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  1. player2422845

    New Star Wars live action series anounced - Cassian Andor!

    I am not agree at all. The first 30 seconds of cassian in R1 is totally enough for characterising him as stone cold killer and idealist. The movie is short, there is obviously too little time to enter the details IMHO
  2. player2422845

    What are you hoping to see FFG release in the future?

    Zeta class cargo shuttle and delta class shuttle because empire love shuttles and we never have enough shuttles. But a way more probable and useful ship would be empire transport patrol.
  3. player2422845

    Shadowcaster lacking Gunner slot

    It's a good ship. Almost all large base are a bit overcosted, but assaj is great for the cost. I don't see why you seems so meh. If I had to ask for a buff in the scum large base I would obviously goes with jumpmaster. It is maybe the only ship that is not playable in any built.
  4. player2422845

    Rebels need a swarm ship (like Howl, Jonus, Drea, Serrisu, etc.)

    They do have swarms. But they are not the best at it because the point of the game is to feel like starwars, where one faction use cheap and expandable ships and the other use dedicated pilots and heroes and save the resources. Ok, you talk about pure gameplay ( no fluff) but then: If everything is open to all factions, you just pay more money to have the same ships with different skins.
  5. player2422845

    misprints worth money?

    I am trying to be cheerful. With time, even the most awkward thing can becomes collector. But you are right. Also, try to always collect things that have value to you. I don't care about any card of xwing, exceptt " push the limits", this not reflect the speculation value, just the memory of a moment that is totally personal. But seriously, if you have bad cardboards, you should contact ffg for replacement.
  6. player2422845

    misprints worth money?

    Today? Absolutely not. In 1 year? Absolutely not. In 10 year? Absolutely not. In 20 year? Maybe not. In 50 year? Priceless.
  7. player2422845

    The Grand Inquisitor

    Perfect! It is exactly what It need IMO. Lot of HP, consistent damage, the opponent will struggle to choose between chassing the inq, or dodging rhos...
  8. player2422845

    Are the Rebels over priced?

    This subject has already been investigated a lot. The overall though is that if the faction look underperforming it's probably because it is the faction that relate the most on pilot/upgrades synergy's and combo and so, suffer more from the lack of upgrades in early V2. A whole faction is certainly not overpriced, but some ships probably are, as for all factions. Fear the re-release of the B and the arc, with appropriat upgrades, they will be terrors.
  9. player2422845

    Traj Sim too cheap?

    The trick with punisher is that you have one, maybe two turn to get a fair chance with you ATS, due to its very slow dial. That is not SUPER overcosted. But I admit I won't be shocked if it get a point increase of 1 point ( max 2).
  10. player2422845

    Alphabet Squadron (new SW novel)

    http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Rebel_Alliance_starfighter_squadrons Looking at this list, I have found some other awkward names. Alphabet is not the worst ( but not far IMO) I feel that the names that are too closely related to an earth only concept are not great because it goes against our vision of the universe. Gavial, panther, griffon... For animals and beasts. Other terms like " Pyrrich victory", or other that are referring to something of real history/geography. So alphabet, in starwars, could be OK, but I know the galaxy speak mostly basic, using Aurebesh. So I am confused. So don't say starwars fans are insane just because they are consistent. 40 years of fandom cannot be ignored in just 4 years.
  11. player2422845

    The best game you ever played

    I am not sure it is The best, but I recently played a jonus/scimitar/vinder/ aggressor list against my friend guri / 4 lom/Palob. It was Excellent because until the final shot, no one was able to tell who will win . I loved the feeling that even a good move could be a bad idea later in the game
  12. player2422845

    The Mandalorian [Star Wars TV series]

    I was delighted once, a long time ago, but suddenly: Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the cristal skull. This was the point when my soul left my body. Since then, I had never been delighted by assuming I'll be delighted in the future. And I am sad.
  13. player2422845

    Inland Empire Aces Episode 3

    Posting an only link, without any context, is very stupid or very imoral. Don't open the link.
  14. player2422845

    What 3 Scum pilots do you rate highest?

    1 Palob 2 i can't decide guri/fen/teroc. 5 4 lom It is the result of the game i played
  15. player2422845

    The Mandalorian [Star Wars TV series]

    Raaaah, I hope it would be awesome, but I am nor very confident. Well, at least we know it will be set up in the outer "reach of the galaxy" ( = outer rim? Probably). So it may look like Firefly more than 1313. I hope it will not be cheap and the scenario will worth it! I would be soooo pleased.