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    Sad Times

    Perfect example of what makes Imp players mad. How do you nerf x7, but not K4 security droid? This is why people peddle conspiracy stories of the devs being in love with Scum. I'm with you, though, the x7 nerf wasn't unexpected- and x7 is still good. Not Tier I, but it's still solid. I think you misunderstood me a bit, I agree with you. I'm just saying these cards went from being Tier I (in the class of JM5K, Biggs, Miranda, Nym, etc.) to Tier 1.5 or 2, because they just don't have the raw efficiency of the Tier I stuff now. They're still good, mind you, and I still use them. But they're quite a few rungs from where they were. My whole point was Scum and Rebels have Tier I lists- Imperials do not, and the reason is the FAQ.
  2. Johen Dood

    Sad Times

    Yeah I can't argue that some of it wasn't perception, but the fact is, Imps don't have ANY Tier I lists currently. If the FAQ hadn't happened? Maybe they would. Plus I'll lay out that a big use for Palp was keeping Stealth Devices up (on both defenders and interceptors)- which can't be done anymore in his current incarnation- it was his reactive nature that made it possible. Also, I'll add that you only have to peruse List Juggler to see exactly how much less x7 and Palp are used now. Hint: They're used A LOT less- that's not just perception.
  3. Johen Dood

    Sad Times

    ...forgot to quote...
  4. Johen Dood

    Sad Times

    Also, (speaking from a personal point of view): The March FAQ really pissed off some people, most notably Imp players. The heavy-handedness of the nerfs just completely blew Imps off of the tables in the competitive scene for a while (until people recovered with Quickdraw getting played more). It was this highly artificial nerf approach that just leveled Imps instantly, taking away their two most powerful options (x7 Defenders and Old Palp) overnight. I'm not saying they weren't OP, but when just one faction gets their legs ripped off- leaving the other two standing- that makes people mad. Couple the FAQ with multiple powerful releases for both Scum and Rebels- and you start to get a lot of bitter, angry people. But hey I guess that's what FFG wanted, they wrote the FAQ after all.
  5. Johen Dood

    Sad Times

    Must not be refreshing correctly. First Imp list is at 11.
  6. Johen Dood

    Sad Times

  7. Here's to hoping. Will GenCon be the savior of X-Wing? Stay tuned!
  8. THIS. FFGs absolute silence really irks me. They at least need to let us know that they understand why people think Wave 11 is a steaming pile of garbage- and that they're working on bringing balance back to the game.
  9. Honestly they just need to change bomb rules to: "When you take damage from a bomb, roll 1 green dice for each damage taken, up to your Agility score. Each <evasion> cancels one damage, and focus tokens can be used as normal to change <focus> rolls to <evasion>." So as a for example, an Interceptor would get to roll 2 green dice against a bomblet that rolled hit+crit. Or heck, go whole hog against all auto-damage: "When you take damage from a bomb or automatic damage source, roll 1 green dice for each damage taken, up to your Agility score. Each <evasion> cancels one damage, and focus tokens can be used as normal to change <focus> rolls to <evasion>." Agility is currently a HORRIBLY over-costed stat considering how many things bypass it entirely. On the other hand high hull/shields have very few counters- so they are a much better investment of points.
  10. You mean a single ship. Nym basically invalidates all fragile ships in one fell swoop- his presence in the game makes ALL fragile less than PS10 ships obsolete.
  11. So why even play the game? Just compare lists before the game, decide who's is better (auto damage doesn't require luck anyway), and declare a victor! Why waste time playing the game when the outcome is purely Rock-Paper-Scissors? Exactly. The more it oscillates, the less and less incentive we have to actually put ships on the table and play. I've actually witnessed two interactions where local players actually declined playing a game because they knew their list couldn't beat the other player's due to hard counters. Hard to argue with a triple Interceptor player declining to play a game with Nym. You just look at the lists, and say, "Yep, you have Nym, you win. GG"
  12. "Just don't ever be near this ship that moves after you," isn't a strategy. I really hate it when people are like: "All you have to do to not die instantly is not play the game. Just move Soontir to another table and you'll be fine!"
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