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  1. DGLaderoute

    New Art from FFG

    Goju? What's that? (Just my way of saying, for the benefit of those who are newer to the story, or those who haven't entirely kept up with it, that there hasn't yet been anything to indicate that the Goju--minions of an existential enemy of the Empire known as The Nothing--even exist in the new, FFG setting...)
  2. DGLaderoute


    The board game Senji (which is about feudal Japan, in fact) explicitly has a phase in which players can negotiate treaties and agreements, even leaving the table to do so. However, there's a little hourglass type timer in the game that times how long you have to do that...iirc, it's about 5 minutes or so. Once time is up, everyone has to come back to the table and the game proceeds, regardless of what they have/haven't accomplished diplomatically. Perhaps something like that would be worth considering (although not necessarily with an actual timer; I think using a clock/phone etc. is probably sufficient).
  3. Yes...because way over-intense scrutiny and analysis of things like punctuation will always reveal the truth...
  4. IF this happens. Now, I'm not saying it won't (!); I just wouldn't want anyone reading to assume that this particular story point is a "done deal", which the certainty with which you say it seems to imply.
  5. DGLaderoute

    “If you do this, a bloodline will end.”

    Also not an official FFG stance, just mine...I have no problem with A conflict that revolves around the Shadowlands that threatens the Empire. I would not, however, want it to become a recurring thing. L5R is always going to need conflict, both for the game(s), which are fundamentally about conflict; and for the story, because stories without conflict of some sort aren't really stories at all. That said, there's a HUGE pool of potential conflict within and among the clans, at levels that range from personal to Empire-wide. I think part of the reason the story, in the past, involved external threats so often was because they were easy...you generally didn't have "winners" and "losers" among the clans if they were united against something like Yogo Junzo, or Daigotsu, or Iuchiban, or who/whatever. Given the extent to which players and fans embrace particular clans in this game environment, if the clans clash, then the "losers" can come away pretty PO'd and frustrated. Imbalances in the associated game products (mainly the card game, but I suppose we could see other L5R games coming to influence the story) exacerbates this--if clan A is performing very well in the game, and clan B is behind the curve, then clan B's losses just seem that much more egregious. It's a tough juggling act, serving all of the clans in a dramatic sense while maintaining a coherent and interesting story, while incorporating story results from game products that are probably not ever going to be perfectly balanced.
  6. DGLaderoute

    Map from the ebook

    Well, when I write for this game, I use the 4th Edition Atlas of Rokugan map as my go-to. If you make a few adjustments to it to align it properly with the year 1123 (for example, there's no Kaigen's Island or Kyuden Kumiko in 1123), it works just fine. I'd say it's as authoritative and "correct" as any map available, and probably more so than most.
  7. DGLaderoute

    Map from the ebook

    The Hiruma lands are, indeed, on the Shadowlands side of the Kaiu Kabe. Now, whether you consider this this "wrong" side of the Wall depends on your perspective. I'm sure that all the various and sundry Shadowlands monstrosities consider the Hiruma lands to be on the RIGHT side of the Wall.
  8. DGLaderoute

    “If you do this, a bloodline will end.”

    LOL...right you are. I consider myself hoisted on my own petard. My only excuse is I've written a lot, am writing a lot MORE, and kinda lost track. In fact, I have to go back and reread my own stuff to see what I've already said, to remain consistent with myself! And I'd happily write some Phoenix fiction...it just hasn't worked out that way (yet).
  9. DGLaderoute

    “If you do this, a bloodline will end.”

    Understood. Yes, the date is 1123; since I'm one of the writers, I kinda need to know the date! That said, I'm not sure where in the various stuff published so far where it actually SAYS its 1123 publicly, but I can assure you it is. The story background documentation FFG provides us, that we work from, specifies that. But don't try to read very much, from the old story's events of 1123 into this new story's version of 1123. As has been noted on here, there are already substantial departures from the old story. The new story very much has its own trajectory, so the events around, for example, the Scorpion Clan Coup of the old canon by no means necessarily apply to what's happening now and in the new future for the Empire.
  10. DGLaderoute

    “If you do this, a bloodline will end.”

    For the record, it's 1123, sometime in the summer.
  11. DGLaderoute

    Novellas - Sword and the Spirits

    And you can bet, with Rob Denton writing this one, it's gonna be good!
  12. DGLaderoute

    Imperial Census

    For the sake of correctness, Soshi Shiori is female, so "her", not "him".
  13. DGLaderoute

    Am I Blind (No New Fiction)?

    Better start passing the hat, then, because Brandon doesn't come cheap.
  14. DGLaderoute

    Am I Blind (No New Fiction)?

    Much more simple than that. We (the writers) wrote a bunch of fiction, and it got published very quickly. The process of writing MORE fiction immediately got underway (as soon as the last round of it was done, actually), but the process takes time--hence, at least one reason for a gap in fiction publication. There may be other reasons, too, but again, I can't speak for FFG and their strategies/policies/etc. around things like publishing L5R fiction.
  15. DGLaderoute

    Am I Blind (No New Fiction)?

    Can't speak to that. What I can say is that the story-writing process simply accommodated it. As for the local tournament scene, I again can't speak for others, but in my store, the players are quite happy with the much-expanded card-base they now have and are busy beavering away building, trying out and revising decks. No "angry skipping" here...at least, not so far!