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  1. My prediction: Aramoro fails to kill Toturi, but Kachiko edits Jodan's last edict. When the forged edict is later announced publicly, Toturi is named regent. Shoju knows that's not correct and accuses Toturi of betrayal and treason. War ensues, and Sotorii supports the Scorpion. And with more enemies than allies, the Lion clan finds itself fighting half of Rokugan.
  2. Currently, the rules do not address, nor even acknowledge the possibility of, ties on glory counts (except for the specific glory count that determines who gets the favor). So now that we have a card that initiates a different glory count, there are some questions that are becoming relevant. • If both players tie for standing glory + rings, what happens? Do both players win? Both player lose? Neither wins or loses? • In a multiplayer game, can more than one player win or lose a glory count? If so, are the losers everyone who didn't win, or only those players who tie for least glory (and the same question again, in reverse)? • Is performing a glory count considered a change in the game state? That is, if there is no winner or loser (or if the loser has no claimed rings), can Severed From the Stream be played at all? Or can it only be played if it results in someone losing their claimed rings? I expected the rules document update from today to address these with a shoring-up of the rules surrounding Glory Counts (especially considering I've already submitted these questions to FFG), but no dice. The rules continue to treat glory counts with the assumption that there will always be a winner and a loser. Even when it addresses the end-of-conflict-phase framework count, it still doesn't say who wins or loses (or indeed if no one wins or loses) in the event of a tie; only how to proceed with the imperial favor, because it's been irrelevant until now.
  3. The unifying theme is that each piece of cybernetics your character possesses reduces your Strain threshold by 1. The benefit of each cybernetic implant is listed in its description.
  4. Well the damage is dealt simultaneously, but you do bring up a good point about order of operations. After all, not all creatures can leave play simultaneously; the active player would need to choose which order creatures leave play in. Therefore, depending on who played Ammonia Cloud, Duma might or might not be able to save his allies. If the active player is the one who controls Duma, he would choose to destroy him first, saving the rest of his creatures. If the active player is the opponent, he'll trigger Duma last, meaning Duma's controller will get 2 cards and nothing else. Interesting, and not especially intuitive, interaction.
  5. I disagree. Once the damage is removed, there's nothing causing the creatures to be destroyed anymore.
  6. Not correct. Destroyed effects resolve immediately before the creature leaves play, so damage would be dealt to everything, then before creatures leave play, Duma heals all other friendly creatures, meaning that only he leaves play.
  7. "You" always refers to the controller of the card.
  8. Paincon is worth it. Any other horsemen decks probably aren't.
  9. I'd say just one. Two instances of that ability seems redundant.
  10. I submitted my questions there weeks ago, and have not yet received a reply.
  11. Is there money inside some KeyForge boxes?
  12. But there's no timing specified for Tolas' aember generation. Is it just before the creature is destroyed, like with "Destroyed:" effects? If so, then it would definitely trigger on Tolas' own destruction, and any creatures destroyed with it. Is it immediately after the creature is destroyed? If so, then it would definitely not trigger if Tolas is destroyed. Is it simultaneous with the destruction? If so, then where do we stand?
  13. Not with you on the case, that's for sure.
  14. I will spend at least $20. I figure 2 decks is the absolute minimum for me to enjoy this game. I'm anticipating spending $40 at the pre-release event. Not sure if/when I'll spend more than that.
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