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    CartoonRabbit got a reaction from Force Majeure in Three Word Story   
    'I hate sand...'",
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    CartoonRabbit got a reaction from Trevor Goodchild in Three Word Story   
    on Tarkin's sandcastle
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    CartoonRabbit reacted to Cgriffith in Go-to upgrade cards   
    PTL, Authothrusters, VI, R2D2
    Honorable Mention:
    R4 Agromech, Attani Mindlink, Extra Muntions, TLT, Expertise
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    CartoonRabbit reacted to Skeether in Go-to upgrade cards   
    Can't believe no one's said it yet, but Lone Wolf in the right list is always good bang for buck. One of the few cards or abilities in the game that allow defensive rerolls.
    Other than that, Crack Shot as mentioned is fantastic. Rage for 1 point is solid in a list that can handle the stress  (and many can nowadays). Swarm Leader can really step up the firepower of a list and get damage through on things that turtle up. I one-shotted a Corran Horn with Swarm Leader on Rey. He never got to use his ability, poor guy.
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    CartoonRabbit reacted to Phanto Fiend in Go-to upgrade cards   
    My favorite upgrades are probably PTL and EU, but my more outside the box favorites would be; 
    1: stay on target for ships that can ignore or deal with stress efficiently and
    2: Lando + experimental interface, which come to think of it also needs to be a ship with efficient stress management. 
    They're both very fun to fly with though 
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    CartoonRabbit reacted to J Viz in Go-to upgrade cards   
    PTL, VI and AT's are my main ones with a little predator thrown in for good measure
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    CartoonRabbit got a reaction from admat in Go-to upgrade cards   
    Thanks all for your replies. You've given me some idea of what expansion I might pick up next (spoiler alert: it begins with "U" and ends with "wing").
    Also eager to get my hands on some TLT-enabled ships though.
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    CartoonRabbit reacted to Porkchop Express in Go-to upgrade cards   
    Push the Limit on a fast, high pilot skill ship with barrel roll and/or boost.
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    CartoonRabbit reacted to admat in Go-to upgrade cards   
    Predator, Autothrusters, Gunner, Fire-Control System
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    CartoonRabbit reacted to Karhedron in Go-to upgrade cards   
    I like to vary my lists but certain favourites do crop up quite often. PTL, Autothrusters, FCS, TLT and VI are all common.
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    CartoonRabbit reacted to JcDemented in Go-to upgrade cards   
    Autothrusters that saves me a lots of hulls and shields
    and de K4 mi favorite crew Free TL? yes please
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    CartoonRabbit reacted to hilux in Go-to upgrade cards   
    EU used as training wheels to correct my dial cock-ups. RAC, Ryad, strikers, you name it. EU for everybody!
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    CartoonRabbit reacted to kempokid in Go-to upgrade cards   
    Expertise, Push the Limit, Jan/Jyn crew members, Fire Control System. Basically, anything that gives you a free action or frees up a spot for another action. Action Economy, I suppose.
    I'm not big on ordinance, but I like Connor Nets and Cluster Mines.
    Stealth Device on any Imperial ship with three agility is common for me.
    Haven't had much luck with Swarm Leader yet, but I've been trying to figure it out. I want it to be a go-to eventually.
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    CartoonRabbit reacted to ayedubbleyoo in Go-to upgrade cards   
    Expertise is my main one so far, absolutely lethal.
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    CartoonRabbit reacted to Elrodthealbino in Go-to upgrade cards   
    Ig-88 D crew card. I have fun in every list I have used it in.
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    CartoonRabbit reacted to thespaceinvader in Go-to upgrade cards   
    Juke is probably the one I most want to overuse.
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    CartoonRabbit reacted to Admiral Deathrain in Go-to upgrade cards   
    I do love Expertise a lot. Just pray that your opponents leave their Rebel Captives at home (or be Quickdraw and Baffle that for an extra-attack).
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    CartoonRabbit reacted to matt.sucharski in Go-to upgrade cards   
    I'm a big fan of Sabine (Crew). In any rebel list with bombs, she's a rock star, obviously.
    It's hard to beat Crack Shot for value. We spend all these points with pilots and other upgrades trying to do damage, and Crack Shot is one point that almost absolutely guarantees one damage. 
    Swarm Leader is fun, and I'm trying to find the right list for it with Jess Pava.
    Expertise on the right pilot is killer - although quite expensive.
    For sheer usefulness there are these standbys: Autothrusters, Twin Laser Turret, Fire Control System, Veteran's Instincts, Engine Upgrade, R2-D2, Palpatine. 
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    CartoonRabbit reacted to BlodVargarna in Three Word Story   
    in his grave. 
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    CartoonRabbit reacted to BlodVargarna in Three Word Story   
    with a seagull. 
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    CartoonRabbit reacted to Force Majeure in Three Word Story   
    into neat piles.
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    CartoonRabbit got a reaction from Cununculus in Three Word Story   
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    CartoonRabbit got a reaction from DagobahDave in Where are all the Y-wings?   
    Thought it was a general technical support/feedback subforum for X-Wing. It sounded like "Mission Control" was a thematic thing; didn't realise until now that it's a mission building tool. Sorry, my mistake.
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    CartoonRabbit reacted to J Viz in 60pt league - small only   
    I've used similar but with predator on Luke. This was before Expertise was out and there were a lot of stressbots about. The ability to mod on attack and defence and regen seemed pretty nice.
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    CartoonRabbit reacted to JSwindy in 60pt league - small only   
    Luke 60pt (59)
    Luke Skywalker (36) - X-Wing
    Expertise (4), R2-D2 (4), Integrated Astromech (0)
    Green Squadron Pilot (23) - A-Wing
    Juke (2), Chardaan Refit (-2), A-Wing Test Pilot (0), Autothrusters (2), Snap Shot (2)
    Just put that together today. Luke never needs a focus action, so TL everytime and that lil A can do some work if you slip him in behind and/or use him to block.
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