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  1. and remember it is a primary attack, so if your indicator is pointing aft, you can shot both directions
  2. I disagree with this because of definintion but I see what people are saying
  3. engaged is the defender engaging is attacker. Now if it said activated ship I would agree
  4. By the wording of Destroying ships in the 2nd star If a ship is destroyed during the Engagement phase, it is removed after all the ships that have the same initiative as the currently ENGAGED ship have engaged. I highlighted the first engaged because that is the defender not that attacker, so if a Init 1 shoots Howlrunner at Init 5 and kills him he is removed after the Init 5 shooting round, which is already done, not at the end of init 1. If the defender is same Init they can shoot
  5. Roll of thumb always reroll before you use tokens
  6. I disagree with your second scenerio. If Boosk Rolls 1 hit and 1 crit, and the defender rolls 2 evades, Boosk can split the crit into 2 hits and 1 hit will go through.
  7. the reinforce token does not reduce in either of these situation, but Lowricht ability would reduce before either of these triggered
  8. The ruling that says Leebo does not work against ISYTDS came from Frank Brooks at Gencon. So there is no debate
  9. I believe since you had taken enough damage to destroy you (Step 6) that the condition does not get assigned so the extra damage does not spread.
  10. I would still say yes, because it is not a maneuver.
  11. You can Tractor Beam someone onto an obstacle. The only two things you cannot do is move them off the map or bump them into another ship.
  12. yes, you pick before measuring. your opponent should not measure anything of yours unless you ask him to. If it was tournament I would get a judge involved, if casual just roll a die to decide if it goes off or not.
  13. yes and no. If you are using Scum Nym, he ignores friendly bombs., so no. All means all so yes
  14. The big thing is you have to do it in the order you. If you use gunner first you do not get to shot with the Mangler, due to the wording on gunner
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