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  1. I don't know I am still in PTSD following the death of Admiral Ackbar.
  2. My favourite, if not the best but close. Is Seyn Marana. Auto damage is great, it cannot be denied. At first I thought it was good only with inferno in early game ( it is also devastating with Rexler Brat) but he is even better in late game for dealing the final blow to a ship with many green dice or tokens.
  3. I don't get the " Soontir Pred TC ". I can't see where it is a good build. TC OR predator: OK, but not both. Predator is a cheap rerollf in bulseye that cobo with the baron's power? TC can't be that cheap. Plus: Don't you dare flying Soontir without panache! Any "easy built" should be punish by...pOOf
  4. Edited "quadjumper", Thank you Hiemfire. ( I missed to quote you in the "edit" I feel so oooold! so many internets! very hashtags...) The Soontir limitation seems legit. Why investing points in TL rerol when you got predator that trigger when you trigger your pilot talent? The Saber squadron aces get better improvement.
  5. Hello there, Your cleverness is again, mostly needed on this topic: The return of the Targeting computer, almost certainly as a modification upgrade, in the Nantex-class starfighter expansion . It's role ( if unchanged) is to add "Target Lock" action to your ship. This is a big deal. This could have a huge impact. Simply on the "modify your chassis" side, It has a big impact on the already super efficient Tie/ph. And as a mostly Imp player, I think of a way to give TL action to cheap Tie/ln to help Colonel Vessery to trigger is "auto lock on locked ships". But I bet there is so much more synergies/combo, that is what I a asking. Do you think of significant change this upgrade could bring? Let's assume it is unchanged from V1 (Text = Your action bar gains the target lock action icon) and priced between 4-8 (V1 price was 2). If I am not wrong, here are the ships that can equip it: Rebel: Attack Shuttle, Auzituck Gunship, Sheathipede-class Shuttle, "captured"Tie/Ln Imps: Lambda-class T-4a Shuttle , Tie/In, Tie/reaper, Tie/ln, Tie/ph, Tie/sk Scum: Escape Craft , Tie/mg, Quadjumper Resistance and FO: none (Transport pod?) Republic and Separatist: Nantex So, what do you think this upgrade may bring on the table? A R3 sheatipede with two TL? A Freelance slicer Lambda? Does the meta should fear the TL Whisper? Give us you thought.
  6. The design of the aggressor make it impossible to aim the same target with turret and forward the laser canons. Synced turret can mean that the two canons shot at the same moment in a single point of space ( the contrary of an auto canon shooting parallely a canon at a time) This is just about consistency, like how the panels are cut in order to give more angles for the turret, but it is totally subjective and not a big deal at all. At the end, it is all about suspension of disbelief.
  7. I am almost certain ( 80%) that ffg will bring back the synced turret to specifically buff the aggressor. Maybe with a mechanism like " attack: target lock. - if the defencer is outside your front arc, gain one calculate token. " This is a cool way to encourage not spamming Barrage rocket as you will benefit more from the action TL or barrel roll. Doing so, you oppen space for other TL missiles that are cool but can't compete with BR right now on TIEs Strangely, the V1 synced turret was about catching opponent in front arc, which I found naratively counterintuitiv.
  8. Yes it is a bit overcosted. But not compared to the torrent. Torrent can't take barrage rocket and this is a big deal. The Sienar specialist lack of imperial gunners. The turret is not very interesting as you will try to catch enemy bin arc at 2-3 with BR I think the ion turret synergies not greatly with imps playstyle. Wait for next imps upgrades, because it has good potential
  9. This statement is true, but also the fluff matter. At least for player like me. If it was a game of pure abstraction I would not put 20€ in a miniature. The balance between narrative and competitive aspects of the game is important. For now in V2 Devs are doing pretty well IMO
  10. Tempest pilots are only init 2, not fluff? As they said, init is not pilot skills. In my mind, I take in consideration the heroism, the determination of the pilot, his/her dedication to succed, the luck. Like in a movie you will see "dispensable " characters that, even if very good, will die out screen. That's why I am ok with Padmé or other named pilots that are better ini than the supposed elite of the empire like tempest pilots or saber squadron aces.
  11. Sorry I am missing something. Can you explain me the trick? I don't understand why Passive Sensors action for whisper ( calculate action at ini 5) is better than focus. Does the wording mean that you can perform a TL even if the action is not on your action bar? If this right, this mean that you can use the best of the freelance slicer on a lambda, and include an ISB slicer too.
  12. Five "Auto ADC" Tempest ? That would be extremely strong! I don't think AS will be that cheap, but who knows?
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