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  1. IanSolo_FFG

    Need more content

    Well we never got any article or news when FFG released their app updates (2 or 3 since the initial release in December 2017), including the update that allowed the inclusion of allies and villains from expansions (which could be qualified as a significant update). Although, I would guess a new app driven campaign should at least be announced as it is a major app update.
  2. Yeah, back then I guess just a blank page announcement with the title : "Star Wars IA, we're working on it!" would have been satisfactory ...
  3. IanSolo_FFG

    Higher Difficulty?

    I was playing the second mission of the app last night on hard difficulty and I got my behind served to me on a silver plate big time! Mission and app version of General Sorin spoilers
  4. IanSolo_FFG

    An ominous figure emerges from the jungle...

    I'm also doing a second play through. I got snowtroopers deployed on Yavin (first mission). Somehow I was fine with it since besides Return to Hoth these are units that rarely see play time on my table. Later on, the ominous figure was Agent Blaise. Made sense since the the imperials are rushing Yavin to take out some rebels. In the second mission, I got more snowtroopers (must be winter time on Ord Mantell) and this time the ominous figure deployed was General Sorin. Considering he was deployed among imperial units, again I thought it made sense. This second mission clearly shows that the app can distinguish between merc and imperial symbol figures. For instance, when one of the door opens, the figures deployed inside the chamber are always mercenaries, while later on, when the tokens are flipped on the rebel sides, figures being deployed next to the shuttle are always imperial symbol figures. For a thematic flavor, the ominous figure deployment should also be restricted to merc or imperial depending on the context. For example, in the first mission on Yavin, it would be thematic if the ominous figure was always an imperial symbol figure. Some bounty hunters could make sense, but I'd be happy with just a restriction based on the symbol on the deployment card. Some have reported Jabba being deployed during the Yavin mission, which can be a let down from a thematic point of view.
  5. IanSolo_FFG

    Are all villains earned?

    I guess it depends on who "sacrificed" itself for the cause. "Canon-wise", the loss of Vader and Palpatine clearly signed the decline of the Empire. I would doubt imperials were inspired about those losses.
  6. IanSolo_FFG

    Higher Difficulty?

    Re-played the first mission of the app last night on hard difficulty.
  7. That is not false. They made skrimish players and especially those interested in the rebel faction only, pay for a big box expansion to get Han and Chewie's fix after all. But these examples are for skirmish only. If the forms are compatible with campaign (and I don't see why they would not be) that would be unprecedented. I really like the idea though.
  8. That would be great, but I doubt they would include cross-expansion components in ToL. After all you would need HotE to play them. Not everyone will have both expansions I guess although a "completionist" (is that even a word?! ) might want to buy both to take full advantage of the rebels theme (sentry droids, AT-DP, Ahsoka, Maul)
  9. My guess : A class deck like Nemeses would let you earn Blaise right from the start. Other class deck like military might, you need to pick the agenda card of Blaise, then you need to have enough influence points to afford it, then you have to win that mission. It's a lot of "IF".
  10. IanSolo_FFG

    6 months in now...

    You have a very good point about the X-wing app taking away resources from IA ... sadly. After reading your comment, birds don't talk to me anymore. Back to reality I guess
  11. Ok, it's NOT Friday, soooo who will we NOT see spoiled today?!?!. My guess goes to Borsk Fey'lya, chancellor of the "Legend" version of the post Battle of Endor New Republic!!
  12. IanSolo_FFG

    6 months in now...

    I may be a dreamer, but I hope the long wait is due to FFG catching up with their existing expansions such that when we get an announcement they will be releasing app campaigns for TS, RtH, BG, JR and HotE all together ... yeah I know I live in a "Walt Disney world" where birds and squirrels talk to me when I clean up the house and Mickey Mouse rules the Empire ...
  13. I'd also like to see allies built-in (either regualr or app) missions too. Let's say you start a mission outside a cantina and the objective is to meet a contact inside it. Once you enter the cantina, you find out Zeb is your contact and he's busy dealing with some Stormtroopers and Deathtroopers! Now your objective is to clear the room and then interact with Zeb to get the information you were seeking for to progress you mission. Zeb may then stay with the hero crew for the rest of the mission as an ally. Or he could thank you for your help and stay behind to cover your escape. Then later in the same mission you could receive help from Sabine who shows up at a crucial moment. Could be an interesting way to include as many allies as possible within the campaign. Or instead of Zeb or Sabine, the mission rule could say something like once you enter the cantina, you see a familiar face fighting imperials. Rebels may use a unique ally that is worth no more than X threat. That would allow us to use Hera or chopper during the campaign without FFG having to cross their "non written" rule of no expansion crossover (there can only be 2 ... the Core box components and the expansion box components, no more no less
  14. I am intrigued by that as well. 4 unique allies in a 6-mission campaign sounds like a lot, considering past campaign histories (built in mission scenario allies have never showed up in every missions). Add on top of that Hera and Chopper (yes they are from a completely different wave, I wonder if FFG will have come up with a mechanic for that since "small" campaigns do not usually allow inclusion of side missions) and we have potentially 6 unique allies that could fit the campaign. Maybe it hints at a (separate and different) app campaign coming along with the box, both being themed with Lothal! That would be great! All 3 official ways of playing the game (1 vs 1-2-3-4 campaign, App campaign and skirmish) released at the same time!