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  1. What other units didn’t turn up in winning lists? What units were in the losing lists?
  2. But that’s not why the point cost for models drops across the board while the points size of games stays the same. It’s marketing department running the game design. And we didn’t call a 2000 point army of 41 marines and a vehicle “a tiny skirmish “. It felt normal, not tiny. If you wanted loads and loads of guys you played Epic 6mm.
  3. Silly dewbacks, huge bases are for AT-ST’s. Why ask why? Drink dew off your own backs, dry. Dewback: built Ford tough.
  4. Good players win too. If you gave the assorted top winners a bad list I suspect they’ll still beat most other players at the local store. People spend money in bad ways all the time. Proves nothing unless you can control for it somehow in your analysis. Olympic and professional sports have been dominated by irrational blind spots that outsiders exploited to great advantage. By your logic the approach of those pros and Olympians was the best just cause the big dogs were doing it. Except we now know it wasn’t the best. The best players weren’t using the best techniques possible at the biggest tournaments in the world for far bigger games with way more on the line than Legion. It’s happened. The T-47 might be awful and strike teams might be great, but tournament lists aren’t solid proof. I am arguing the definition of “proof” not the efficacy of Legion units here. I dunno what “garrison buildings” are but my vehicles can see right into most of the 3D printed ewok villages out there, and over most of the LOS blocking walls stores have around.
  5. Warhammer 40k was about the size of Legions armies when I started and we didn’t say “it’ a skirmish not armies”. GW has moved the goal line for players every edition as a sales trick.
  6. News to me. Personally I think they shouldn’t let heroes score either if that’s the case. Or strike teams.
  7. It’s not like Empire players can’t use the R2 model as a generic astromech.
  8. The ST and 47 have an arguable advantage in that they can see right over most people’s scenery. Which a lot of people, caught up in damage to points ratios, forget to use. Course it also makes it easier to see and shoot at them... Derrault’s bigger point which is correct, and repeatedly missed, is that tournament lists aren’t proof that something is good or bad. There are other explanations that aren’t controlled for. For example, if a Compulsory unit comes in the starter box it may see higher use than any other compulsory option due to real-world monetary considerations. Thus its inclusion by itself (or the exclusion of a pricey alternative) wouldn’t prove superiority in and of itself. That’s just one example. There are other reasons for lists looking like they do besides effectiveness, and lots more research-rocks to overturn if one really cared to. Don’t kid yourself, irrational fashions have influenced more serious games than World’s in the last 100 years. I am not saying T-47’s are good and strike teams are bad. But the rate with which they appear in tournament lists is a flawed metric alone. Unless you’re researching SW:L in a few hundred years and those lists are among the only surviving evidence. I was never able to do much with the 47 but rather like single ST lists. I fully intend to give the 47 another chance though. Personally, I suspect that the designers were using them more in 1600 pt games, and then the game came out and the community largely ignored the Grand Army option.
  9. Dewback! Dewback! Dewback! I made you out of clay! And when you’re dry and ready, I’ll have to start over and make you a new base. 🙁
  10. My Jyn Erso T-47 list is coming to a store near you. Complete with a manifesto against minmaxing. Then again if I do that, I’m still letting the minmaxers pick my list. Nevermind.
  11. Ewoks: I don’t know what to think anymore. I know how I’d make them but not if or how FFG would.
  12. A crashed big vehicle is the only Clone Wars thing I would ever buy. I could weather it heavily like it’s been laying in a field for decades.
  13. I used the AT-ST and snowspeeper when I started they looked fine. Other minis depend. The WOTC line had major scale variations within itself. The biggest ones would look fine if grouped into their own units IMO. I wouldn’t even bother with bigger bases. It’s close enough it shouldn’t impact the outcome. Any advantages and disadvantages of the smaller bases should cancel each other out.
  14. In WEG 10 man squads with 2 specialists was very common. So the proportions are about the same as Legion. It just works well for keeping games interesting too.
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