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  1. player2422845

    TIE/ln article is up

    Do we know the pilots included in the V.2 core set?
  2. With this approach, all scum should be triple faction because it's thematic. They are supposed to sell their talents after all. And why not han piloting a lambda for rebel? All those ideas belong to custom cards and homebrew campaign IMHO. They are still fun enough to talk about
  3. Hahaha, I love the idea, but let's get real: seems good, doesn't work Obviously I wish imperial firesprey still exists. I also would love more crossfaction pilots but it is not the choice of devs. But who knows? Maybe in in some time, they'll implement that.
  4. player2422845

    Classic TIE swarm VS 5 X-Wings in 2.0

    I remember an episode of clone war ( so many fan here) in which some Jedi asked clones to finish all geonosian with flamethrower. Do not always confronte "your" star wars with others or canon. For me, TIE are faster than ywing
  5. player2422845

    TIE/ln article is up

    I think I have read somewhere : a damaged ship is a ship with at least on assigned damage card. I don't see how this could be wrong, but yeah, always refer to the rulebook. So I hope we will see it soon
  6. player2422845

    Store Championship canceled... what to do?

    Organising event is compulsory in this business. Customers are stone cold and will buy in another shop or online if they don't feel at home in your shop. Sometimes it is very annoying but it is not something you can avoid if you want to last. Events one their own don't bring money. Lack of events bring you down. But you are right one this: Why organising events with mean and late people that cost you time and cleaning when you can organize simpler events with kind customer? If the benefit is the same, why would they support us. All of us, player, organizer ( thanks all of them) have to show good vibes and respect if we want our game to be played. Their is lot of other games and community that also want events. My first advice if you want a shop owner to be interested in your community. Propose game afternoon made to present the game and the rules to newcomers. no championship Also, It should be more events based on casual and missions, because the meta is boring as **** and nobody want to spend an hour watching vcx100 vs vcx100 My humble thought. Champion du monde!
  7. player2422845

    Lets create fun joke upgrades

    Rebel bias: rebel only. 6 pts. You can equip this card only against imperial squadron. At the start of the combat phase, you can discard this card to skip this combat phase Sorry I I'm not ready for v2 wording
  8. player2422845

    Let's predict X-Wing 2.0 Wave 2!

    I have a lot of respect for all fans independently of my tastes. Beyond my hate of tlj, I enjoy the fact that other can enjoy it. Now to answer the question of the topic, I am not sure the next wave will show new sequel ships. Core set and kits for sequel seem very probable to me.
  9. player2422845

    Let's predict X-Wing 2.0 Wave 2!

    Resistance : hopeless First Order : Boneless Sorry, still mad about tlj
  10. player2422845

    TIE/rb stats, ship ability and pilot ideas

    I think this is a good start. Bullseye may alow a free calculate token for example.
  11. This combo is very cool indeed. AC punisher is really fun. But maybe AC need too cancel "ALL" results so Opt prot using one, you can't cancel "ALL" your results. Need to be clarified
  12. player2422845

    Afterburnes is this where the lie comes undone?

    When I played v1 I didn't proximity cards. Big mistake. Know it will all be in the app or online, so proxies cards for me. I just hope we will have this no miniature pack for playing my firesprey without buying all scum, as I still need cardboard and pilot cards
  13. player2422845

    Classic TIE swarm VS 5 X-Wings in 2.0

    Perfect explanation.
  14. player2422845

    Classic TIE swarm VS 5 X-Wings in 2.0

    Tie swarm Will fly different from V1. They will be good, they will eat 5 cavern angels for breakfast and 3 jump master for lunch. They will be super blocker and have powerful synergies. They will be the rebel bias of v2. All with 0 shield squad. Imps are back in the game, because: no 360 turret + real imp only support upgrades
  15. player2422845

    Do you think Scum should get their own Y, Z, and HWK boosters?

    This escalated quickly.