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  1. I agree with this project
  2. I agree with you point 1 and 2. it is the sign that the game is no longer fixable with micro changes, and any ship you own can tomorow be modified deeply. Will the U wing get a new firearc? will the decimatior loose two hull and a crew slot? For me the game fell for the dark side.
  3. It seems a bit extreme to me. Well, we will see. My scum friends wont like...
  4. I think for the next FAQ the munition failsafe will be discarded if the attacker deal at least on damage with SS.
  5. This topic is absolutly useless and totaly insulting. You are literaly in a complain inception. Plus, I would certainly not shup up to please you.
  6. at least add "you cannot attack again this round". It seems to cheap for me.
  7. If you think so, please give your collection to children around you. they may have fun playing!
  8. You articles are so usefull thank you! I had hard time with a scurg/jumpmaster list my friend was playing recently . I end my problem with kilo, 2 academi pilot behind and the swarm leader. It was not very fun to fly, but it was very effective ! I totally used to missjudge the Upsilon
  9. 1 Deathfire 2 Tomax 3 Gamma 4 The rest I almost never use I totaly enjoy proximity mine with deathfire. He is good at it with his low pilot value. I try several pilots for shuttle but I am not very confortable with this.
  10. Do you think there is something to try with a Sigma squad pilot (P3) with lightweight frame colision detector and recon specialist for 30 pts ?
  11. Generic are good for blocking strategies. They can also feed swarm leader with evade for reasonable cost. I think those " OP two ships lists" are less competitiv against many ships because they're ability often trigger once per round. So again , depending on the situation, they can have exelent potential .
  12. Thank you, this is the king of thread that make my day! I learned a lot, and I love this pilot. I discovered many tips, thank you very much.
  13. It can be fun with less power. What if it says "when detonates, attack one ship at range one of the token" with just missile weapon at range one, there is just the cluster missil (still target lock needed to perform the attack ) OR unguided rocket ( focus needed but not discarded) . could be like a kind of bomblet generator for Tie bomber at cost 5 (3+2) . I find it could be interesting to see if it is equilibrated. I like the fact tha it could be a 1 target only bombe that change the way bombs work.
  14. Me and my friend are playing this way: The last winner have to keep is list or have to show it, so the oponent get a chance to built a specific list against it. This way, we are almost never playing the same list 3 times in a row, and we stay close to 1-1 each plays. This is not a compulsory rule, and we often play with both hidden list , but this way is fun for us
  15. This kind of threads are bringing shame on imperial players. Please stop doing this.