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  1. Those are Pelta-class frigates. They're the rough size of a CR90 Corvette. This would be a picture of a Venator docking with the station. Official numbers put the Venator at 1137m long, while the Haven-class Med Station is 650m long.
  2. It's substantially smaller than a Venator SD and only slightly more massive overall. I'd give it a sil 6 or 7, some decent armor and hull threshold and thats about it, they're unarmed.
  3. I really hated TLJ, this was just... mediocre? Felt like an extended mid-season episode of a TV series to me. One thing they definitely got right though was it felt Star Wars, whereas TLJ really missed the mark on that.
  4. BipolarJuice

    Poop and pee on Tatooine!

    Understandable in practice, but water ice is amongst the most common materials in solar systems (unless the Star Wars Galaxy is radically different in composition to almost every other galaxy we've gotten spectrometer readings from). While Tatooine itself might be relatively free of water, the rest of it's solar system - especially those two aforementioned gas giants - would have enough water to drown the whole planet several thousand times over. The issues here is that Star Wars is 1) is likely on the the worst franchises in existence when it comes to scale and 2) is from a time when space was still a big unexplored and misunderstood expanse and automation was a pipedream, but the simple fact is the moons of those gas giants and any potential rings, as well as any asteroids in the system probably have enough water to sustain Tatooine's minuscule population for millennia - if not lengths in the millions of years and it wouldn't take much to have a few droids and cheap freighters haul back some ice for sale (or go even easier, just tow a water rich body (a comet or asteroid) back and toss it as the planet.
  5. BipolarJuice

    Player Characters and Family

    Having a basic framework backstory is helpful for determining character motivations, strengths/weaknesses and whatever else the book wants at character creation and it helpful for the GM to know this stuff - even if it is a single line in a word document per player character. It allows the GM to create events that actually require you to really think "What would my character do in this situation?" Family is a particularly powerful extension to this, particularly if the family life was not the greatest. But then again remember that the Star Wars galaxy is actually pretty far beyond comprehension in scale: all the material, canon and EU, for perspective, would only cover a fraction of a hundredth of a thousandth of a percent. The minute you leave your home-world and stop sending email to your family, chances are you are never, ever going to encounter them again, particularly if you are a human (the human population of the galaxy is measured in the tens of trillions). It is similar for most non-humans save those that never really left their home planets in any meaningful number. And it gets worse when you realize that not only are you mobile but the rest of your family is as well. While your parents may stay in their home, if you left, chances are that your siblings did too. It is trying to find a needle in a haystack of practically infinite size. Knowing this you could probably toss familial relations out unless they are actively in contact, which I imagine most wouldn't be, particularly if you have a particularly nomadic lifestyle (smugglers, freighter and naval crews, etc). That being said in the games I have GM'd I have seen/implemented the following, usually using obligation or morality (or combination of thereof): A Shistavanen who was exiled from his tribe by his younger brother who usurped the chieftanship from him. Not confident in his position as Chief, he occasionally sent out hitmen ranging from clan loyalists to bounty hunters to kill him until he made the choice to return home and bring a definite end to the issue. An Arkanian student who send his mother biological samples from his travels to further the never-ending pursuit of genetic perfection. A Togruta who was determined to get revenge on her family for selling her into slavery to pay off their debts. None of the other players I've run sessions for have brought their family into the equation.
  6. BipolarJuice


    Nah, they debuted in 16 ABY as part of the New Republic's attempt to modernise their forces. That being said there is no official stat bracket and based on FFG doing its best to adhere to the new canon, there probably never will be. Quick mockup: Silhouette: 3, Speed: 4, Handling: -2 Shields: 2, -, -, 1 Armor: 4, HT: 14, ST: 8 Starfighter/BTL K-wing Manufactuer: Koensayr Manufacturing Hyperdrive: None Navicomputer: None Sensor Range: Close Complement: 1 pilot, 2 gunners, 1 bombardier Encumberance Capacity: 10 Consumables: Two days Price/Rarity: 250,000 credits/8 Hardpoints: 1 Turret mounted quad-laser cannon Twin heavy-laser cannons 18 Ordnance hardpoints (for missiles, torpedoes, bombs or mission critical equipment)
  7. BipolarJuice

