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  1. Honestly it's pretty easy to just focus on the rules of the game and igonore all the other ****. I highly recommend it, actually, as it helps keep perspective on the important aspects of the game and less on the meaningless ones like chants and, well, literally anything that happened in the old version of the game. It makes the game infinitely more enjoyable, too.
  2. Just so it's out there, he did art for the CCG, which is where the Spider art comes from.
  3. It was also specifically mentioned during one of the L5RLive videos by Brad to work that way, so if you're looking for an official ruling, it's already been given
  4. Just for clarity's sake (not taking a stance either way); is your proposed question something someone said was allowed? Was that what Mr. French ruled on?
  5. *Slaps hand* I said knock it off! Homeboy over here thinks he's got Jedi mind powers 'n ****.
  6. Them using different language for the rules between the L2P and RR is my chief complaint about the way the rulebooks are written. I don't mean dumbing things down in the L2P for brevity's sake, but actually different language between the rules, causing different interpretations. Obviously the RR trumps the L2P, but it's frustrating to learn the game with the wrong rules.
  7. I believe the dev team said we'd be getting subforums around the official release date.
  8. Astral Games in Medford, Oregon. We hosted the second to last CCG kotei and plan on running many more! We draw in a pretty decent crowd from the Portland and Sacramento areas, too. See you space samurai.
  9. Also, chip chip, boy! The Wall ain't gettin' any younger!
  10. L5R came before his first book was published, indeed.
  11. Alliance Distributions (Asmodee) is the sole distibutor for FFG products now. He can order the kits through them, but he'll need to preorder them fairly quickly, as the cutoff date is here soon.
  12. While the Crane are...well the Crane, I cannot be more excited that Scorpion didn't win. How you feel about Crane I feel about Scorpion. *Hateraide high five*
  13. Weren't they started because they were one of the CCG's creator's NPCs in his D&D game? The players thought they were SO cool so he brought them into the card game? ****, I wish I could remember where this came up at before...brain, don't, fail me now brain don't fail me now!
  14. I do believe most places had the November date listed as just a placeholder, until the actual release date was announced. I don't think it reflects their stock levels any.
  15. They were rewarded for their honor with the gift of Meishodo! Don't say Phoenix neva' did notin' for ye, kid.
  16. It doesn't have any specific rules unto itself, but rather it's a keyword that other cards reference/play off of.
  17. I'd definitely be okay with new factions being represented as tainted/corrupted/splashable cards for the preexisting clans. Best way they can do it, in my opinion.
  18. Yeah I'm hoping for no new factions AND no clan deluxe expansions, but rather more story driven ones (with all clans represented). With how infrequent the deluxe sets are released, it would be YEARS before all of the clans had theirs, which is something I think should be avoided.
  19. I thought they said at the end of the last Live video that that was their last one.
  20. Couldn't agree more. At least the tradition of hating Scorpion continues from the old edition, though I was really hoping that wouldn't be the case.
  21. You sir, get my first "like" on these forums.
  22. Oh Alternity. You tried so hard to be different and good. The Mechalus were kinda cool, though...
  23. I don't know about right out of the core box, but I'm pretty sure Phoenix/Scorpion dishonor is going to be a thing. You may get the best of both worlds, eventually!
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