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  1. Sadly, OggDude's Character Generator isn't an option to my knowledge, as I'm a Mac user. I've hand drawn them and they work, just looking for a more polished form if it was out there.
  2. Has anyone out there crafted blank trees for building custom specializations or Force powers? I'm cobbling something together in Excel, but something more polished would definitely be a nice alternative.
  3. Instead of a code name, I folded Darktrooper into the Cylo Initiative. My group, several of whom played Dark Forces back in the day, were caught off guard when four DT phase 2 dropped into a firefight via drop pods. Now, something they know about and can find in the core feels mysterious and menacing.
  4. Having read through a lot of the comments, I thought I might put in my two cents worth. First, and foremost, a lot of the issues people mention are related to "Jedi with Force Lightning" as the main motivator. But I don't honestly think that has anythIing to do with the interest in the Gray Jedi. Justifications for naming Qui-Gon or other canon characters as being "Gray" is more about their being more flexible about how to be Jedi than the code is...a code that has been changed at least once in universe, and is shown in the prequels to be nearly impossible for its adherents to truly embody. Much of the serious discussion seems to be much more about a way to serve the Force that isn't as inflexible as the Jedi Oath. You can call on the Dark Side for the very same things one can call on the Light Side for...it's all about the emotions and decisions behind the use of power. Yes, Star Wars is rooted in duality. But it's also never shied away from showing that there are plenty of shades of grey in the universe, either. The Prequels, which sprang from Lucas's vision, demonstrate all of that very clearly...especially the ineffectual bureaucratic nature of the Jedi Order. The Jedi Council might consider a Jedi who doesn't keep in step with the Code to be Gray, even if they never use Harm or Unleash or anything like that. I think this game system is actually really well suited to handle people who live in between the Light and Dark sides, and who might strive for the Light but still fall into Darkness. At the end of the day, dismissing it as video game/power gaming is, to me, more an indictment of the writer than the Grey Jedi concept. Finally, there's a lot of complaint saying that this sort of change would make the Jedi Order to date seem like chumps, which I think is overly precious and cynical. In history, people thought one thing only to have it turned on its ear years/decades/centuries later. But more importantly, a lot of the complaints are based on extrapolation of a movie that hasn't even been released yet. Grey Jedi are simply an idea floating around...which means it firmly exists in the "Take it or leave it" category. Getting bent out of shape over it is a choice, and one that many people are taking a bit too personally. For the record, I'm undecided on the concept. It's interesting from a storytelling perspective, but undeveloped in relation to much of what exists. Does that make in incompatible? No. All of this is made up, but its entrenched by decades of fandom. A lot of that is very broadly defined, save for when people choose to adhere to EU material...which is about as valid as the Grey Jedi themselves. Anyhow, that's my two cents in all it's rambling glory.
  5. I'd love to see ships, starting with Fighters and Freighters. Maybe decks for the various Force Powers, as well.
  6. The pool ultimately reflects where innate ability and specialized training/knowledge meet. The RAW method demonstrates that having more of one than the other keeps the character from being the best they can be because their potential exceeds their ability to wield it to maximum effect or their limited basic competence hinders them putting their skills into best use. The way you've been doing skews that in favor of extreme results, and impacts the basic functions of the game. Not my cup of tea, but if it works for you guys, then it has that going for it.
  7. Thanks to all for help tracking down the information!
  8. Anyone know if there's info along these lines for Bothawui?
  9. I don't suppose anyone has come up with a sheet like this for Onderon, have they? Mine looks somewhat akin to the work of a five year old with bad art skills compared to what I see here, so I thought I'd ask.
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