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  1. IanSolo_FFG

    Wave 12 Wishlist

    Or what about a Grey jedi hero with two builds, one leading to the Dark side and another one that would lead to the Light side. Or you could mix up xp cards to earn powers from both sides. Maybe xp cards from the same side would synergize slightly better to encourage sticking with one side.
  2. IanSolo_FFG

    XP earned in each Bespin mission?

    Do you mean by that 1) you pay 2 strains in the same sequence and then proceeds to give an attack to another hero (or ally) and then to an ally (other hero) compared to 2) paying one strain to allow an ally to attack and then (for instance) seeing that the target survived, you pay an extra strain to allow another hero to attack? After False Order, when you spend 1 strain to let an ally or hero to attack, once the attack is done, are you still in the "after False Order" state? I'm not sure about that but my intuition would says no. Therefore, I feel 1) would be the correct approach. For example, you spend 1 strain to give another hero an attack and right away spend another strain to let an ally perform an attack. Then you proceed with both attacks one at a time. Is that what you meant?
  3. IanSolo_FFG

    Move X to attack <<Name Surname>>

    I house rule that an imperial figure will move until it has reach a space that guarantees it will "hit" from accuracy point of view. For example, a stormtrooper with its Blue-Green die has a minimum of 3 accuracy (2 from the blue die and 1 from the green die). Therefore, when the Stormtrooper is within 3 spaces of a target (assuming LOS obviously) and still has movement points, I do not move it closer and proceed with the attack. I also take into account built in accuracy, but not the one gained on a surge has it can be cancelled out by an evade or the dice roll might not produce any surge to trigger it.
  4. IanSolo_FFG

    Opinions on dialing this one back

    I have never played the mission (and I don't have it in front of me at the moment) but nerfing elite Stormtroopers (3 attacks) for an elite Death trooper (a single attack) seems like a big downgrade. Are there any leaders you might be able to activate with tactical comms to get back one possible extra attack? Also, removing the auto +4 accuracy sounds like you will need your DT to almost be adjacent to hit since red die doesn't have accuracy and yellow die is limited. Of course, you know your rebel players more than we do and this may be perfectly fine for them. Riot for RG is a swap I would be more comfortable with. You still get 2 possible attacks by activation. The stats downgrades should definitely help early-campaign rebels. Most importantly it's about having fun. If the changes bring the fun-factor level high enough for everyone to enjoy the mission then everyone win!
  5. IanSolo_FFG

    Just finished my first campaign...

    No I did not create a thread just for that. It is scattered across several threads. Mostly what I did back then is use FFG's actual missions then I try to link them with narratives. My campaign (still in progress) started with the Battle of Hoth followed by White Noise for which the narrative was changed to be a follow up mission of Battle of Hoth (White Noise was about the heroes protecting the Ion cannon control room while the transports were evacuating). Then I had a custom X-wing/IA mission that depicted the heroes transport being intercepted by a star destroyer. Heroes had to mess with the SD's laser cannons (on an IA map set up on an X-wing mat) while their x-wing escorts were trying to free their transport by destroying the tractor beam device. Next they stopped on Bespin to free Lando who gathered information on a secret imperial weapon (branching to Core/Weiss) while searching the crime lord that placed a bounty on Han and see if he could get from Cloud City nav computers the next destination of Fett's slave I ship (Branching to a chase-Boba-Fett-to-rescue-Han type of campaign. Final mission would have been a custom mission based on the Gall spaceport level from the Shadows of the Empire video game from the mid 90s). The cantina mini-mission discussed above was to open up a third branching leading the heroes into the Heart of the Empire. We are now at a point where my rebel heroes will have to decide what they'll do next (Go after Weiss, Fett or on Coruscant). Then, sometimes I was customizing the existing mission. For example, during the Bespin's mission, when the heroes freed Lando, the Wing Guards, defected the Empire's side to fight along with Lando, for the good old time.
  6. IanSolo_FFG

    Just finished my first campaign...

    Yeah I tend to repeat myself on this board about my customization of the game... geez I hope it's not a sign that I'm getting old
  7. IanSolo_FFG

    Just finished my first campaign...

