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    FAQ 4.3.1

    Palp still the same as far as I can tell -
  2. Blue isn't suggesting it was broken, simply it was in every top Imperial list, and so it wasn't creating interesting or diverse builds. Because the choice of "I'm running imps, do I use Palpatine?" wasn't a choice at all. When you run into a situation like that, there's something wrong.
  3. I retract my suggestion and can only commit seppuku to make amends.
  4. Are you sure? Snap Shot states you can't "modify" the die results, as far as I was aware "modifying" and "re-rolling" are distinct, which is what would allow Shara with M9-G8 to allow re-rolling on Snap Shot as well. Predator simply states "When attacking, you may reroll 1 die" (paraphrased). If I've got this wrong then I've been way off.
  5. Great battle reports and congrats on your placing!
  6. I've tried running Shara + 2x Greens with Snap Shot and Predator. Rerolling two dice every time you attack is handy, especially if you're only rolling two (i.e. Snap Shot). I don't think it's worth losing PTL though.
  7. Good god, this thread is incredible. I've got to think of a paint scheme to commission you to do!
  8. I will gladly pay you tomorrow for a Palpatine three months ago
  9. In my experience when my B-Wings get hit, they're getting hit fairly hard, so recovering 1 shield for 4 points is probably not worth it.
  10. Heroes of the Resistance is pretty great value.
  11. Presumably "did not overlap" implies your maneuver template, since you can't past-tense overlap an obstacle at the end of a movement - bit of a slip up on the wording though.
  12. I ran Keyan this weekend just gone with Stay on Target (albeit I don't have Rage) - being able to stick him on a 2-speed K and turn it to any other maneuver depending on anything under PS7's placement is very useful. It also helps a lot with making sure you have an enemy in arc to fire at and use his stress token on.
  13. Because you want an epic ship? If you're buying a $100-130 expansion pack for a card you're possibly buying it for the wrong reasons in the first place. In my younger years I was into 40K. I bought a Shadowsword Baneblade, a $150 investment - I played 40k for 2 years, I think I used the Baneblade twice. It now sits in pride of place on my shelf - unpainted, grey and dull (I'm one of those 40k players). When I eventually buy a Corvette, I will probably use it about as many times - but I'll pay $30 less and hey, it'll be painted at least.
  14. Well then thank goodness FFG balanced it! Now nobody "has to" spend $100 on a ship to get one card.
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