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  1. Some minor things i have found in the quest layout: Seeds of Corruption: From the Shadows needs Mists of Bilehall and not Chains that rust; in German: "Das sprechende Herrenhaus" uses "Trollsümpfe" and not Mists of Bilehall Sidequests: "Choose your poison" or "Die Dosis macht das Gift". Something is wrong here. It is definetly not the quest from bonds of the wild because this is the only expansion i don't have and in my campaign the sidequest appeared on the world map. If i click in my collection on bonds of the wild it also says, that it would give a side quest with a different name. one last thought: Can you add a ufaq on broodwalkers with their overflowing and hive defense? Thanks for keeping this up!
  2. Kahir

    Road to Legend class rebalancing

    My thoughts after finishing the Kindred Fire campaign: We choose a party, that was good a killing groups of monsters, since killing many monsters quickliy is key in a dungeoncrawl like descent. So we had a Barbarian (Tahlia), a Stalker (Tetherys), a Runemaster (Widow Tahra) and an apothecary (Andira). The first one or two quests were quite tough due to the nerf of AoE attacks, but things start to pull off once the right items came out. For our Runemage it was the Staff of Greyhaven and for our Berserker it was the Iron Battleaxe. We struggled once again after the transition to Act II, but could handle the rest without bigger problems, because we got another pair of insane weapons. The most challanging quests were the first ones in Act I and Act II. Here was the tier level of the monster significant in comparisson to the heroes. Either you have no gear and no skills at all or your gear is to weak for the stats of Act II Monsters. But Monsters don't scale with your gear and learned skills. Once you have grinded a bit, things start to become way too easy. Our Berserker had the Hammer of Doom with 3 Attacks and Mana Weave, while our Runemage had the Bow of the Eclipse with 3 Attacks. They generated ridiculous amounts of damage. We thought the main balance issues are not the classes but the items. Once you get those hard hitting weapons, monsters can't really defend themselvs. we played it that way, that Whirlwind and Runeblast are exausted after use, but they were still too strong. The Apothecary is definitely a powerful healer, especially the green power dice with an additionly surge is great. I played the Stalker class and must say, that i didn't have fun with it. He didn't contribute anything special to the party and since all monsters were dead after activating our Berserker and Mage it was really boring for me. His skills cost too much fatigue, so fighting with him is quite difficult. He can't generate the damage the other classes did an placing traps near to the enemies is often fiddly. We take a break now from Descent, but we will come back to it with different Heroes and different clases and see, how things have changed.
  3. Kahir

    SoC quest: The Archive

    Hi! I played the quest a few days ago and was also a bit confused, although i liked the ideas and mechanics behind it. 1. The App told me to place the Changelings and the Archive on any waterspace on tile 49 (the big one from the trollfens expansion) 2. This was for me a huge surprise too! I handled it that way, that i just exchanged the Monstercards and let anything else the same. 3. I played it that way. I guess, that is the sense of getting an Archive, that is an Ironbound. 4. I can't remember whether this happend or not. But that seems pretty strange. For me the biggest confusions created the behaviour of merklace. How did you play the engage Action? I can see what the purpose behind is... pulling all heroes near to merklace, then transition to Act II, then doing massive AoE Attacks and whiping the whole group... at least, that happend to me... but does a hero get 2 Actions in merklace turn or just one?