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  1. Actually, he is in fact based off the original Chewie art. That’s true, but he still brings in a new fun species, and his bo-rifle would be pretty interesting ingane
  2. But we do need a hairless Wookiee! I mean Lasat, with a borifle. I mean there’s not really a weapon like that in-game that’s as effective in both ranged and melee form. Then again whether it’s Zeb or a generic Lasat either would work. Another thing that’d be cool is an e-XD infiltrator droid. The other 2 things from the show overlap that would be the must haves are Rex, and Hondo(since oddly enough there are no Weequays in the game) yeah there’s still a few Rebels characters and ideas that can be pulled, although I won’t argue that Kanan, Ezra, and Sabine already have proxies in IA, there are still a few things that should be pulled
  3. Perhaps clones would be less reliant on commanders? Order wise I mean, and their specops are super effective, and the commanders would fall into two categories really, slow officers with heavy buffs and fast strikers(Jedi) who have a more unique effect on troops. Also clone armor vehicles tend to be lighter and faster than Imperial
  4. Rebels all already have realistic references made by ffg, and heck Zeb is the only original online design from the show and he wouldn’t look anymore cartoony than the Wookiee’s and the bothans. And the show ending is exactly why we’d get a blowout now when they are at peak popularity, and it’s not like we don’t already have the inquisitor, Hera, Chopper, maul, and Ashoka.
  5. Well, thankfully Boba’s already useful to me in campaign and the ap, so I’m actually considering bespin first cause the tiles look like a fun twist for indoors, and the enemies add some nice variety. It also adds in Bossk and Lando so... we’ll see
  6. I’ve got a nearby board game shop with one of the licensed learn to paint programs if I really wanted to do lessons. We’ll see, my focus is on my masters work on the moment. But I do think the next step is the reapers core learn to paint, and possibly some bigger cheap minis... also just realized I could buy a small box expansion for the price of 2 of most of the blisters right now, so I think that’d be the better idea, question is what campaign box adds the most to the base game?(both a general and a small box answer would be appreciated) also, my tmnt ninja has already been the subject of my first attempt at painting(forgot to do the silver on the front of the legs though) I have the reaper layer up kit, really need to get the core learn to paint kit and go through all six minis, and that should help for foundational work oh and @TauntaunScout, these were the trays I was looking at for 25 they just go into the box
  7. Scum makes sense, if you think about it this way: desperate for supplies a Rebel transport is forced to stop at a major black market, only the Cartels are more interested in the bounty on their head than the credits they carry. An Imperial Garrison been made on a remote world with a lucrative spice market. The Hutts have hired mercaneries and bounty hunters to work with their thugs to make the imperials “disappear” and make it look like an accident. Make the Merck’s a mix of thugs with elite units, with troops relying more on tricks with gear than straight on assaults with a few exceptions of smaller elite squads like trandoshans. They have fast and cheap armor, like skiffs and pirate tanks. And their commanders are generally bounty hunters. Maybe weaker on unified command, but some cool tricks, and focused much more on the objectives than defeating the opponent since they tend to have either low health or defense
  8. I feel Rex is just as likely as any other main due to his popularity(I mean, Ashoka is in, he has to be too)... also you named a pretty short time period, the series finale is in March. But yeah, I expect at least the next reinforcement batch to have a good chunk of the characters, perhaps the next box might finish rounding it out
  9. And actually Rebels does establish Thrawn as a physical threat, during his first appearances there is a training scene where he holds his own against 2 sentry droids with a vibrostaff
  10. Other thing is with Rebels being on its final season this year, it makes sense to wrap up the tie ins
  11. Well, Rukh his Assassin would be perfect then. Although, I’d agree on the 2 packs, perhaps Kansan and Ezra, Sabine and Rex, and Zeb and Kallus perhaps? Although usually they try to balance out faction releases so there’s that
  12. I’m sure there’s a store within a hour of me that has a skirmish community, but I don’t really feel liking driving into Dallas. also, seriously this would be a super likely time for an all Rebels characters reinforcement wave, since 2 out of 3 of HotE’s blisters were already from Rebels. Question is who? Thrawn is the obvious Imperial choice(and or rukh), but for Rebels you have the choice of Zeb, Karan, Sabine, Ezra, Rex or Kallus(and the only 2 that might make sense as a two pack would be Zeb with either Rex or Kallus). Scum, well you’ve got Hondo or Vizago as the obvious choices
  13. We don’t deal in Sith platitudes here! Also my prediction is the announcement of a reinforcement wave in the next month with at least one Rebels character! Possibly Thrawn(although I’d like Zeb). Or heck a full Rebels wave with Thrawn, Rex, and Hondo!
  14. Ah, forgot there was more than one type of wave. I think I may go ahead and grab Hera then, also due to a new short from last year it’s now canon that Hera, Chopper and the Ghost survive until post Endor, so you’re basically good for the entire ot era. And I’ll wait a month or two before I pick up another campaign box. Say do you think a reinforcements wave is likely to be announced next?
  15. Say @FSD, out of curiousity do you have the Hera and Chopper pack? Could you check and see what tiles the pack included campaign mission require? I wouldn’t mind picking up a few more hero allies, but I have odd tastes(and prefer retail prices XD) although like I said, I think a small box campaign is next, both for the mini campaign, and they’re going for the price of around 3 character blisters at the moment