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  1. Again. ANY director could have made this profitable. Considering its potential, the sequels were a financial and artistic fizzle.
  2. I will never understand how Han seeing planets exploding in the sky, is considered “doing a decent job”. Or characters with no motivation beyond good guys vs bad guys. I mean it didn’t lose money but, that’s a pretty low bar. Something this anticipated is virtually guaranteed to make money. Don’t get me wrong, even The Rise of Skywalker was better than the prequels. But that’s also a very low bar. Willow was way better than any of the sequels. No matter how silly TROS seems to me, I can watch it. The CGI, weird racial tropes (accidental or not), and Hayden Christensen’s acting rendered the prequels completely unrewatchable to me.
  3. American Graffiti and THX-1138. And usually the less control Lucas has, the better the final SW film ends up being. In 1977 he rose above his own abilities. As some artists are fortunate enough to do. Bob Dylan is quick to point out that he’s “not good enough” to write the songs he’s written. Star Wars may as well be considered it’s own genre though. My take on LOST is, Abrams is specifically DISqualified to handle SW.
  4. Probably. It’s made me lose a lot of respect for him as a person. But if Disney decides there’s enough money to be made, they’ll figure out a way around it.
  5. Or put in actual time and effort like when they restore things like Snow White. The money and love of the old fans of the old versions built the entire franchise. Show some us gd gratitude instead of acting like the various mistakes at the top are our fault for being “toxic”. If fans my age were the problem, we wouldn’t come out in massive support of actual good art in our favorite franchises when we occasionally get it. Such as Rogue One or Mad Max: Fury Road. Not attacking you. But I am getting a little weary of how the Star Track is being run.
  6. And y’know. I might not even care if they would just release nice pre-1997 blu rays of the OT.
  7. When I was a little kid I liked a LOT of films that don’t hold up nearly as well as the OT. Our kids liking these new movies doesn’t mean they’re good. It means they’re at least no worse than The Care Bears movie.
  8. It’s worth noting that back in the olden times, if it wasn’t in a film, it wasn’t canon. Poor Jabba!
  9. I don’t care how they do it. “It was all a dream” or even no explanation at all, is fine by me. I don’t care about keeping continuity with cartoon shows. I just want new, good, heck even slightly above average, movies where Luke is the main protagonist and is played by Mark Hamill. While I dislike the prequels (far) more than I dislike the sequels, they aren’t mutually exclusive with me getting the above, so I don’t care as much that they wipe them from the earth.
  10. Please let this happen fast and give me a sequel trilogy starring Mark Hamill and whoever else is left and willing. Leave the death of Leia and Han a hinted-at mystery between the films to regain the mystique crucial to the franchise. He can always have R2, 3PO and Chewie regardless of any other actor’s availability. If Billy Dee Williams isn’t up for it, give away his seat. Any number under 7 can be filled out the rest of the super team with young, more diverse actors.
  11. Also. If all you have is the starter kit I recommend playing more before you worry about it.
  12. @Caimheul1313 is right about historical games. A lot of people don’t realize they aren’t actually into gaming. What they are into is chasing fashion. Not the fashion of clothing or music, like teenagers at the mall, but fashion in games. The point of fashion is to be always changing to something, anything, newer. I reject this in my life, as a recipe for unhappiness. Wargaming, in particular, I can’t imagine taking so casually that I would play with unpainted models and sell them as soon as something newer comes out.
  13. Well, the game is expressly designed for either 800 or `1600 point games. Obviously you aren't beholden to that, but above 1600 points the command cards will get real wonky.
  14. How much more than 1600 points do you want to go?
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