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  1. Adas, Bane and Sidious are the three candidates as they all fulfill the three points of prophecy... from a certain point of view. Anakin simply does not. Legends material only obviously since I don't care much for nu-canon.
  2. Having a look at my index: Encumbrance; light blaster pistols universally have an encumbrance rating of 1, heavy blaster pistols usually have 2 although many have 3. Base damage; light blaster pistols have a base damage of 5 or 6, heavy blaster pistols have a base damage of 7 or 8 (although one example has 6). Cost is highly variable across both, although many heavy blaster pistols trend to be more expensive with an (R) restricted rating attached to them far more frequently. Light blaster pistols do not have Pierce quality. Heavy blaster pistols frequently have the Pierce and Vicious qualities. Both usually have the Stun setting quality. Both carry the Accurate quality with similar frequency. Auto-fire is equally as frequent. Range bands don't seem particularly different, both having Short and Medium at a similar frequency. Heavy blaster pistols are the only Ranged (Light) weapons to have the Linked quality. Heavy blaster pistols are more likely to have negative side effects when rolling threat. Light blaster pistols are more likely to have a benefit to concealment when being searched.
  3. Take a copy of the Fett DNA to give to the Separatists Introduce a flaw into the Fett DNA being used to manufacture new troops Bombing the cloning chambers Download Republic fleet movements and battle plan Flood barracks with poison gas Kidnap a Kaminoan geneticist familiar with the Clone Troopers etc, etc.
  4. Large asteroid/small planetoid that pirates have towed into the spacelanes to be used as a budget interdictor. Black hole whose intense gravity causes the hyperdrive to rupture as you exit hyperspace, flooding the engine room with deadly radiation/fuel. Pulsar - and you happen to be pulled out of hyperspace right into it's relativistic jet - which subsequently fries the ships systems. A gizka got into the ship's conduits and now you not only have an awful smell, but also a fire, half the ship without electricity and a gizka infestation.
  5. That was the Legends plan too. In the Revenge of the Sith novelization before Anakin and Obi-Wan arrive to "rescue" the chancellor, he and Dooku have a conversation where we basically hear that both of them think the Rule of Two is outdated - much to Dooku's shock later on when Palpatine encourages Anakin to behead him. We also have Palpatine keep a stable of dark acolytes, some of which have even received some proper Sith training (such as Cronal and Kadann) throughout Legends and I'm pretty sure in Dark Empire we find out his plan was to slowly replace the entire ruling class of the empire with dark acolytes subservient to his will (although I can't quite remember this one exactly, its been a decade since I've read any DE material) and I always assumed that would also result into effective immortality as he has invested his spirit into so many vessels that killing him becomes an eventual impossibility.
  6. In addition to the above mentioned, Wookiees (in Legends at least) have been spacefaring for a few thousand years. They've likely colonized a bunch of planets that are just unnamed because in a galaxy of billions upon billions of worlds, all the authors, screenwriters and games in existence won't be able to name them all. If you need a Wookiee colony, just make up some unpronounceable name with lots of R's, O's and Y's and place it in the Mytrantor or surrounding sectors.
  7. Across the five campaigns I've run or played in (I'll exclude one-shots): I've personally played a Trandoshan (which is not a great thing to play when you're the most knowledgeable person about Star Wars at the table - especially when the character is a sociopathic bounty hunter) and an Arkanian (which is a much better choice when you are the most knowledgeable person on Star Wars at a table). The current group I am running consists of a Nikto, a Verpine and a Zabrak. Of the people I play(ed) with regularly, one prefers playing non-human characters - or I should say non-near-human, but overall my noticing seems to be people seem to prefer what they'd understand, so they gravitate away from the more alien physiologies (other than the aforementioned player who is an entomologist and likes figuring out why things would've evolved that way, what body parts do, etc). Human seems to be the default choice for people less comfortable or less familiar with the source material. Totals: Human x4 Arkanian Droid Gand Nikto x2 Trandoshan Togruta x2 Twi'lek Shistavanen Weequay Wookiee Verpine Zabrak
  8. Hol' up. I never gave them Cortosis armor. Adding parry is still a good idea though. EDIT: Feel really stupid now. Anyway, Brawn 4 is a huge step up from Brawn 3. That's extra soak (which means even more when coupled with an Armor with the Cortosis characteristic), extra damage and a higher chance to hit. If you use the death trooper profile, I'd keep the Brawn at 3.
  9. Asbestos cloth is fire retardant and has been around on Earth since at least the 800s. Maybe, uh, hold your breathe when wearing it though. Gives boost die to conditions caused by fire and putting out fires.
  10. That's because the hyperspace route that leads to Kamino and the Rishi Maze proper starts in the Rishi system. In both legends and canon, Kamino is outside of the galaxy proper. It may be on a similar X and Y coordinate to Rishi, but it's Z is way off.
  11. Kamino is extragalactic, it wouldn't show on a map of the galaxy.
  12. From some project I started and then also abandoned the week after Fallen Order was released: Purge Trooper (Rival) The final generation of clone soldiers produced from Jango Fett’s DNA template, the Purge troopers were activated after Order 66 and served the Empire as dedicated Jedi hunting troops. Far more competent and better equipped than standard stormtroopers and trained with unorthodox equipment including electro-nets and melee weapons, Purge troopers were often assigned to aid Inquisitors in pursuit of Jedi or to defend facilities that either contained or were at risk of being attacked by rogue force-users. Soak: 5, Wounds: 14, M/R Defence: 1/1 Brawn: 3, Agility: 3, Intellect: 2, Cunning: 3, Willpower: 3, Presence: 1 Skills: Athletics 2, Discipline 3, Melee 3, Ranged (Heavy) 3, Vigilance 1 Talents: Adversary 1 (upgrade difficulty of all combat checks against this target once) Abilities: Clone Inhibitor Chip (so long as the proper chain of command is observed, upgrade the ability of Leadership checks targeting the purge trooper once) Equipment: DC-15 Blaster Rifle (Ranged [Heavy]; Damage 10; Critical 3; Range [Long]; Pierce 1, Stun setting) or Electrostaff (Melee; Damage 7; Critical 3; Range [Engaged]; Cortosis, Cumbersome 3, Linked 1, Stun setting, Unwieldy 3) or dual Electrobatons (Melee; Damage 5; Critical 3; Range [Engaged]; Cortosis, Defensive 1, Linked 1, Stun setting), purge trooper armor (+2 soak, +1 defense), utility belt, extra reload Rules for making Inquisitors are in the Force and Destiny core rulebook, page 419. Second Sister would use the 'Mastermind' archetype and Ninth Sister would use the 'Brute' archetype in my mind. I'd be almost tempted to help out with the floorplan for Fortress Inquisitorius but since you can't replay Nur on Fallen Order and I really can not be bothered re-running through that game to that point you'll have to make do.
  13. Part of the issue might be that on most maps north is at the top of the page whereas the core rulebooks maps have Galactic north to the left of the page. Threw me off a few times too before I noticed the key.
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