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  1. Novellas - Sword and the Spirits

    And you can bet, with Rob Denton writing this one, it's gonna be good!
  2. Imperial Census

    For the sake of correctness, Soshi Shiori is female, so "her", not "him".
  3. Am I Blind (No New Fiction)?

    Better start passing the hat, then, because Brandon doesn't come cheap.
  4. Am I Blind (No New Fiction)?

    Much more simple than that. We (the writers) wrote a bunch of fiction, and it got published very quickly. The process of writing MORE fiction immediately got underway (as soon as the last round of it was done, actually), but the process takes time--hence, at least one reason for a gap in fiction publication. There may be other reasons, too, but again, I can't speak for FFG and their strategies/policies/etc. around things like publishing L5R fiction.
  5. Am I Blind (No New Fiction)?

    Can't speak to that. What I can say is that the story-writing process simply accommodated it. As for the local tournament scene, I again can't speak for others, but in my store, the players are quite happy with the much-expanded card-base they now have and are busy beavering away building, trying out and revising decks. No "angry skipping" here...at least, not so far!
  6. Am I Blind (No New Fiction)?

    While I don't pretend to speak for FFG--I'm just a freelance writer for them--I'd suggest that it has more to do with the simple practicality of writing fiction. The "six packs in six weeks" thing resulted in a LOT of fiction coming out very quickly; it kinda drained the well, which is being refilled. But there's a significant lead time to get fiction designed, assigned, contracted, written, edited, revised, potentially edited and revised again, and doing it all in a way that meshes everything into a coherent, overarching story. I can guarantee you there's more fiction coming, but I couldn't say when...that particular ball is in FFG's court!
  7. 'New' Official Map

    Again, I don't disagree. But we've literally had a handful of people say anything at all about the rivers on this forum and on the L5R FB group combined, so it's not exactly a representative sample! But I also intend (if it ever comes up while writing) just to pretend that the rivers make sense; again, what matters is the story. The perfectly square mountains blocking off Mordor in Middle Earth make even less sense than Rokugani rivers, but I still enjoyed reading about Frodo, Sam and Gollum climbing around and near them, and generally venturing into Mordor to toss away the Ring! The map in the Atlas of Rokugan is actually better in this regard; the rivers as depicted on it do actually make a degree of hydrogeographic sense if you make some generous assumptions about the relief of Rokugan north of the Spine of the World Mountains. Things are better south of the Spine, until you get to the Shadowlands (but maybe the Taint of Jigoku fiddled with hydrogeography in the same way it screws around with the landscape generally...)
  8. 'New' Official Map

    Fair enough, but the other reality here is that the vast majority of the people looking at the map don't know and/or care there's any issues with it geological or geographically. And I'm not saying "anything goes" because there's magic; it's more that I'm just not going to get too fussed about it--even as a geologist--as long as the story itself grabs and holds me. And even that said, as one of the writers for the setting, I'd probably make some effort to describe rivers, mountains, etc. in some way that makes geological sense, IF it ever came up as something important for the story (that being key...if it doesn't advance the plot and/or develop characters, I wouldn't include it anyway.) That would more be for me, though...
  9. 'New' Official Map

    As I said on the L5R FB group, I'm a geologist by background, so I cringe every time I see a map of a fantasy world--with VERY few exceptions, they're all drawn to a) support the accompanying story's narrative and b) look pretty. There's almost no attempt made to have them make geological or geographical sense. That said, I don't really let it bother me; in the end, the map is just a convenient way of portraying where stuff is happening. And, to be fair, few writers have the background in geology, geomorphology, hydrogeology, etc. that would allow them to have things make sense. I rationalize it by saying to myself, eh, as long as the story is a good read, and accepting the fact that people in said story can read minds, make things burst into flames, shoot beams of freezing cold, etc. I can put up with imperfect maps. And even all that said, the map of Rokugan is far from the worst offender. As hard as it is to explain the rivers, there ARE (convoluted!) ways of explaining them. Middle Earth is much worse; Tolkien's map of ME is awful, especially in the way its mountains are arranged. In that respect, the map of Rokugan actually isn't too bad.
  10. Clan stealth/covert military units

    Lion scouts are often drawn from the Ikoma Family. In the old canon, in fact, the Ikoma often make use of all sorts of nefarious tactics, on the battlefield and off...a sort of tacit recognition that, sometimes, you HAVE to be pragmatic and just do whatever needs to be done. They just compartmentalize it.
  11. Who is Doji Hotaru's husband?

    Just to be clear, Hotaru's husband wasn't "sacrificed" to Yoritomo. At the time of "Her Father's Daughter", he was off dealing with raids by Yoritomo/the Mantis on the Crane coast. Yoritomo obviously survived, since we've seen him in fictions since. We also haven't seen anything about him since, but it's premature to refer to him as "sacrificed"!
  12. The Bright Flame of the World's Glory

    Remember that there's a lot more to the Test of the Emerald Champion than an iaijutsu duel. There are a whole series of competitions involving tests of law, investigation, etiquette, martial skill, etc. The winners of these then go on to the iaijutsu tournament. In this story, we saw the very end of a whole series of events that winnowed down the competition.
  13. If a politician as skilled as Kachiko is showing "delight in the hurt" (ESPECIALLY if they're doing it on the Dais of the Imperial Court Chamber) it's for a specific, calculated reason, intended to achieve some desired outcome. This is particularly true for the Scorpion, who are all about masks, but it's by no means unique to them.
  14. What is the deal with Crab's and troops?

    You're seeing a clash between Crab pragmatism and the idealism of the other clans. To the Crab, the idea of taking troops who have never been exposed to fighting the Shadowlands and simply sticking them on The Wall is, frankly, insane. Troops who aren't prepared to face the abject horror and epic violence that is fighting on The Wall need to be thoroughly drilled and trained by those who do understand it (all too well, at that) to ensure they're ready. Remember that this is a combat environment in which your fallen troops can literally come back to "life" as your enemies; in such a situation, unprepared troops could be worse than no troops at all. On the other hand, to other Rokugani, any suggestion that their soldiers aren't immediately fit for battle without being prepared and trained by the Crab is disrespectful, bordering on insulting. Thanks to generations of successful Crab defence, the other clans have grown complacent about the Shadowlands, seeing it as an ominous, sure, but distant threat. It certainly isn't anything that their troops can't face, just like any other enemy. Pragmatism versus idealism. It's a toxic combination, ending up with everyone walking away unhappy. It's just another way in which the clans are disunited and the Empire is, frankly, in peril.
  15. Beneath, Below, Beyond

    It's not irrelevant at all. Taka didn't request a meeting with Yoshi...he requested a meeting with the Emperor and had to settle for meeting with Yoshi. So Taka was very clear he was meeting Yoshi as the Emperor's representative. He may hold the Crane responsible to some degree (they apparently had a bunch of jade they weren't sharing, after all...IF you believe Yoritomo, that is) but he certainly isn't likely to forget that the Emperor was offering nothing to assist the Crab--and used an obnoxious Imperial Chancellor to do it.