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  1. These are really good ideas, but I think Carson should have some abilities that boost other investigators, or should be a Unique Asset rather than a character.
  2. I dunno, I like the idea of Nyarlathotep being a background that rather than a foreground one. It plays into the anonymity of the many masks. I think we need more AOs that are mystical events rather than beings, in a similar vein of Sygyzy or Rise of the Elder Things. Any ideas
  3. I have found that Miss Fine is pretty much essential, her power makes it extremely easy to distribute clues to other investigators. And once she gets Clairvoyance, she's pretty op.
  4. What system are you using to create the cards? I know Strange Eons can let people make there own Arkham Horror (Along with some other FF games) cards, but I haven't seen one for Eldritch yet. Could I get a download link?
  5. If I remember correctly, I think Eldritch is supposed to be taking place late 1930s, early 1940s. So maybe a WWII expansion might be cool? TBH I just think fighting Nazis trying to do eldritch experiments on humans would be cool. Also, you could work in Ubbo-Sathla as a AO because the Tcho-Tchos are working with teh Japanese or something. Hopefully it could be treated with a respect, and my suggestion isn't too offensive.
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