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  1. @JJ48 Yeah, you just purchase the conversion kit for the HWK and get stiffed on the Phantom II ?
  2. I just found out that the "Conversion kits" don't even come with all the ship upgrades. Scum needs to buy the Rebel kit for the HWK's Moldy Crow title, Rebel needs to buy Scum for Maul from the Phantom II, etc.. Feels bad. These kits don't come with the upgrades that are converted to 2.0 from their respective ships. They're not complete, they require purchasing of all of the conversions to convert what came with the ships from one faction.
  3. @Darth Meanie That's what I enjoy too, dramatic lists. I like creating lists that work really well internally and figuring out how they can counter the meta plays. When they don't do so well I save them for new releases or a meta change that makes them shine. I enjoy building themes that are very different from the random 200pts worth of material to find out who's better at maneuvering. It's part of the strategy for me to stack up a list against a field of known powerhouses. I was really happy to see Brobots come out and win Worlds 2018 too because those upgrades have been around for a long time but the list had fallen out of favor. Most people weren't using those cannons but the person had faith in control being better.
  4. @Kehl_Aecea Yeah, maybe it will feel better when we get back to where we were with the collection. On top of losing many of the influential pilot designs of 1.0 it just doesn't feel as dynamic at the moment.
  5. Would they not have been balanced with the point costs and upgrade slots? Was it embarrassing to see more accurate values for existing cards? How could a card like Lone Wolf not be balanced, or Black Market Slicer Tools be a bad design?
  6. Why do the majority of cards feel like weakened versions of the originals? Most of the re-released cards don't feel as dynamically interesting as their 1.0 versions. This is what I don't get: In addition to ship base changes why wasn't the introduction of versatile point values and upgrade slots enough for most of the game? Why redesign so many hallmark X-Wing TMG cards? Maybe I'm getting use to the new stuff, but they don't feel as inspiring as the 1.0 collection. I find myself not as interested in the effects and generally thinking about the old ones. Some of the stuff is pretty cool but SO many in 1.0 had me staring at squad builders every week it doesn't feel as grand it feels more like a loss. This is just my initial impression of 2.0 and I hope it gets better with the full release of it.
  7. What's going to happen to Epic when Saw releases? It sounds kind of broken on an epic ship with four attacks and Recovery.
  8. Give the defense roll Range bonus. Fixed.
  9. It seems like the best EPT for him now. It's pretty easy to get Range 1 with his barrel roll and 4 straights
  10. @Vordyn Yeah that ship was seen less than the Starviper lol
  11. D00kies

    Epic FAQ Update

    Does anyone have a reference from the community for where the C-ROC shoots it's HLT? I was hoping this FAQ would confirm measuring from it's base or not.
  12. Other than the FAQ talking about using Gonk on two different sections what makes you think it's a Corvette?
  13. Oh my god this game. Well, I would go with the Airen Cracken FAQ then.
  14. @Arachneo as Joesh mentioned, Stygium's FAQ allows an evade to be kept. My question is about differences between the End of Round and End Phase. There doesn't seem to be steps defining the End Phase but there are cards that say "at the start of the End Phase" that happen before others that are"during the End Phase". I don't see it listed in the Order of Gameplay, so because of the FAQ I just assume it happens after or at the end of the End Phase. I want to be sure there's no reminder text here and that they are different as they are described. It would be nice to have the steps of the End Phase listed.
  15. They would be committed to coordinate because the action grants the chosen ship the choice to do a free action; coordinate is spent on the ship. The chosen ship should also be committed to upon measuring a valid distance when performing Coordinate.
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