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  1. World Nerf III

    What are the odds that the jam token will work on reinforce in the next FAQ? Could this make the jamming beam a good upgrade?
  2. Give more stuff reload?

    Some people said the same thing with the bullseye. I my opinion, fixing the old ship with mecanics from the new ones is not fun at all. I would prefer original fixes designed more specificaly.
  3. The Firespray Fix!

    If the rules are very respected, the declocking for big base ship would have the same effect as the barrel roll ( as they are use in the short side, 1 and 2 strait temple have the same width)
  4. Happy Friday

    Desan and other vilain from Jedi Knight. Because I find him very cool , and also it is a specie we should see more.
  5. I was sorting out my upgrade cards....

    Imps got guts!
  6. Fixing 2 Dice Attack Ships?

    I find it interesting. I would price it at 2pts for best balance IMO.
  7. Who is the Scum 'Howlrunner'?

    I was wondering if a Black sun soldier with thread tracker, stealth device and scavenger crane ( 19 pts) wouldn't be a good Scumy howlrunner. scavenger crane is not guarantee to last but with the swarm configuration it may be triggered multiple times, you could get a lot of reroll with the thread tracker.
  8. Krennick - best uses

    I totaly agree on the idea. ( but I would personaly prefer Countdown, as sabbac will triger his ability later with the plus one shield.)
  9. Krennick - best uses

    I realy want to try whisper with gunner and fire control system , wiching to miss first with the shield removal , and the second shot with the TL, keeping focus for defence if needed . expensive but may be brutal. Also, the best use of krenik may be to simply wait to see what will be your opponent and choose if you'd need to buff your dodger or your jouster.
  10. The Biggest Crisis The UK Has Ever Faced...

    If only you british, had access to another kind if proteins that you could fry alongside potato chips.
  11. An idea for unshielded TIEs

    I was thinking of a title that could buff both lambda and/or punisher. Don't juge me, it is a kind of crazi idea just to see more generic TIE. title, stuff only, 12point " escorted thing or wathever" during the placement force step, you may deploy up to two TIE/ln costing 13 or less at range 1 of your ship. yeah, I have no idea what i'am doing, but seem's fun to have a 50% discount on neaked generic tie.
  12. Bombs Away! Deathfire!!

    I love him, I usually use just with proxi mine extra munition and LWF. I had unguided rockets if i can. This feeling when he drop his mine on you opponent hight ps ace ( poe, talonbane...) is so rewarding .
  13. Saw's Renegades Expack makes no bloody sense.

    Well, as the announcement is just a teaser , it is usual that the content is partly hidden. It is mostly revealed in the preview so, yeah, you are probably right. But this is not surprising at all. Plus , over-interpreting the pictures is always tricky. remember when the U-wing had an X-wing cardboard ?
  14. Too Passive to Jam

    Yes it eat Evade token but not evade results if it's what you mean.
  15. Too Passive to Jam

    Yes , for sure auzituck is the anti-reaper, because of reinforce and wooki commandos But for adding control to your aces and joustet: Wow, I can't wait to try Stress/jam combo with Deathtrooper ( and mara jade ? and rebel prisoners ? ). As jam token stay until your next evade/focus/TL, it promises to be reeeealy annoying. because even if some if list do not rely much on focus or TL, I think token still matter.