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  1. I've played at local events before that wanted to stick with the official tournament rules, i.e. no proxies. And there's also bigger events that are not officially sanctioned. (I'm not in the US, so didn't follow it too closely, but for example I believe the Mynock Open will be rather large and unofficial?) But the biggest challenge is definitely official tournaments.
  2. Specifically, we should allow proxies if and only if the card has not been released in any product associated with the player's faction. Right now, the affected cards would be: Rebels: Barrage Rockets Maul Composure Agile Gunner Empire: 0-0-0 BT-1 Composure Agile Gunner Scum: Barrage Rockets Moldy Crow Rationale: We all know that FFG never said that they would release all cards for all factions at the same time, only at some point. However, they did state that one of their goals for second edition was, that you wouldn't need to buy outside of your faction anymore. Countless examples in 1.0 have shown that tournament players cannot wait for cards to show up in their faction eventually, most prominently Autothrusters. So right now, if a rebel player needs Barrage Rockets for their list, FFG are not achieving what they set out to do. In the long term, FFG will not lose sales this way, since people have to buy them as soon as they show up in an expansion of their faction (unless you want to suggest that FFG wants players to buy outside their faction after all). However, this will also correct a perverse incentive that FFG has at the moment. If we don't allow proxies, FFG is incentivized to pre-release new upgrades in a single faction as often as possible, because some players will buy cross-faction to get them. If we do allow them otoh, FFG will be incentivized to release them across the board as soon as possible, so that players have to buy the expansion to get them instead of proxying. So, I suggest that we allow these proxies in any unofficial tournaments and ask FFG to implement the same for official tournaments in keeping with their stated goals.
  3. It's just like @InquisitorM said. Here's the quoted email for reference:
  4. You is only the ship with Jabba. So "When something instructs you to discard" doesn't actually trigger on all the other ships in your squad that have tokens on their illicits.
  5. Extra Munitions puts a token on all Torpedo upgrades, including itself. Boba strips the token, not the card.
  6. Given the Cloaking Device email ruling, I'm pretty sure you need Jabba on board to use the tokens. So endless replenish but only using the tokens every other turn could actually be balanced. I still don't think the "on equip" is triggered by swapping though since that would make Jabba effectively cost 1 slot for epic only.
  7. But that's also true if we consider rerolling to be a game effect that instructs spending, which I'm arguing that wording is equivalent to.
  8. The second version ("Other friendly ships at Range 1-2 may spend your target lock tokens as their own.") takes care of that since neither Omega nor Adv.TC actually spend target locks.
  9. Never thought about this, but does calculating hull damage count as "without resolving its effect"? i.e. if a ship with Determination has only one hull left and gets dealt a pilot crit, is it destroyed?
  10. Okay, not going to read through the whole thread given how toxic the posts that I did read were. So, sorry if this was already brought up. I also started out thinking that a game effect instructing you to spend a target lock is anything in-game that requires you to spend one, including standard reroll. I would still prefer if that is the ruling that FFG arrives at whenever they do give us a clarification. But... if that was their intention, wouldn't they just have worded it like the equivalent effect for focus on Esege Tuketu, "When another friendly ship at Range 1-2 is attacking, it may treat your focus tokens as its own." -> "Other friendly ships at Range 1-2 may treat your target lock tokens as their own." ? This would allow two new combos with Adv. Targeting Computer or M9-G8, but would FFG really complicate the text that much just to counter those two combos? Even if they did, wouldn't they have gone for "Other friendly ships at Range 1-2 may spend your target lock tokens as their own." ? So, while I fully understand that the text can be read as "any game effect, including standard rerolls" (and did read it that way myself initially), that effect could have been worded in a much more straightforward way, implying to me that they specifically chose this wording to exclude something, likely normal rerolls.
  11. Solid FAQ, but I really hoped they'd address the Snap Shot + Blinded Pilot question. (whether Snap Shot gives an opportunity to attack to clear Blinded Pilot even if there isn't an enemy ship in arc at range 1)
  12. I know, old thread. Just wanted to note that "primary weapon only" would completely kill Outrider.
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