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  1. You are a god among mere men. Thank you very much for setting this up! The emojis are wonderful too! This has been a huge boon to my game.
  2. Saga edition (or plain old d20 if you can find it I guess) is probably a better place to go with a Star Wars-to-Mass Effect conversion. A blanket Use the Biotics (?) check to activate powers seems to be a bit more in-line with the universe rather than giving in to the dark side of biotic power??? Plus it is essentially as easy as taking ranks in UtF so the imppimentation of a character getting implants is simple enough without any big rules reworks. Additionally there is considerably more granularity to weapons and the like so that seems like it would go a long way to being more appropriate for the setting - there is a bit of an emphasis on the specifics of guns and differentiating them from one another in the games, or that is how I see it.
  3. If you are giving your Droid 2s across the board, you are doing it wrong - a Droid is made to serve a particular purpose, such as being a diplomat or load-lifter or soldier. They are not going to be 'average' at tightrope walking when their express purpose is to make repairs to a ship.
  4. @korjik might be taking things a little too far, though the idea is sound enough - disarming your opponent is powerful as you showed, but punishing players for using a good tactic by a grenade to the face might be a little much. It's a lot harder to disarm a droid when his gun is built into his chassis, and even if you can rip a bunch of E-11s from a squad of troopers they still might have grenades or other tools. Backup weapons are a good go-to for lesser enemies as they still pose a threat while being weakened. Rival and Nemesis level enemies could reasonably have secondary weapons, gadgets, or even minions at their disposal as well so there are more options to consider to even the odds. As you said, of course, this is in melee combat! It's a little hard to knock the gun out of someone's hands if they're up on a ledge and pelting you with shots, so you can play with the idea of verticality or distance as well. Yes, disarming enemies is a really great tactic but there are ways to push back a little so it does not become the default. You can't really disarm an Acklay (unless you de-arm it) can you? What about a tank? Or a minefield?
  5. @Valik I used the console present in the main folder for the dice bot. I first used the commands Vlagrike listed, and then mine and it seemed to work just fine. Unfortunately I don't really know anything about coding so it's beyond me what l these commands ACTUALLY do, so I am afraid I can't be of too much help if you still have problems.
  6. Speaking of working like they are supposed to, evidently the Force/Destiny dice cancel out when rolled in multiples. When looking at the console while people make rolls of multiple white dice, it reads as appropriate - Light 2x, Dark - but the result the bot spits out would be Light 1. It's not a huge issue but it is very strange.
  7. Again, how much ammunition can you put on a drone and still have it flight-capable? It's going to be tough for something to have a stable platform to fire on when you're on the ground, not to mention how difficult it would be on a fairly light bot in the air. I can carry considerably more 5.56 than you can slot in a belt for a drone. It's fine if you want to have something supplement a character's combat capability, but if it ever gets to the point where it essentially serves as a stand-in for a player (or at least stands on-par with another character's abilities) then you run into very serious danger of your scientist just outshining other characters. There need to be some pretty strict limitations to what you're going to allow because as soon as they decide strapping grenades to a drone and having them bomb the enemy position is a good idea (it's an excellent idea) things can quickly spiral out of your control. It does seem like the system would make a good stand-in for an XCOM ruleset though. In the past I used All Flesh Must Be Eaten and it worked like a charm. Best of luck!
  8. This was a strange fix for me, but I poked around to look at other projects on github where users reported the same issue (mine was identical to @JonesyUSA) and I seemed to find a solution! "npm install mime" I don't know what kind of sorcery was at work - maybe it was because I was in the coffee shop, maybe it was because I was just about to give up, maybe it was just because I overlooked something. Whatever the case, my issue was solved by running that command. Pretty odd if you ask me! I am super grateful for this bot script, and I hope it works well for other users in the future! Perhaps going forwards there could be a list of potential troubleshooting fixes that worked for users in the past?
