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  1. LordKipferl

    If there's no Gencon update...

    yeah… i looked it up… they announced those hammerheads weeks before gencon. I hope they didnt see Thrawn as something big
  2. LordKipferl

    If there's no Gencon update...

    i might be wrong here and im too lazy to look it up… but didnt they announce the hammerheads and the carrier @ gencon last year?
  3. LordKipferl

    Guys, will Armada cause you to give up X-Wing?

    i'm basically throwing all my Money at ffg - cant help myself… will Play both
  4. LordKipferl

    Separatist Holdouts

    lancer frigates for Squadron onslaughts!!!
  5. LordKipferl

    New Announcements? Facts, Rumors, and Conclusions

    I was more thinking of a way to get some figures in order to do the maths
  6. LordKipferl

    New Announcements? Facts, Rumors, and Conclusions

    to the Business guys here - is there any way to tell whether Armada is successful or not?
  7. All the best from my side here! and congratulations
  8. LordKipferl

    Happy Friday you crazy people.

    Please dont Start hating me. But i thought about a 3rd faction. When introducing the Republic and the confederates there would be 2 faction- so i thought about introducing a "scum" faction which utilizes Republic era ships from both sides...with the Bonus that the empire could use the Republic ones as well and the Rebellion could use the confederate ones. What so you guys think?
  9. This friday will be our day guys- i feel it...either this tingling Sensation comes from kidneystones, or its indeed a divine prophecy
  10. LordKipferl

    Lando's Falcon baby.

    Haha yes- not many People know that those boarding troops used zur falconto getsome groceries from the nearest System while the rebels where helping leia to escape
  11. LordKipferl

    Lando's Falcon baby.

    oh Boy, another falcon - cant wait for the 2.0 resistance and old School falcons. falcons are my life… i love falcons how About a mixed breed between two of those falcons? the only faction without a falcon yet is the empire - stay tuned for more
  12. i know what you mean… but honestly - Alternate cardboard is not my priority for Armada Right now
  13. LordKipferl

    Make your dreams come true?

    3 sets done- ffg knows no mercy