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  1. Had a good time too, definitely plan to catch the next draft there, thinking I’m doing the best there is for my weekly though
  2. Got 4th, with a 2-1(the other 2 2-1’s lost to the 3-0) but had a good time, and I think I’ve found my shop. Doing constructed Wednesday, and giving the dbs tcg a go
  3. We went right then left in our group. Had an awesome time took second(albeit with a by) only lost to the guy who took first and it’s because I tried to be aggressive with what turned out to be a monster mill deck. Ran Anakin, Nute GunrY and old lady Leia(who I pulled out of my second batch of packs, and someone else pulled her too, also pulled the grand inquisitors lightsaber from the other batch). Almost had the guy I lost to, he was down to his last 5 cards and I wasn’t even focused on milling(he was running a Gungan deck with Jar Jar, Boss Nass, Gungan Warrior, a Jawa and a plot). Other match was a lot of fun because I beat an Anakin, OL Leia and Jedha extremist, so we both milled each other till I wound up winning with 4 cards left. Took home a new playmat, fun small group of 7, and they play monthly so I’ll try to catch them again. Got invited to another draft tonight I plan to catch since I already have rivals
  4. Out of practice only played the first 2 waves due to moving around after that and haven’t found another shop until now, but I’m completely out of the know on the current waves. Entering a draft tourney this weekend, which I enjoy a good sealed tournament, but was wondering if I should just pull from ways of the force or legacies, and I should probably do all my packs to up my chances on compatibility? just thought I’d ask. Going to sort out my collection first and throw together a deck or two so I can show up early and get some practice. Also still not getting into competitive level buying/meta competition just for fun and sealed events. Thanks for the advice
  5. Not really, been moving around the past few years, had a great shop winter before last. Plus finding a shop with a decent community has proved a quicker way for me to get into a game than me finding friends(which is a slow process)
  6. Hey don’t forget Advanced tactical droid as a commander! Completely useless in combat, but huge control ranges
  7. Untamed looks fun to me. I’m looking forward to this if I can find a shop running it
  8. This would get me into legion... if I had a shop running it of course
  9. I have a true way for the tiebreaker to reflect skill: play a five minute game of hive, winner take all
  10. Hm, wonder if we’ll see Hera as a commander with Zeb and Sabine as operatives in The future
  11. Ah boy is it fun when you call things even if you are a bit off
  12. Ah, what can I say, but I called it! Think I figured out which small box I want now heh
  13. Oh yeah, the hi droids make rth a real tempter. I mean I lean towards the small boxes due to their lower entry prices, but I haven’t heard much about their heroes? ok let’s say I have it narrowed down to Bespin Gambit and return to Hoth. The former I like the theme, and it goes for a nice low price. But I also really like a number of the units in the latter. So which would be the better choice, and which has the most interesting heroes? I guess we can throw in twin shadows too
  14. I know about how everything works, that’s why I’m asking about them as standalone campaigns or general addition.
  15. Campaign only for now plus ap. Not too intested in twin shadows or jab as realm since the base has plenty of wasteland terrain. I find the cityscapes from HOTE and Bg would be a cool mixup or Hoth, but I’m kinda leaning city. Boba comes with a standard core campaign compatible mission card, so not as big a deal. Also for the foreseeable future I only see myself bringing people in, not fighting other players so outside of for fun skirmish isn’t that big a deal
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