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  1. Anyone know of a way to get back to the actions menu when Squad Leader is out of range?
  2. When you select a ship that can not make an attack, how do you move to the next ship that has the same pilot skill?
  3. I'll be sure to send the red text over to you from now on. One thing I did notice was when you use swarm leader and the friendly ship is out of range, you lose your action. There is no way to back out of that to get back to the actions menu.
  4. Amazing work! Loving this so far! Quick question, When the console opens during a game how do we close it?
  5. Thank you everyone for your replies and great ideas! I don't to cheat my players out of victory but I feel that reoccurring characters add a lot of flavor to the star wars universe. They were able to take out the bounty hunter in question and surprisingly didn't kill him. They know he'll be back at some point, but they do not know what capacity.
  6. So I have some characters/villains that I would like to be reoccurring. What are some techniques and or builds you use to keep them around longer? Two of the villains are not the behind the scenes types, one is a Bounty Hunter and the other hasn't yet revealed themselves as an enemy yet. Once thing I notice is the system can be very deadly and it is hard to keep npcs alive if they focus fire them. The BH in question did a number on them but 3 or 4 rounds in they had him on the run. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks!
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