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  1. I am an EotE gm that did some unintentional low xp game sessions, but not that as low as 2-4. Going that low will sniffle player growth since star wars isn't quite the slow placed game as something like WoD. And just because something is a minion doesn't mean it is not dangerous. If say the first group of storm troopers isn't that good, he can strengthen them or give them better tactics or advantage. Include Sergeants and use multiple groups of minions. Something like in very big fire fights, very large groups of minions may have an effective adversary rating making fighting them more dangerous. And of course there is always the looming threat of a lot more on their way (with heavier weapons). With low xp, your group may not be able to develop the non-combat talents to avoid or escape threatening storm troopers. Especially if he wants to play the empire as intelligent (in which case there are only so many times the group can pull off the same stunts over and over again and escape) At the very least, would recommend talking to your GM about what the players want to be able to do in the campaign, and what kinds of interests and expectations the GM has and negotiate some setups that are better for everyone.
  2. Thank you. Curious, does the Clone Soldier Career actually state anywhere that only Clones can take the career? (Similar to the Retired Clone Trooper Universal Specialization)
  3. May I ask what Scrap-Em! and Improved Scrap-Em! do from the Clone Officer tree?
  4. did.... did the upcoming change from August 2nd to 16th?
  5. This is something I would like to check myself, if it were not the busy season at work. I am not really as concerned about the core/revised core set. I am currently only aware of Jinteki Biotech: Life Imagined (while there 3 cards, each has a different flip side), the 4 identities from terminal directive, and 3 cards from Reign and Reverie that I have no knowledge about. For some strange reason, I think there might be a few more. Thank you for your time
  6. What method/format are you looking to play?
  7. I kind of find this odd. I though I saw obligation as a part of a characters story and history, a part of the events that lead to where the character currently is and can possibly (even ended) lead the character to new specific directions of growth, adventure, and challenges. And some of those points feel like stripping a part of character creation and development out of my players hands. I do try to provide them with opportunities to possibly reduce some of their obligation. I believe many of my players are more interested in growing and developing their characters before tackling the challenges some of them have built into their obligations.
  8. Originally when I started my game I expected 5 players, I have had some come and go. Now I am coming to a situation in which I have some possible new players. I am curious how others would deal with the obligation. Originally my starting players had 10 initial obligation (For EotE characters), when the option to get up to 10 additional obligation. Most of my current players have not really tried to reduce obligation. I am curious as to recommendations of what starting obligation new characters should get, and if they should be allowed extra obligation for addition starting XP/Credits. Such as should they start with the same initial obligation/additional obligation as other players, start with less? Should new player characters be allowed to have their joining into the game create total obligation over 100? Any other thoughts or considerations, or opinions I had not considered? Thank you in advance
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