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  1. A couple of notes, Gozanti should be Flotilla sized as that is an important in game distinction and allows for some discussion of where are each faction getting their Small or Flotilla sized ships. I would say the Trident would make a fascinating Flotilla sized, because its supposed to ram and latch on, so is it like a Flotilla that acts sort of as a missile type unit? Getting away from the point of this. I would add for the CIS the Umbaran Support Vessel which I don't think we have official sizes on but probably small? Need to rewatch those episodes. Then there is the Diamond-class which would be Small as well at only 200m in length, admittedly quite a bit wider but looking at crew and compliment its not a very big craft and its very thin. For GRN there is the ISD I which appears in the movie and the GR-75 but if you could have a variant Paladin Class as your support flotilla I think it'd be better than just rehashing the GR-75 again.
  2. Ah! I missed that while I was scrolling around. Your post is much nicer laid out that my ramblings.
  3. I know some are not interested in the Clone Wars, and others are only interested if they can use them with their current fleets but this is for those who are excited about Clone Wars era ships being given their due and what we can expect! I could ramble on defending Clone Wars era aesthetics of military (I can not defend those movies) or how having some more factions makes miniature games often stronger (but too many leads to issues) both financially for the company and growth in player base and ideas, but I want to instead just speculate on what we might/should see. First some numbers, because I like numbers. Empire has 8 unique ships right now, rumored to have 10 by the end of the year. Rebels have 10 unique ships and will have 11 by the end of the year. So what ships are in the Prequel movies (I may miss a couple, especially in the Republic Navy)? Confederacy of Independent Systems Navy: Lucrehulk, Providence-class, Recuscent-class, Munificent-class, Diamond-class (background shots during Battle of Geonosis, also called Commerce Guild Starship), C-9979 Landing Craft and Hardcell-class Transport. Giving us 7 ships, with one of them being huge! That Lucrehulk has the diameter of the SSD FFG will be putting out... someday. Republic Navy: Venator, Acclamator, ISD, Pelta and Consular-class. 5 ships. Well there have been two cartoon shows set during this period, but we'll ignore Tartatovsky's since Disney seems to be doing that as well for the most part. This adds quite a lot but I think certain ones stand out more than others. CIS: Class Type B (will need a better name), Subjugator-class (has problem of also being around the size of the SSD), Umbaran Support Ship (could also use a better name) and the Trident Class Assault Ship. Republic Navy: Arquitens and Paladin-class are the real standouts from the cartoon show. Though CR-90 also makes an appearance. From books and video games is where we get some more old classics added in with the possibility of Victory Star Destroyer for the Republic, and others that are mostly still in Legends, though that hasn't stopped FFG in the past. Honorable mention of the Dreadnaught and Gozanti because it seems according to Wookieepedia that everyone used those, because why not. By everyone I mean CIS, Republic Navy, Empire and Rebels. So looking over all this the ones I think are likely and/or ones I want to see are: CIS: Providence-class, Recuscent-class, Munificent-class, Diamond-class, Umbaran Support Ship, Trident Class Assault Ship. I am torn between the C-9979 and the Class Type B as being the Gozanti/G-75 for the CIS. Lucrehulk is just too big for the game, though the command/battle sphere alone is possible. Also Lucrehulk and/or the Subjugator rely heavily on the SSD selling very well and for Clone Wars era to sell very well. The problem is this list is only 7 ships (8 with just the Lucrehulk sphere). Two of them are flotillas, the Trident Class being an attack flotilla and then dealers choice on the C-9979 or Class Type B as the support flotilla. Republic Navy: Venator, Acclamator, Arquitens, Pelta, Paladin-class, Consular-class... After that I think a Victory or ISD might be likely. Perhaps the Gozanti or CR-90... You see the interesting problem here. The Republic Navy quickly becomes this faction with four or five fresh sculpts and the rest are just repaints with new upgrade cards for ships that the molds already exist. This is great for FFG because that is probably four or more molds they can reuse and not have to pay for new molds which is one of the most expensive parts of making plastic minis. I mean you could end up having this faction quickly become very much a hodge podge of ships from factions that exist plus the four or five new ones. What will be their support flotilla? The Consular-class is a possibility but there are combat versions of it, but it could be trusty G-75s or Gozanti. Anyways, I've been thinking about this. I am sure many people who are much more knowledgeable about this either from a game perspective or their encyclopedic knowledge of the Prequels have thoughts about how and where this could go. How can we get these two navies to the same number of ships as the Empire will have by the end of this year, which hopefully is 10. We're aiming for 10. And the Subjugator and Lucrehulk can't really be counted unless they make theLucrehulk only the diameter of an ISD which is really shrinking that thing and/or the Subjugator a kilometer shorter than it is. Also can you imagine a Subjugator on the field? How many blue dice do those side arcs have? I mean the answer is “All, all of the blue dice”, but really how many is that? Also the side arc has range but its all ion. Its a Red die of range but with what are typically seen as blue dice effects. The other question is, I think they will do a new starter box, probably like they are for Legion, so what should the forces in that box be? What would grab peoples attention right away? Same format as Imperial vs. Rebel of one medium vs. two smalls? Both of these factions iconic ships are medium or large I feel. Discuss.
  4. Don't most OOM droids sent down to Naboo sport a backpack as well? Which would add another 5-ish inches to their depth, which would increase the overall estimate of how long an AAT is by another 2-ish meters. I'd need to rewatch the scenes of the force occupying Theed's OOMs had those backpacks.