    Retractable weapons

    Also if gunports are open it is kind of obvious what the intentions are.
  8. BipolarJuice

    Balancing/Stating a custom ship

    It would literally have heavier armor or euqal than most Sil 6 warships and Sil 7 and those ships are on far larger scales with more space for all this extra stuff. On a very fast corvette (Speed 4) that strikes me as a bit much, I was suggesting that he either lower the armor or the speed by one point to put it on par with the other stock warships in the books. I realise it is a prototype but from the description I am led to believe it is the same size (or only marginally larger) than a CR90 and we're dealing with space limitations, jamming all these additional high power guns, heavier armor than anything but the largest of capital ships and even more engine power leaves you with minimal room for crew, power generation and the less but still needed subsystems. However it does seem I was mistaken on the note of the medium turbolasers, it appears that the rule (from the upgrades and attachments) applies to everything by the CR90 which remains the only Sil5 ship with a medium turbolaser and seeing as this is an upgrade of sorts that'd be alright I suppose.
  9. BipolarJuice

    Balancing/Stating a custom ship

    Might be the slightest bit nitpicky but Medium Turbolasers are locked to a minimum silhouette of six without the oversized weapons mount. Also on the image provided, I don't see where this second dorsal dual medium turbolaser would be mounted, I would just drop it because the ship seems tremendously overarmed anyway, especially given that it has a speed of 4 with an armor of 6 (for reference Armor 6 is the same amount on a much larger dedicated warship).
  10. BipolarJuice

    Share Your Story

    Playing January 2017 (hiatus for the past two months), about 400xp. Set in a time period straddling the battle of Yavin (starts a little beforehand, continues well afterward). The campaign which started out as a run through of Chronicles of the Gatekeeper, got caught up in an Imperial sting operation to catch surviving Jedi, blackmailed into robbing the Imperial Museum of Technology on Coruscant, got caught up in a cortosis smuggling ring which eventually led to us getting pulled into a conspiracy to kill Darth Vader and the Emperor being orchestrated by some rather irritated Moffs in the wake of the destruction of the Death Star. The group consists of a goody-two-shoes Shistavanen who is intent on helping everyone who walks into our path, without really paying attention to the needs of the situation, a Mirialian kleptomanic who surprisingly is also down with helping everyone provided there is a reward at the end of it, a Togruta doctor who is fascinated by pain and involved in "unethical experiments", a ruthlessly pragmatic, self-serving and manipulative Arkanian who domineers over everyone he meets with sheer force of will (and the highest force rating in the party coupled with the influence tree) and finally a human craftsman who leans on the first two but is deathly afraid of the second two after the Arkanian used the force to compel a man to jump off a skyscraper while the Togruta laughed. Needless to say, the party dynamic is... messy. Usually involving lightsabers being shoved in each others faces.
  11. Just spend as much of your XP on presence, get the influence power and yell "I am the senate" and you're set.
  12. BipolarJuice

    Pick a ship for an Inquisitor

    I'd suggest one of the specialised TIE fighters in "Stay on Target", perhaps the TIE Hunter or Phantom if you really want an Imperial's Imperial. If you after more of a freelance Inquisitor (not so engaged with the Imperial brass), I'd move on towards one of the ships in "No Disintegrations" as they tend to be rather powerful, perhaps an Aggressor Assault Fighter, Firespray or Lancer-class Pursuit Ship.
  13. BipolarJuice

    Remote Play

    Use an online chatroom, set some basic IC/OOC ground rules and run a shared dice-roller (doesn't need to be integrated into the chatroom).
  14. I will note that in Legends, the Mon Cal did not build any of their larger ships for the rebellion, they retrofitted their existing cruisers for combat duties.
  15. BipolarJuice

    Question/Idea: The Wookiee space fleet?

    In the (now) Legends: It was heavily implied that the Wookiees and Trandoshans have both been a spacefaring species for millennia, both because they've been fighting each other for centuries, but also because Wookiee explorers have access to secret hyperspace routes which the Seperatists coveted (the original reason for the [cringe] droid attack on the wookiees). Secret routes which it would seem they mapped out themselves. Though, I have my doubts that Kashyyyk has any form of central government (please correct me if I am wrong), thus probably never really had any sort of centralised fleet.