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  1. So what you're saying is that Infinity Stones are just Kyber Crystals? I can get behind that...
  2. Yeah, that's the kind of stuff that makes me not believe people when they say "The Force has an objective morality that it actively enforces," because Anakin's Force abilities didn't suffer at all for killing that village. Nor did the Jedi's for participating in the Clone Wars in general. At the end of the day, the only consistent thing about the Force as it relates to morality is that it's a mystical energy that has multiple methods of accessing it. How you choose to access it does not determine whether you're a good or bad person, but instead good or bad people tend to gravitate towards particular methods of accessing it based on preference.
  3. I'm interested, but it also depends on what time you're planning to play.
  4. "Yeah we all love the OT, everyone loves the OT, but please buy the new toys cuz they're just sitting their gathering dust while the OT merch flies off the shelves."
  5. Unless we're going by the debunked "half of TLJ criticism was Russian trolls" study, I'd say audience reception is far from universally positive. TLJ criticism is so common that it's gained national attention for some reason, it's more significant than you're making it out to be.
  6. You may have found the characterization consistent, and that's completely fine, but I and many other people think the movie didn't do a good enough job of getting Luke from point A (end of RotJ) to point B (TLJ). All we can do is offer our own opinions and input on the problem, but as long as people just write off our complaints as ignorant or uninformed, things aren't going to change. In my opinion, nothing that occurred between the flashback in TLJ and the current story justifies Luke going into exile, cutting himself off from the Force, and believing that he can't save Ben. One of the biggest reasons I have trouble believing Luke would just give up is that Kylo pales in comparison to Vader, the guy who Luke did manage to redeem. Vader killed armies, Kylo killed Luke's students who didn't follow him. Vader was a literal avatar of the Force who was stronger than almost every other Force-user, Kylo is, by the movies' own admission, kind of a scrub when it comes to the Force. It just seems like the only reason Luke can't solve the problem is because the new characters are supposed to do it, which is a thematic problem I have with the ST as a whole at the moment, not just Luke.
  7. TLJ is not the next Citizen Kane, and even if it were, I don't think "It's art" should be an excuse against criticisms of it's character inconsistencies. I had the same problem with TFA's handling of Han that I had with TLJ's handling of Luke. I think it's incredibly pretentious to think that people's problems with the movie come from a lack of thought on their part.
  8. You entire final paragraph also only applies to a minute portion of the people who you're talking about.
  9. I feel like there are a lot of people who are in a middle-zone in this discussion. In your post, you mention two sides: 1) people who dislike the film and are calm about it 2) people who dislike the film and rant about SJWs But then there's the people in the middle. People who rant about hating the movie, but not because of SJWs or anything, and people who dislike SJWs and just talk about it in a calm manner. I feel like people are too quick to divide detractors of the film into two distinct camps.
  10. Huh, who would've thunk that Force and Destiny characters were just Universe 6 Saiyans this whole time. Now we finally get to see the real deal! Nah but for real, I'm glad we finally get Force-users that (hopefully) live up to their appearances in the movies and show.
  11. And the Jedi don't keep their own secrets? They had an entire section of the archives locked off to everyone but Masters, which held the secrets Anakin needed to save Padme without teaming up with Palpatine. That's why their refusal to make him a Master elicited such an angry reaction from Anakin. Besides, secrets aren't necessarily a bad thing (which is why I don't hold that against the Jedi too much, just pointing out your logic). The Dark Side caves on Dagobah and Ahch-To both revealed the harsh truths that Yoda, Luke, and Rey needed to accept. That seems to be the nature of the Dark Side in recent canon: It ain't pretty, but it's brutally honest.
  12. I don't think this is entirely accurate. The Light may reveal much about life, but the Dark holds many incredible secrets, as we've seen throughout canon. Creating matter, manipulating life, and many other abilities. I think the comic implies that the original Jedi chose to focus on the Light as a school of thought, but acknowledged that other paths exist, while the Jedi of countless generations later were under the impression that theirs was the only path, as they were the state-sanctioned one. It's like if all law schools on the planet disappeared, forcing everyone to go to med school instead. Eventually, going into medicine would be the default, and anyone who wanted to practice law would be seen as strange and abnormal.
  13. Something about the idea of an "Admirer" tree makes me interested in making a completely paradoxical Advocate/Colossus multiclass character, just for the heck of it. Wonder how that would pan out...
  14. I'm still waiting for Mace to show back up as a grizzled old man living in hiding who refuses to get robotic arms until the Empire falls. I want him to be alive.
  15. You know what, in that case I won't complain. A sourcebook about the Clone Wars would probably add Separatist species that everyone wants, like Geonosians, Umbarans, and Zygerrians.
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