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  1. What about the Bell P-59 Aircomet?
  2. Once again thanks, ooo there’s two versions of dash, and ones in balance of the force. I take it that’s mainly one to pick up if you have multiple people you’ve talked into playing it? Also I take it the deluxe boxes are a better deal per card than the cycle expansions? that and i don’t mind being patient, I don’t have a big gaming budget at a moment, so I put the core and edge on Christmas wishlist XD
  3. Hunh, some of those ties are using single pegs, I wonder if originally they intended a more 3D movement element to the game
  4. Yep, makes sense as it was the TF/CIS's Lambda equivilent
  5. Oh, that’s a nice change, say I saw a few had rebels cartoon characters, any particular ones that add in some fun characters(perhaps rebels and the classic bounty hunters in particular?)
  6. Thanks! Just thought I’d try since I was already here. Don’t feel like making another forum account. But yeah I’m agreeing on edge of darkness being the must grab. I’m guessing the small packs are like IA where you need the deluxe set of the cycle?
  7. Merely lies and slander by rogue rival elements
  8. I’ve tried teaching one person so far with some success with just the tfa starter ships, although my next plan is the 2 starter ties vs 2 headhunters both with upgrades and 1 unique 1 generic pilot. That way I can cover everything on a simpler but level playing field.
  9. Yeah, it’s pretty similar to most of their living products where every cycle has a unifier art basis
  10. Basically, I’ve been on and off building a collection of games to play with friends. Used to play some competitive stuff, but I’m not willing to invest(and destiny killed my blind pack tolerance) in competitive play. So this looked like it might be a fun choice to add, especially just from a casual angle. Again this isn’t really me bringing it to the store against someone else, this is me picking up a few of the box sets, throwing together a few decks and inviting friends over. Wondering which of the deluxe expansions add the most fun/iconic characters, as well as some fun scum and villainy options
  11. Also in regards to them running around with light sabers there were some old stories where non-Jedi smugglers and bounty hunters or even random travelers would use one they found for trophy or intimidation. With how many Jedi fell during the clone wars there are a lot of sabers out there. Just like how force sensitivity does not equal Jedi. I mean it’s one thing if a major general was running around, a drop out cadet isn’t a Jedi. Also as a matter of scale most of the damage done is sabetour level rather than the Jedi level of the clone wars. Making it easier to cover up
  12. Yeah, I’d go with the regional variant/genetic dilution due to generations of space travel and dispersion
  13. So it’s like the b58 hustler, a large fast but with just 4 bombs lightly armed, but flies like a smaller craft. That could be interesting
  14. But the yt-2400 was in the original trilogy! Albeit special edition,
  15. Actually there is the last space variant but I can’t remember the name