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  1. Ah boy is it fun when you call things even if you are a bit off
  2. Tyrants of Lothal

    Ah, what can I say, but I called it! Think I figured out which small box I want now heh
  3. Oh yeah, the hi droids make rth a real tempter. I mean I lean towards the small boxes due to their lower entry prices, but I haven’t heard much about their heroes? ok let’s say I have it narrowed down to Bespin Gambit and return to Hoth. The former I like the theme, and it goes for a nice low price. But I also really like a number of the units in the latter. So which would be the better choice, and which has the most interesting heroes? I guess we can throw in twin shadows too
  4. I know about how everything works, that’s why I’m asking about them as standalone campaigns or general addition.
  5. Campaign only for now plus ap. Not too intested in twin shadows or jab as realm since the base has plenty of wasteland terrain. I find the cityscapes from HOTE and Bg would be a cool mixup or Hoth, but I’m kinda leaning city. Boba comes with a standard core campaign compatible mission card, so not as big a deal. Also for the foreseeable future I only see myself bringing people in, not fighting other players so outside of for fun skirmish isn’t that big a deal
  6. Decided to wait and not get a small box a while back, and now I’ve decided that I’d like to get one of the boxed expansion, regardless of whether it’s the small or big. So I thought I would ask, what’s considered the best out of the expansions? Only on I think I’ve decided against is twin shadows(since I have boba). oh and for point of reference I have the base game and Boba villain pack.
  7. I’d be interested in another small box myself, been awhile since we’ve gotten one of those...
  8. Ok, I think I’m going Bespin when the time comes. Seems it’ll add the most out of the two
  9. Hm. Ok what if we got a box that takes place on Sullust with lava hazards, and some ‘outside’ inside terrain in the city/factory
  10. Actually, it’s because I do have Boba that I’m leaning away from twin shadows. He has a fully playable campaign mission that doesn’t require twin shadows, so he’s perfectly usable. Bespin in the other hand gives me Bossk, and some more scum to mix things up
  11. Sigh, I’m considering buying one before the price bump since I’d rather like a mini campaign option as it’d be less intimidating trying to teach/play with people. I’m honestly leaning bespin since I already have the Boba Fett pack, and it seems like it would add more variety, but thought I’d ask for some viewpoints edit: I meant twin shadows, but I’m on mobile so I can’t fix that part of the title
  12. IA Price Increase

    Darn, eh now it’s tempting me to go ahead and order bespin gambit while it’s still 31$ on amazon, since I still need a mini campaign...
  13. I meant as blisters. Also maul and Ashoka were the continued I referred to since them as a thing during gcw was due to rebels
  14. Zeb! No seriously though I do expect a Rebels reinforcement wave due to the end of the show, most of the relevant characters have been around 2-4 years now, and we. Already have 3 originals in game(and 2 continuing characters). So within a month or twi
  15. Leia and Fleet troopers

    I wouldn’t rule out city scapes with a couple main avenues for the big walkers, but narrow alleyways they can’t maneuver in or enter. Mos Eisley and Cloud. City for example