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  1. Hello FFG Community Members! We are posting to notify everyone that we are aware of the high volume of spam being sent via messages. We have banned the majority of these spam/bot accounts and are working on rounding up the rest. If you receive a message you believe to be spam, please report the message and do not click on any links within the message. We appreciate everyone who has reported these messages so far and thank you for your patience as we resolve this issue. Thank you, FFG Moderator Team
  2. As this thread is in the main X-Wing forum, please bring the topic back to X-Wing. Thank you.
  3. Seeing as this topic has been discussed thoroughly and discussion is proving more combative than thoughtful, the thread is now locked.
  4. Greetings everyone! We have a few more updates regarding the Squad Builder that we want to share with you. First, the v1.0.4 mobile update was submitted to iTunes last week and will be rolling out along with the Android update as soon as it's approved. Changes in this version include: Added recurring charge icon to stats Addressed layout issue related to ship costs getting cut off Addressed issue in card database search that showed italic tags Fix for color on linked actions icon Layout improvements to iPhone X Minor bug fixes and stability improvements Additionally, other backend work has been underway, including investigation into account management and bugs related to saving squads. Some Android users have reported not being able to save their squads and our backend developers have been investigating this problem, which is likely related to the Asmodee.net account system. More details on this are coming soon. As always, we continue to work to improve the app experience based on the feedback you provide us. If you are experiencing any issues with the Squad Builder, please email xwingsquadbuilder@fantasyflightgames.com with your bug report. To better facilitate these reports, please explain the bug in as much detail as possible, including: Which version of the app the problem is occurring on (1.0.3, 1.0.4, etc) The form of the app the problem is occurring on (Mobile, web) The kind of device you are using (iPhone, Android, computer) Users who have trouble logging in should also send their asmodee.net username and the email address associated with that account. We will most likely not be able to individually respond to every message, but we will send the reports along to the dev team. Finally, we're happy to report that development on Wave II content is underway! We'll be adding support for the First Order and Resistance factions along with all the other content for the wave in mid-November. Keep checking back for more updates!
  5. Please see below for changes that have been made to both the mobile and web browser versions of the Squad Builder since launch. We will continue to post patch notes as we roll out further updates. Web / Backend Changelog 9-26-18 1.0.3 Fixed sorting of ships (by name) and upgrades (by descending cost) Fixed error when saving a squad containing a M3-A Interceptor with an upgrade equipped via Hardpoint Changed upgrade slot names to display one line per word Adjustments made to scroll bar behavior Fixed forum post formatting so it copies plain text without styles Added capability of translating ship sizes (small, medium, large) Fixed display order of update notes Fixed typo in render error dialog Fix to unique pilot • point not appearing in front of names Few small adjustments to pilot ability text applied Removed quotes from upgrades names in the upgrade list 1.0.2 Various fixes to PDF generation (proper version displaying, dynamic costs calculating, italic support in cards and ship types names) The squad name is now used to generate the PDF file name BBCode line breaks are now displaying correctly when copied and pasted to the FFG forums. 1.0.1 Game modes are now displaying pilot lists correctly Variable upgrade point costs are now working correctly Range values like (2-3) are now displaying correctly on upgrades Fixes to various Titles that add extra slots Sharing lists on FFG forums is fixed (HTML > BBCode) Mobile Changelog 9-26-18 1.0.3 Increased hit box input size for adding a pilot Layout improvements (including iPhone X) Enabled support for Custom Game Mode selections Fixed aspect ratio for ship images in detail view Fixed issue related to saving a squad with an empty name Updated Back button behavior in the Squad Builder Fixed text layouts in Card Database Fixed special slot handling after a squad is saved Italic font support added 1.0.2 Game modes are now displaying pilot lists correctly Italic style tags are no longer displayed Fixed bug related to double-tap input Upgrades are correctly adding and removing additional slots General layout improvements 1.0.1 Fix to web API that could cause crash on login 1.0 Initial release
  6. As is evident to many of you who excitedly booted up the X-Wing Squad Builder yesterday, its launch did not go as well as we hoped. Several critical features were either missing or non-functional, and we were just as dismayed by this fact as you all were—probably more so. Since then, we have been working more-or-less around the clock to address the Squad Builder’s technical issues, and with the latest update, the most critical issues have been fixed. That being said, the Squad Builder is still far from perfect. We will continue to listen to player feedback and monitor forums as we attempt to identify any unresolved issues and prioritize fixes. We are dedicated to providing you with the best possible Squad Builder experience, and you can expect to see immediate and regular updates to the website and mobile apps over the next several days. Thank you all for your passion and patience. -Fantasy Flight Games
  7. Hello everyone! We apologize for a confusing and stressful Tuesday morning. Some of the pre-orders through the FFG site for Lando's Millennium Falcon were canceled. Thankfully, we were able to restore the canceled orders so there's no need to re-place a pre-order. What follows is the most recent communication from our Sales Support department that was emailed to those affected. Again, if you have any questions, please call 855-382-8880 or email salessupport@asmodeena.com. Thank you.
  8. Hello X-Wing fans! After discussing the issue, we’ve decided to reinstate the Carolina Krayts Podcast thread to the main X-Wing forum page. Discussion about X-Wing (strategy, builds, etc.) is what the forums are for, and we want to encourage this. However, this decision comes with a caveat. Keep the discussion pertinent to X-Wing, and refrain from bumping this thread (including “I Agree” and trying to boost page count). If this thread cannot stay on-topic, it will be moved to Off-Topic permanently. Please remember that your posts not only reflect on you, but the community as a whole. Thank you, and happy flying.
  9. While there was some great discussion and debate here, it has run its course. This thread is now locked.
  10. Hello LanceFwug! Welcome to the forums. This is from our Customer Service team. For all users, the best and most reliable way to contact Customer Service is through that email. Thank you.
  11. As eggcellent as this thread is becoming, it's a sign the topic at hand is toast.
  12. Hello everyone! We're locking this thread as it has devolved into issues far from the original intent. Please try to remain on topic in the future.
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