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  1. I agree. I just mean, that for me personally, using new figures is a big no. And anything else is a matter of debate
  2. For me, personally, it is yes for new deployments, but only those using existing figures. Or - maybe even better - alternative cards for the same characters. For example: Murne, young smuggler; Saska, talented gadgeteer (instead of balancing old one, creating new one)
  3. tbh, this system worked well for me in other games. As DTDanix said, you can always hit the clock. A little bigger problem is with stuff happening out of any player time (like, end of turn effects). But I think clock could be hit anyway. I think me and my friends will try to play with 30 minutes per player, expecting total game time to be around 70 minutes at max
  4. And this is unneeded. I have seen different solutions in different games. For example: if you have no time left, you do not get to make your moves, attacks and so on. Your opponent continues play for the time that left him, and if he can win in this time, then he does. If not, check for the win conditions to see who win
  5. It was always a small negative of skirmish to me, that players share common pool of time. That can lead to stalling and other negative experiences. IMO game would be much better with chess clocks (and it is easy to use appriopriate app)
  6. whoa! so much changes... at first glance, they seem very interesting. But to say more, we will have to play at least one campaign with them (and we plan to do it as soon as we finish current one) btw, how do this changes work for short campaigns? Have you noted any issues there?
  7. Reusing artwork in Arkham Games happens again and again. It is matter of personal opinion if you like it or not
  8. I think that it is one of the defining aspects of Arkham Horror series: no matter how good ti it going at the moment, Mythos can always screw you in several different ways... I have not played 3rd edition yet, but if it is at all similar to previous ones, then it should be game that you do not win so often, and sometimes lose due to reasons absolutely out of your control. If you do not like this kind of game and feeling, then maybe Arkham Horror is not game for your group
  9. yes, that's a fact. It can be replaced. I think that it is just my quirk that I wanted to have every figure represented by itself... And, anyway, I just planned to get everything for the IA in the long run. I even own stormtroopers pack.
  10. *** Small spoiler ahead*** If you do not like to play with tokens instead of figures, AND you want to play original campaign, I would definitely buy General Weiss. He is useless otherwise
  11. And what about version including "totally random" as a first step only? I mean something like that: 1st round, of course, initiative is random 2nd round, initiative is random 3rd round: IF the same player has initiative during last two rounds, his opponent gets the initiative; if not, initiative is random 4th round: IF the same player has initiative during last two rounds, his opponent gets the initiative; if not, initiative is random and so on
  12. Yeah. I got Descent when Heirs of Blood already replaced Shadow Rune in the main box. I played HoB campaign and loved it. Then, our group get the Shadow Rune campaign from our friend. This campaign was almost unplayable for us! So many boring missions, so poor design. Do not judge the whole Descent on the basis of Shadow Rune In case of Descent, there is A LOT of differences between campaigns. In some campaigns, for example, in most missions Overlord (evil guy) has to defeat (rough equivalent of "woundind") every hero in the game once (either as the only winning method, or as one of two alternative winning methods), so it becomes similar to IA approach.
  13. I either do not understand or do not like "Stun Gauntlets" ability. Does it work for his attack? If so, it should be written somewhere that he can execute such attack (and dice pool for it should be given). Or does it work during defence? Then, it has no sense being a surge-activated ability
  14. Well, IF Yoda is designed, then two versions of him could be designed at the same time. "Clone Wars General Yoda" and "Venerable Jedi Master Yoda". Both with different stats, one as a force using warrior, on as a non-combatant. But both with the same unique command card (e.g. giving all force-users focus as an action during Yoda's activation)
  15. The problem is, that I would LOVE new mechanics, cards, and other stuff. But I just do not want to play units that do not have proper figures. Therefore, if - for example - Yoda is introduced to the game as a unit on its own rights, I would play him only if I can find a figure that represents him well (and is in scale and format apropriate to the IA). This is why I would prefer new cards for all figure groups (e.g. new imperial spies represented by IGG figures, or another card for "Sorin, young aspiring officer"). That will bring novelty to the game, not requiring new figures.
  16. In case of IA this process may be (much) longer, because each mission creates different "puzzle". But it will happen anyway. And, in addition, there is self-fulfilling prophecy working: people expect others to drop out from the game (because "puzzle" becomes stall), so they drop from the game themselves
  17. I would most welcome new units... IF they use old figurines. Like, new kind of rebel-aligned troopers using Rebel Rangers (or echo base troopers). I just would not like to have Yoda without his figurine. It is also why I do not like to play with tokens. But of course opinion and tastes differ. And of course IACP is not my project. I am deeply grateful that someone wants to do anything like that, and they should do as they please. That is only my opinion
  18. I will play this game for the upcoming 10 years or more, I suppose. Even if nothing new is given to us. But it is not the case, as: 1. there will be new app content 2. Descent case show us, that we can have small box expansion even few years in the future All that will be dead is skirmish. And maybe it will be alive due to IACP
  19. For me, If new figures are introduced, and they are powerfull enough to be included regularly in the armies, that is the line for me, that I will not cross. Of course it is only my opinion, but I think that there are others like me, therefore including new figures in the project would result in reducing potential player base. If/when IACP is running well, it could take that risk (and I will be then personally dissapointed, but I can understand that decision)
  20. To be honest, that would scare me away from the whole "community" project. It is one thing to re-design some cards, make some errata, or - even - make some new cards for existing figures. But it is altogether another thing to make cards not represented by any figures in the boxes. I am sure I would never use it and never play with person who uses it.
  21. Not necesarilly. I think that the information we have do not exclude possibility of errata. And that would be welcomed by itself
  22. If I was to pick up one thing I like most in IA, it would be how Imperial Class is implemented in the campaign. But I love almost every part of this game.
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