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  1. jarvdawg

    The Big Destiny trade Thread

    Updated my trade list, big thing is that I now have 3x Force Lightning for trade. I don't play blue villain so I'd like to trade these out! You can check out my trade list on Page 9 or right here:
  2. jarvdawg

    The Big Destiny trade Thread

    Hello all, I am new to the forums but got into Destiny around January. I have some extra cards I am hoping to trade away. I can provide my eBay profile for legitimacy and I wouldn't mind shipping first if needed. Cards available: Legendaries 1x Director Krennic 1x Emperor Palpatine 2x Commanding Presence 3x Force Lightning Rares 2x Bala-Tik 2x Tusken Raider 2x Lone Operative 1x Personal Shield 1x Aurra Sing 1x Count Dooku 1x General Veers 1x Admiral Ackbar 2x Outpost 2x Diplomatic Immunity 2x E-Web Emplacement 1x A180 1x Ascension Gun Promos 1x Alt Art Jango promo from OP Q2 1x Alt Art Electroshock promo from OP Q2 Cards I'm interested in: 2x Force Speed (highest importance) 2x DH-17 Blaster 2x Jabba 1x Crime Lord Please feel free to PM me to work out any possible trades. I will update this with changes. Thank you!