    Exactly how I approach the campaign mode with my group of rebel players (friends). I had a bit more experience when we started and I was constantly helping them on their best options (some sort of Agent Kallus I would say ). It was not about who win and who loose. If we all had fun then everyone win in my opinion. Again, we're on the same page! I avoid snowtroopers on desert maps and ugnaughts on a star destroyer bridge! Also, speaking of thematic, during one mission on Tatooine, one of my friend had noted that it was somehow a bit weird that Tusken raiders were aligned with the Empire. I took note and during a mission on an icy planet, I deployed (free of threat) a Wampa at some point but with a house rule mechanic that had the Wampa activates first at the start of each round and it would randomly go after figures, no matter their allegiance. You have cool ideas! Our group has followed the Twin Shadows mini-campaign and once we were done with it, we jumped into the Return to Hoth campaign. However, I decided to customize the campaign by taking missions from various campaign and try to link them thematically. The concept of earning allies/vilains via side missions is therefore not something that I use. Sometimes, I start a mission by letting them select whoever they want while I secretly adjust by including a vilain that will (thematically) show up. Other times, I impose them a character (I had a mission where Luke showed up even though he was not planed in the original mission. I personally thought it was thematic for him to appear during the mission). As a compensation, I gave myself a "battle damaged" AT-ST. It was the first time my players played Luke and faced an AT-ST. It was enjoyable! Another example was when I created a cantina map that was to serve for the between mission upgrade stage (Tried to make it more similar to RPG. They could decide to visit various sellers in the cantina with each seller having their own stock, there was also a few bounty hunter for hire for their next mission as long as they would pay the credits). At some point, I told them that blaster shots were heard at the other side of the cantina. A Jedi (Davith who was not one of my rebel players heroes) showed up chased by Kayn Somos and stromtrooper squads as well as the Grand Inquisitor. They had to decide if they'd wanted to help him or just go their way leaving the Jedi to his own faith. The "reward" of saving Davith was ... (some light Heart of the Empire spoiler) I do like to customize the missions/campaign and like to read about others to! Keep us posted on your custom campaign! By "Upgraded characters persist through campaigns.", if you mean by that they ONLY retain their reward card from their side mission to avoid re-doing the same mission over to get Diala's lightsaber for isntance, I think it can work, but otherwise I would advice against leaving a hero full equipped (weapons with mods as well as xp cards) starts a new campaign. He'd be way too powerful for the opposition without counting that he would (presumably?) still upgrade after each mission. I have tried a fixed character once (Darth Vader!) and he was brutal! I must say that I forced Vader in with a few rounds left in the mission (again because I thought it made sense to see Vader shows up in the mission *thematic*). It didn't prevent the rebels from winning the mission, and I did not intend to bring Vader to win the mission, but more to implant in their head a feeling of fear ... something like Vader is the ultimate bad guy and they should fear him if they ever encounter him in a boss fight. But yeah, Driven by Hatred was very powerful with the extra end of round attack! As long as you and your friends are comfortable with house rules, there is no limit really! Heck you could even play the game like we used to play with our action figures as kids if you'd all agreed on such a house rule
  8. New campaign stories (books with maybe new tiles for different maps but not necessarily with new plastic figures) could also be something I would have interest in. It sure is interesting at the moment to re-visit JR's through the app with new maps even if the big picture plot is similar to the physical campaign. For instance I'm sure it would be fun to see a second TS campaign turning around Boba Fett as the main villain, or revisiting the Heart of The Empire with a new story involving the RGC (I was actually surprised that he was left out of the HotE campaign). One drawback of this approach is that skirmish players would feel left out of this.
  9. IanSolo_FFG

    Updated Rebel Sab and Royal Guard cards

    I forwarded a request to FFG customer service about the possibility to acquire the updated cards (Officer, RG and rebel saboteurs) and I got a negative answer : Game Title: Imperial Assault Component type: Cards Details: Can you/Do you provide replacement cards for Imperial Officers, Royal guards and Rebel Saboteurs? I bought the game before these cards received fixes. Thanks! Status for this item: Closed Status details: Thank you for contacting us; unfortunately we do not service for changes made to our printings, editions or errata of our products. Thank you! So it appears unless you are a skirmish player that attended the events where the fixed cards were provided, FFG does not have other plans to allow other players (mostly campaign players I suppose) to get a copy of those cards.
  10. It is quite possible. I find "balanced mission" to be a highly difficult concept to achieve. What is a balanced mission? A mission that can be equally won by both sides? Well what if the rebel players have more experience than the imperial player? Should we say that a balanced mission is a mission that two equally experienced sides can equally win? But then, how will an experienced rebel player groups using some of the worst heroes (Biv and Saska comes to mind) perform against an experienced imperial player using one of the best imperial class deck available? Can we still talk about a balanced mission? And what if the rebel players are playing the mission for a second time? With the elements of surprise gone, it must give the rebel players an edge over the imperial player ... I don't think it is lazy game design but a consequence of an expanding game. With more than 20 heroes, many imperial class decks, tones of Agenda cards and so many weapons and mods it seems like an impossible task to take into account each and every possible combinations that could break a mission. I have no doubt that FFG is putting efforts into balancing missions but with the knowledge that someone might come up with a crazy combo that will often turn the tide to one side, or that an experienced imperial player will roll over new rebel players or that rebel players playing the same mission a second time will gain a significant advantage, etc.
  11. IanSolo_FFG

    Wave 12 Wishlist

    Exactly! Obi-Wan is such an example. He's not a rebel by any means, not accounting for the fact that from a time period point of view (which have been relaxed by FFG since then) Obi-Wan being brought as an ally during Jedi Luke's mission would make no sense at all. Still we have him. It could therefore make sense if FFG ever release Rogue One content to be part of an ally/villain wave not related to any box, just like the Obi-Wan/Greedo/Inquisitor wave. Side missions like the one you are proposing would just be fine IMO.
  12. IanSolo_FFG

    How does Return to Hoth hold up now?

    I actually thought it was pretty cool that we get a mission linked to ESB movie. Thematically it's the closest we've been from canon point of view without messing with it and I personally think it was a great move.
  13. I had no idea. I'm no skirmish player and I admit I was "assuming" so from kits and prizes articles FFG publishes from time to time. I exclusively play campaign (original/app) and to me, I see Legion as possibility to acquire figures in order to vary my IA figure poses. Well at least I'll risk saying that if there is a positive side to all that it could be that I made you laugh on a sad situation. That's 6 months now without actually knowing what's going on, geez!!
  14. Agreed! I too, think they are different games. However, they do share at least one thing. They both have a competitive mode fully supported by FFG with tournaments. Before Legion, there was no question to ask yourself. As a new player who wanted to dive in a competitive star wars game with cool miniatures and attend tournaments, the answer was Imperial Assault. Now if you ask yourself the same question, it's less straight forward. With the rise of Legion, I suppose it coincided with IA receiving less attention (Time between expansion releases increased) since (I assume) some of IA developpment ressources were moved to Legion developpment department, and I suppose people started to fear that could be the downfall of IA. That could have contributed to the IA vs Legion. But we've since received 2 app campaigns and a new (small) box. So I think we're ok!