the RPG--you can have your own version of the Empire, that works for you.) I'm honestly not clear what canon numbers may exist and which ones would still hold true, if they haven't been superseded in some way by FFG...nor am I particularly interested in going to look for them, or advocate particular numbers or whatever, beyond "whatever is dramatically appropriate".
  9. DGLaderoute

    I'm confused about vassal families.

    The writing for the setting has never delved too deeply into the internal organization or division of the families. For instance, we know there's a Kakita family, and it has a daimyo, and...not much else, really. We certainly get to know Kakita characters, and sometimes may learn things about their immediate family--parents, siblings and children. We may even occasionally hear that Kakita Bob's grandfather was somebody notable. None of the writing has really dug more deeply into it--in the case of fiction, unless the internal organization of family like the Kakita is somehow important to the story, it's a waste of word count; and in the case of the RPG books, I think it has largely been glossed over with a broad understanding that there are many lords within the Kakita family, and they have many vassals, and there are bloodlines within the Kakita that represent individual successions of parents to siblings. So, Kakita Bob has his parents, while Kakita Steve has different parents, and Kakita Sally has yet different parents, but they're all still Kakita (and quite possibly cousins of varying remoteness.) But how many of those bloodline lineages there are in the Kakita (or the Doji, or the Hida, etc.), and who among them are lords to whom and/or vassals to others, has never been detailed (that I can recall, anyway). And just as well, because actually trying to document all this would be tedious and of questionable value to the game (and it would another possible constraint on, or at least factor in, writing fiction, that really wouldn't add much to the story or characters.) As for numbers...heh, I won't even touch that one. I don't want someone saying "Laderoute says there's 500 million billion jazillion samurai in Rokugan, and he's one of the writers, so now it's canon!" Frankly, as a writer, I don't really even want to have worry about things like that. If I need something specific for a story, then (with FFG's say-so) I can include it, but that would only be if it proves dramatically valuable in some way in that story. Now, if FFG decides to nail down the internal organization of the families, or the population stats for Rokugan, then, cool--it happens. But I'm personally in no rush to see these things cast into stone!
  10. DGLaderoute

    I'm confused about vassal families.

    I'd love to offer some words about this, but I'm caught on this point above. Why? The number of samurai families, vassal or otherwise, has nothing to do with how many samurai there are in Rokugan because these families don't necessarily have some sort of "fixed" size. The Doji family could have 100, 1000, or 1 million members (no, probably not 100 or 1 million and somewhere WELL in-between, but I think you get my point.) Understanding your reasoning here would be very helpful to answering!
  11. DGLaderoute

    Question for the Writers: Scorpion Bushi

    I cannot speak, nor will attempt to speak, about why things were or weren't included in the RPG stuff published so far. I don't work for FFG; I'm just a freelancer who writes for them. That said, I'm confident saying that, from a general lore perspective, there ARE one or more Scorpion schools that train bushi because, yes, Scorpion bushi clearly exist in the new setting and they must train somewhere. But, if or when the mechanics for such a school get published for the RPG isn't for me to say!
  12. DGLaderoute

    Timeline of Recent events

    I'm a little unclear on what you're actually looking for. In your first post, you asked about a timeline of events in the current canon from FFG. In your second one, just above this one, you're alluding to using events from the old AEG lore (I think) to generate plot hooks in the new FFG lore (I think). Happy to offer suggestions, but I just want to make sure I understand what you're asking for suggestions about! Basically, are you looking for a timeline of events in the newer FFG setting--that is, since the fictions launched with "Her Father's Daughter" (which is actually the second or third fiction chronologically, but was the first actually published); or are you looking for a timeline of events in the old AEG setting covering the same period i.e. the time around the Scorpion Clan Coup and the beginning of the Clan Wars? Or, to distill that even more, are you looking for a timeline for the FFG setting, or the corresponding AEG setting?
  13. DGLaderoute

    Question for the Writers: Asahina

    I did pass both of these questions to the Story Team but, given the holiday season, I think they've had other things on their minds. I'll ping them again later this week, if no answers arrive before then.
  14. DGLaderoute

    Timeline of Recent events

    The most authoritative (and detailed) timeline of events for the new version of L5R is the series of fictions that have been published. You can read them all, in chronological order, at this post in the LCG Lore forum. Why there are two Lore forums--that one, and this one, I'm not sure. That said, if you haven't read the fictions, you should, because they're pretty good (full disclosure...I'm one of the writers ) If you're looking for shorter, less-detailed overview sort of thing, FFG hasn't published that yet and I'm not sure if or when they will. So far, most of what's happened has been set-up and character development, although the story starts to get shaken up at the very end when the Emperor tells the Emerald Champion, Akodo Toturi, that he's going to abdicate, name his YOUNGER son, Daisetsu as his heir (because he doesn't think his older son, Sotorii, would make a good Emperor at all), and name Bayushi Shoju, Champion of the Scorpion Clan, as Imperial Regent until Daisetsu (who's currently 14) comes of age.
  15. DGLaderoute

    Empress Guard

    Oh, I have no doubt essentially everything that was introduced into the old lore was done for reasons the originator genuinely thought were good. And at the time, they might have been--such as this one, to make a Clan Wars unit. It doesn't mean that, in the end, they WERE a good idea, or were a good idea to bring into other aspects of the setting and its various other games, though!