  5. Ah! Thank you. It was difficult to read.
  6. Critical keyword doesn't help against Cover or Dodge. After you roll dice you convert Surges, which on a Dewback would change Surges to Hits. Then Cover and Dodge tokens take effect, removing Hits. After Cover and Dodge the Attacker modifies the dice and this is when the Critical Keyword from the gun takes place changing Hits to Crits. So the Critical keyword makes the weapon more effective against units with Armor of any sort. However if a unit is in cover or has a Dodge token(s) with only 4 white dice it that gun will lose effectiveness quickly. Its still 100 points for something that is tough, good in close combat but terrible at ranged combat, given what we know so far. It won't degrade the way many other units will from losses but I think its going to have a hard time making up its points and since it is rumored it can't take objectives it really has to make up its points worth or deny your opponent a lot.
  7. The Republic can have quite a few operatives from various Clone Troopers, to padawans and Jedi to all the various groups that provided aid to the protagonists in the Clone Wars series. Since it like the movies focus on the protagonists its a little more difficult for the CIS. Still for operatives you have Asajj Ventress (could be commander), Durge and Savage Opress. While for commanders you have Whorm Loathsom, General Grievous, Count Dooku, Nute Gunray, Archduke Poggle the Lesser, Pre Vizsla (could be operative), Riff Tamson, Pong Krell (could be operative), Trench, Sev'rance Tann and Wat Tambor. Honestly working on this list I thought most of the commanders would be weak and there would be more operatives but in fact with Dooku, Grievous, Pong Krell and you could argue about some of the other commanders are going to be north of 120. All of the listed operatives are going to be expensive and super murdery. I mean Savage Opress is the light weight out of that trio. I would imagine the corp troops to be cheap. Battle Droids with a white blaster, white close combat and white defense die and no surges will be terrible, but really, what else are you going to give them? B2 droids won't be much better (white with surge or red with no surge defense? Probably move 1) and you've got some other low end units like Aqua Droids but you've of course got Magna Guard, BX-Commando, dwarf spider, droideka, tri-droid, crab droid, AAT, Persuader, etc...
  8. For CIS I'd really love to see Dirge as one really expensive but beastly operative. There are so many and different kinds of droids they could do and then there's all the fun vehicles. Also due to my love of the Tartakovsky Clone Wars I'd hold off on Grievous and release him with the Magna Guard.
  9. We all agree though that for Anti-Squadron it gets a single red die with one of the 'hits' scratched off. Also the Executor title is -8 points: All squadrons are considered to have the Bomber trait when firing at this ship.
  10. Or you know what punch the Imperials at long range first. You could be playing Imperials which means you have all the same fast fighters and similarly good Squadron 3 or 4 with Expanded Hangars carriers. If you are Rebels run in some A-Wings and snipe with E-Wings their Intel or whatever else they are using that makes you nervous. This isn't an effective tournament answer since you are pretty much throwing away 44+ points (assuming 4 A-Wings) to tie up your opponent and maybe blow up a TIE Fighter or two but it does neuter Sloane in potentially keeping those Fighters from hitting things with tokens you want to keep safe for those first 2 to 3 turns.
  11. I have been looking for a good "naval" game for some time and Armada has Star Wars which helped sell me and there is a local gaming community. So I tried it. The mechanics are good but honestly the theme and mechanics both work and fail with Star Wars. An ISD compared to a CR90 isn't powerful enough so if it wasn't Star Wars then that would be a benefit because 'Battleship A' vs. 'Corvette 9' are ships I don't worry about if they have the same ratio of power of an ISD and CR90. However it is Star Wars so its the ships I've been wanting to play since I was a kid and the Star Wars universe means short ranges is canonical, as opposed to playing a naval game based in the real world that is from the Russo-Japanese war and on where you have to mess the range of weapons up a lot which means ships run into each other and blah-blah-blah. The mechanics are solid but also sometimes get in the way of themselves but overall provide something interesting that say Firestorm Armada sadly didn't have (also it has no community I know of in my area). So it is a weird six of one, half dozen of the other.
  12. But it isn't always a 'task force with the largest base ship in the center'. The idea of a rule that says your commander must go on the largest ship in your fleet actually hurts fleet construction in one obvious way to me. The Liberty MC80 pretty much goes away except in fleets where a H1MC80 also exists. The LMC80 is a great flanker, not the center of a task force. It is also a paper tiger for its size putting out decent amounts of firepower but if flanked or swarmed with bombers it will certainly go down. Everyone will want to play tanky ships for their largest ship, so you have the commander on ISDs, H1MC80s but you pretty much kill off LMC80. Thankfully this is a rule I just don't foresee FFG implementing.
  13. XI7s are pretty much a waste in this instance. Unless shooting at the side they weren't going to redirect more than one point anyways. Gunnery Teams and Leading Shots seems a better way to go.
  14. I would and when I went to my local tournament with Derlin and Lando. Derlin is cheaper and does effectively the same thing as but better than redundant shields. Also, keep the XI7s, more ships have redirects than have braces. At least that was my theory. Ships with Redirect but no Brace: MC30, CR90, Hammerhead and Arquitens. Ships with Brace but no redirect: Neb-B and Raider. Also 5 ships have two Redirects while only 2 ships have two braces, so you have a good chance of burning their brace through shots but there will often be a redirect waiting for you.
  15. With point B you also have to look at the Rieekan Aces lists are insta win buttons argument while the next thread over is the high activation are insta win buttons and that these two arguments are almost by necessity exclusive from one another.
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