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  1. IanSolo_FFG

    Jabba's Realm now live!

    Version 1.4 is apparently available now
  2. IanSolo_FFG

    Humor and Drama in Campaigns

    Because they are Finn's relatives?? 😉
  3. IanSolo_FFG

    SW: IA - APP - Bug Report

    I'm part of the band too (Android tablet). This happened to me after completing the first mission (save slot #2). I had selected the Normal difficulty mode. I restarted a new campaign in a different save slot (#5) on hard mode and I immediately selected surrender. Then everything worked fine. On the galaxy map, I could select Tatooine, the armory displayed weapons and upgrades for me to select and purchase and I was able to upgrade my heroes' XP. I deleted all the campaign saved games and restarted one on normal difficulty mode in slot #5. Then I replayed the mission and it worked fine after that.
  4. IanSolo_FFG

    Fun little details it took forever to notice

    Look for tile 09-B (09-A has the crashed snowspeeder on it) Or have a look at @a1bert PBF White Noise map setup (lower right tile) K12 to N14. You can actually see the gates of the enclosure are open.
  5. IanSolo_FFG

    Legends of the Alliance Wishlist

    Welcome to the Imperial Circus!
  6. KOTOR or CW all sound cool, but it probably means a new core set. For skirmish it would definitely works as time period is not an issue but for campaign I don't see that happening (even if time period has been dropped by FFG). There are people around (I once was one of them) who complains the app spawns Wampas on desert tiles, can you imagine how they would react to play against an Empire player (even that terminology would have to change for an new era) or an app that deploys Darth Malak with Emperor Palpatine? Or grant the rebel players Carth Onasi to fight the Royal Guard Champion? They could definitely release a new core set based on a different era (like X-Wing did with their Force Awakens second core) that would be fully compatible with the original trilogy Core set when it comes to skirmish play. However, for campaign mode, I see it as a new beginning. New stories and new characters based on the time period selected that will most likely not be compatible with the original trilogy stuff. Otherwise, even if not cannon, I suspect the "Mouse" would not approve the mix of eras for campaign mode.
  7. IanSolo_FFG

    Fun little details it took forever to notice

    It's one of my friend who made me realize that RtH has tiles representing a Tautaun enclosure.
  8. IanSolo_FFG

    Fun little details it took forever to notice

    Of course, everytime Jabba was in a scene we all assume who you were looking at *cough Slave-Leia *cough
  9. IanSolo_FFG

    App rules updated

    Yes I did. The galaxy was no so far away, but I guess it was a long time ago ... long enough for me to momentary forget about that.
  10. IanSolo_FFG

    App rules updated

    True. The rules also mention imperial affiliated figure. So there might be more, or they are just preparing terrain for upcoming expansions.
  11. IanSolo_FFG

    Higher Difficulty?

    I like that the app missions (most of them) do not have a round timer. I think the peril were introduced to prevent the Rebels taking too much time. Instead, or on top of peril effects, I'd like the app to somehow compensate by sending more and more troops. It would thematically make sense that the slower you progress the more organized become the Empire, and therefore the more time they have to send troops. Maybe for that matter the app could have some sort of hidden rounder timer to trigger this effect. Say the mission progresses once you open a door. You kill all the enemies and take your time resting, opening crates, etc. Then if X rounds pass before you open the door, then the app sends troops after troops after troops until you open that **** door! Then it goes back to its original programming, unltil you go back to your slow progression pace again.
  12. IanSolo_FFG

    App rules updated

    A very interesting addition under ALLIES on page 21 : "• If the players gain an ally that has the Imperial or Mercenary affiliation, that ally loses that affiliation and is considered a Rebel for as long as it is an ally" So I imagine some infamous bounty hunter might join the rebel crew for certain mission!
  13. IanSolo_FFG

    Fun little details it took forever to notice

    😲 No way!!! That's pretty cool! That's a pretty big "time period" commitment even if the Time period concept was dropped.
  14. IanSolo_FFG

    Higher Difficulty?

    I might be wrong, but it's hard to imagine it will be different considering the app does not know where the heroes and its own units are located on the map. In a sense it does a good job when, for example, activating units to attack the hero that activated last, since the hero can't rest to use a medpack during this round and this tactic can increase the chances it gets wounded if they focus on it. On the top of my head, boosting unit health, swarming heroes with lots of threat on a regular round intervals, providing bonuses to imperial units when they activate, the peril system are a few options they could implement/have already implemented in the app to compensate that the app has no clue regarding figure positioning. But again, I'd like to be proven wrong.
  15. IanSolo_FFG

    Legends of the Alliance Wishlist

    I'd say scary too!