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  1. What if I don't have an airbrush?
  2. So I'm looking to get in with the launch of the new Clone Wars box, and I have a question for all of you who have painted stormtroopers before. Do you prime black or white? What are the advantages to each? Thanks.
  3. Wow, I just read this: This announcement is just dedicated to killing my passion for this game.
  4. No, releasing a deluxe pack for each clan at the same time that had only that faction's cards would have been much, much better. This is more profitable though.
  5. So that's still half a year where one or two unlucky clans will be significantly down in the card pool. At the most optimistic.
  6. I thought my wallet was going to have a momentary reprieve after the Imperial cycle finished.
  7. Sure, more bodies on the field means more potential ways to avoid LoS on Han. But really what Han (and a Rebel Smuggler list in general) would want to do is win objectives, and punish your opponent hard for contesting them. Han can do that. If you come to him, then he's suddenly getting off all three attacks reliably, and that's going to hurt. If your opponent stays back and lets you grab the objectives, you're winning. Unfortunately right now Han is pretty lonely out there on the board. He does what he needs to do - he's a reasonably survivable Smuggler that will hurt your opponent if he gets close to you - but he lacks the units for the rest of the list and on his own he will die to focused fire. If you just want to hang back and trade blasterfire, Han isn't the ideal choice. He's not terrible at it, but he's not worth 10 points to do that. As I said, you should be getting 1.5 - 2 attacks from Han each round. Rogue Smuggler is going to be more frequent than Return Fire, though there are scenarios where it works the other way around. My point was that you shouldn't look at Han and expect him to fire 3 shots in a round, because that's just not going to happen against a decent player. Man, I want Echoes to be good so bad, because I love them, but they just aren't. They only need a little nudge to be playable, they aren't as bad as Rebel Troopers or anything, but they just don't cut it. Maybe if there were three of them in a deployment, or maybe if instead of -1 pierce they had +1 block, but their BG or RG in melee range attack is just too weak and they don't impact the game at all. Eight points is a lot to pay for two dudes whose only job is to eat blaster bolts. Rebels do need something along the idea of EBTs, but at the current power level of the game. Also Han + Chewie is 21 points, which is half your list. Now I could maybe sort of see that working out with those two as your star players, but again I don't think Rebels currently have what they need to fill those other 19 points and make the list click. I think we're close. We have a lot of good smugglers already, we just need a little boost to bring it all together and make it competitive.
  8. Han is okay. The mileage you get out of him is inversely proportional to the skill of your opponent. Against someone who is willing to take shots at him when he can fire back, and let the round end with him in LoS of one of their units, he's going to put out a lot of damage. Against someone who can play around him ... not so much. Realistically, expect to get 1.5 - 2 attacks per round out of him. At best. Additionally, he can't hang back if you want to utilize him well, but he's also pretty soft. White die + cunning and 12 health is good enough for him to survive the odd shot or two, but he's not going to survive any kind of focused assault. For someone who still costs 10 points and needs to be out and in the fray to be effective, that's not great. If he's your only unit out there contesting objectives and playing the mid field, he won't see the end of round two. In my opinion, he's T2 at best right now. In a list like Ranger Package + Han, he's not going to work. The Rangers hang back and snipe, leaving Han to do what? Solo engage the enemy list? He'll die far too fast in that situation. There may be a solid Rebel Smuggler list on the horizon, and I could see him shining in that, but it hasn't arrived just yet. Honestly I think rebels just need a cheap, solid frontline. Preferably something with three units. Han will be better once there are more options to put in a list with him.
  9. Cost. I only have so much money I can realistically spend on games. Every competitive, ongoing game I get into is in direct competition for a portion of that budget. IA, X-Wing, Armada, and Legion are all expensive games. That's why I only play one of them.
  10. If only Core Set + Faction Boxes are evergreen, rotation alone wouldn't solve the problem because Unicorn, Lion, Crab, etc would all have their Core cards, Faction Box cards, plus current rotation cards, while additional factions (Mantis and Spider, *if* they show up) would only have their Faction Box plus rotation cards. There are ways to solve it, but rotation doesn't really address it.
  11. ST was exactly what I was referring to. I played CoC to the end, and they were always down in cards compared to the other factions.
  12. But what if you don't draw Planning?
  13. On all my monitors (home, work, laptop) it used to display the button on the side. Now it displays it underneath every time. No amount of resizing windows alters this.
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