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  1. Heh, goes to show I should actually read the descriptions. I am never nice on purpose.
  2. In universe there is a hyperspatial disruption that envelops the galaxy and its two closest satellites, preventing hyperspace travel out of that hyperspatial bubble. Out of universe, it's a conventient hand-wave to prevent the setting from becoming even more unnecessarily large than it already is.
  3. Unfortunately critical hits have proven themselves time and time again a pain in the proverbial backside for my GM before I took over. I had a character who at one point who was a Bounty Hunter-Assassin and had brawn 5, melee 4 and critical 1 crafted vibrosword (had vicious 6 I believe). It was an absolute mess because whenever we'd fight a nemesis I'd end up killing it in a single hit just by critting (average roll of 50, +60 from vicious, +30 from Killing Blows talent). To try mitigate that in games I've run myself I've banned crafting in most instances but it's not perfect. I have to make my nemesis incredibly difficult so they even pose a challenge.
  4. In Legends there are settled worlds in the first two of the seven satellite galaxies of the main Star Wars galaxy. If we are excluding those worlds you're likely looking at Kamino (which sits alone in the Intergalactic Void between the galaxy and the Rishi Maze [aka Companion Aurek] which is the first of the seven satellite galaxies. If we're talking exclusively inside the main galaxy you have a choice of a myriad of remote worlds such as Belkadan and the planets of the Kathol Sector. It also depends on what you mean by civilized.
  5. A Beginner Box (doesn't matter which one), AoR core rulebook and then Rise of the Seppies and Collapse of the Republic in either order.
  6. Vader (not as Anakin) is one of the most memorable villains from any franchise and medium around and it has a lot to do with how well he was done in the Original Trilogy. I particularly liked the dueling in Empire and Return. In Empire you just get the feeling he's toying with Luke the entire time (it actually reminds me of another duel in Potop where again you have one character as the obvious superior and he is just messing with the other until he's had enough), it's well acted and choreographed - and without the excessive flare (and god **** spinning - I hate spinning, it is NOT a good trick) we see all too much in newer films. The throne room is much the same but with what I consider probably the best acting everyone in the room has done (although admittedly I haven't seen too much of those actors from outside of Star Wars). I also love the twist moments, the Father reveal is stupidly cliche now, but it wasn't back then. I'm a big video game fan so the twist from the first KotOR game was also really jaw dropping for me. And speaking of video games, the entirety of KotOR2 could go down here because the game was just so good overall but special props to the reveal of the rebuilt enclave (the music in that one scene is amongst my top pieces from a video game) and your first encounter with Darth Sion aboard the Harbinger. I first played the game when I was eleven - while they got the atmosphere for the entire Peragus level perfectly creepy but without going horror movie levels, crawling through the Harbinger still gives me the chills today and I can't do anything other than giving Obsidian props for making such a stellar (and unfortunately deeply flawed and unfinished) game. Also because I know the prequels aren't going to get much love I will give a shoutout to the opening sequence of Revenge of the Sith which is so far the only scene in a franchise literally called Star Wars that has even come close to representing the scale of warfare that would actually take place in a galaxy of countless trillions of inhabitants with tens of thousands of inhabited worlds.
  7. I imagine we will be getting a book on the post-Endor era, a book on the sequel trilogy era and maybe - if they really love me and LucasFilm isn't being a bunch of grouches - an Old Republic era book. Which is kind of a shame because my favorite releases so far have actually been the 'sector' books, namely Lords of Nal Hutta and Suns of Fortune. I'd also like some new adventures because Ghosts of Dathomir was... meh?
  8. I personally dislike the new approach but you could run by forcing the crystal to witness some atrocities - I'd imagine any kyber crystals that were on or near Alderaan when the Death Star reduced it in size likely would have been corrupted just by proximity to that amount of death - and likewise you could do it to a specific crystal on a smaller scale by engaging in a massacre with it in your possession or 'torturing' it (throw some force lightning at it or something along those lines).
  9. Most likely, but as hyperspace travel is more or less limited to the galaxy and the nearest few satellite galaxies, it's probably just scientific curiosity and work for bored academics instead of what we are doing (looking for alien life, etc).
  10. Turns out having the flu gives me plenty of time to make these. From the same project as above.
  11. From another project (I'm sure you could probably guess what this one is if you look close enough): Athiss, of beta core rulebook and SWTOR fame.
  12. At the spaceport trying to smuggle high-power blasters to a Rebel cell and the customs authority goes to do a sweep of the party ship. Verpine realises the crate full of blasters is just sitting out in the open and they need a distraction so the wookiee grabs a thermal detonator and throws it into the next landing bay hoping the explosion will buy the others enough time to move or hide the blasters, but rolls a critical fail and the grenade lands next to some barrels. Behind my screen I roll for what is in said barrels, rolling a 1 on the d20. Congratulations, it's tibanna gas. The entire next landing bay goes up in a blast and now not only is the party ship impounded for smuggling but the party is wanted for terrorism. Joy.
  13. And the risk of having this devolve into a flame war, I will contest this. TLJ even after repeated viewings doesn't feel like a Star Wars entry, where as the other Disney films did despite the criticisms that can be leveled at them. I'd by almost terrified by the prospect of Episode 9 but it isn't a Rian Johnson film so it may be passable, but it will feel as soulless as many of JJ Abrams other works (I really hate what he did to Star Trek).
  14. From what information I can put together (which isn't much since Delriss is so obscure it lacks a Wookieepedia article), Delriss is in the Expansion Region and coupled with the 19-hour travel time with a (presumably) class one hyperdrive, you get a result of Delriss falling into the area of grid N-O 10-12. I'm most impartial to O10 myself as it has a huge void of anything interesting in it's upper-left quadrant and it's away from any known hyperspace lane which is also a benefit since Delriss is supposed to be uninhabited and unremarkable which could easily mean the rest of the region is much the same.
  15. Correct. It isn't an internet, it's closer to a peer-to-peer system, but it definitely has internet like functions. The old HoloNetNews on StarWars.com mentioned forums such as what we are using right now.
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