  9. As someone who adores XCOM, this sounds like great fun. As someone who tries to make sense of this with the ruleset, I have to agree with @Scambler That said, it's pretty hard to be 'useless' in combat unless you're Ag 1 Br 1 firing a Bowcaster - with the way advantage work, you can drop minions on a good shot, and even something like a slugthrower pistol does like 5 damage on a hit at the least which can really add up. You are going to hit more often than you miss as a general rule anyways, so a scientist cowering behind cover taking pot-shots is going to rack up plenty of kills with time even if he lags behind his heavy gunner buddy. Going to the drone question: in XCOM 2 (assuming that is what the setting is based on) the drones players have access to are generally non-combat capable. While they do have the potential to zap baddies (some low-grade ion weapon seems appropriate), it is not a weapons platform like a MEC (a literal robot) or a SHIV (another literal robot, in tank form) If you player wants to make a gun drone, then make THAT their character. When you allow a player to design what amounts to be a second character to control, you really take away something from the rest of the group - why doesn't everyone just make drones? If you can hide behind cover two blocks away while your floating machine guns eviscerate sectoids from above, why bother trying to actually be there to get shot at? It's easier to replace a broken drone than it is to find a capable soldier. A small ion weapon with a recharge quality, or something akin to a slughthrower pistol with very limited ammunition (how much can you really fit on a drone and have it still fly) doesn't sound unreasonable, especially if it takes an action to fire. You could extend this to being a Computer, Gunnery, or the drone's own skill depending on how you feel it is appropriate. The drone should not be a character's combat option however - the idea is it can supplement a technician, not fill the sixth slot in the Skyranger.
  10. Vader probably doesn't have any issue toting a squad or eight of Stormtroopers along with him. A one-on-one fight might be dramatic, but getting him into a position where he is a) alone and b) not within a minute of reinforcement from other Imperials is going to be a chance encounter at best. (Yes, in Rebels he came down alone to fight three jedi, but there were also three Inquisitors and one totally-expected backstab(eye-slash?) from a Darth beforehand in that 'encounter') A party will doubtlessly get softened up a bit before trying to tackle Vader if they are even trying to take a shot at bringing him down in the first place! Should Vader have stats? Probably, if he's not just a one-off appearance. If he's going to be actually fighting you're going to want to hammer out some numbers. If he is there to show up, menace the party a bit and crush an ally's windpipe before they can escape with the Death Star plans then you don't need stats.
  11. I bike about 10-15 minutes to play at a building on campus, so it's not too bad and everything fits in flat. I typically bring my laptop, and the EotE core book along with a manila folder with a few spare character sheets (never know when someone wants to join - or dies) and a pair of printouts for action reference for how to spend advantage, maneuvers and actions, etc. I fit this all in an old medic bag I got at a surplus store some time ago, and it fits really well - the backpack itself is just one big pocked, but it has a divider in the back, with a mesh 'pouch' at the top where I keep my dice in a little box, and a waterproof plastic pocket where I keep a few pens in the event they explode. The only thing I require from my players is that they print out any talent trees they are using to have attached with their character sheets. If they like, they can bring books too - so long as there is some way to verify what an ability can do if it seems to conflict with something, I don't mind how it's done. Generally this saves anyone having to carry too much.
  12. The thing is, society in the Sith Empire is falling apart, slowly but surely. With all the betrayal and underhandedness, evident in even the non-Sith branches of office, the system is collapsing from the inside. In the intervening years between the signing of the Treaty of Coruscant and the start of the war, there is more than enough infighting and conflict among the Sith themselves to cause plenty of trouble. They sort of luck out with Corellia (the first time at least) but soon things take a turn for the worse, especially when Darth Malgus declares himself the next Emperor. Talk about something that would erode the Empire's power! There is going to be betrayal and there is going to be deception, and a 'mentor' is going to try and kill a player/some players/the party/the galaxy no matter how well they served eventually because it is just part of the nature of the Sith - they're the baddies after all. I like unicornpuncher's idea for a 'one Sith with friends' party as it keeps the potential party-on-party conflict to an expected degree rather than something that is bound to occur at one point or another. Were one player willing to play an underling or apprentice of another character who is committed to following along, that could also work (the idea of PC sith as siblings is a neat concept as well!) While it's not out of the question for Sith to unite against a common threat, it isn't something made to last. As far as ships and the like go, it's simple enough to reflavor things as appropriate - the book lists 'Blaster Carbine' not 'E-11' for a reason! The D5-Mantis is analogous to a Firespray-31 in a lot of ways, and an XS Freighter is more or less a YT-1300 (or -2400, pick your poison) LibrairaNPC has a thread where he talks about freighters, and I believe there are stats for an XS in there to look at! No official stats for Old Republic-era ships however.
  13. I have been putting around with this with no success for the past hour or so and I am not sure I can figure out why. I have installed an uninstalled NodeJS twice now (the 7.x.x version of course!), removed all the files, readded them, gone through all the hoops in the readme several times over and so on. The same issue I keep running into is where it throws up an error talking about being unable to find a particular module, "./types.json" and while I am still committed to get the thing working, I am at a bit of a loss! For someone with all of no computer knowledge, what does "Error: Cannot find module './types.json'" mean? It's pretty arcane to me in all honesty.
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