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  1. It’s slightly larger. But not game breaker... at least in my opinion....
  2. Absolutely! I do not play Legion at all, but I thought the minis were very well sculpted! Here are a triplets of elite Stormtroopers who ditched Legion and joined the fun in IA!! I may be a bit extreme, but I grind Legion bases so they are the same height as the ones in IA. Therefore the "scaling issues" (which is not a real issue for me) is less important.
  3. Crates were also present in the Shadows of the Empire video game for Nintendo 64 console back in the mid-90s
  4. I imagine nothing would stop you from trying out. You could use for instance Jedi Luke with a few command cards (to compensate for XP) and spend the credits on equipment like combat coat, portable medkit, ect It could work ...
  5. Return to Hoth campaign starts right during the first part of the Empire Strikes Back movie and to me I thought it was very well thought! As we played the mission we could imagine that Luke was flying his snowspeeder at the same time to bring down the AT-ATs while Han and Leia were trying to escape Echo base! That was incredible immersion for us! And now each time I watch the Battle of Hoth, I think of the hero crews that are fighting somewhere off screen!! Personaly I would have loved to have more of these missions that ties in with the movies .. anotehr example is the Threat mission about the heroes assisting Chewie in tracking smoe bounty hunters that might have information about frozen Han. This is great as when you watch Return of the Jedi, if you ever played that mission, you can imagine that the heroes contributed somehow to "help free" Solo!
  6. I once bought a chess game. Mind you not a single expansion was never released and I still play it from time to time. So yeah IA is still alive at home!!! It actualy going to hit the table no later than this Friday as my friends are coming over to keep our custom campaign moving on!!!
  7. Have a couple of bounty hunters on the map. The heroes can interact with them. They could pay a certain amount of credits to gain them as an ally for the next mission without increasing the threat. You could even do something like how Obi-Wan hired Han Solo in ANH. The heroes pay X credits before the mission with the promise of paying an extra amount of Y credits after the mission. Then the heroes could decide not to pay the promised Y credits after the mission, but then the imperial player could spawn the bounty hunter for free (or at a threat discount) during an upcoming mission. For the upgrade stage, have 2 or 3 sellers selling different stuff that the heroes can visit. Maybe it's Saska Teft (should be avaliable ... who plays with her anyway 😉), the Alliance "official" trader who will sell random stuff at the price printed on the card. Maybe it's an ex-imperial officer who will sell exclusively imperial tech (you could even but some higher tier weapons in it to have your heroes drooling) but at a higher price than the one printed on the card. Then the heroes can try to lower the price by bargaining with the officer (insight test) or by intimidating him (strength test). Maybe the Imperial officer is standing next to a malfunctioning astromech droid and the heroes can offer to have a look at it in order to help fixing (tech test) resulting in the heroes gaining the officer's trust and hence lowering the cost of the weapons for sell. The discount could be based on how many successes. Maybe at some point, the heroes hear noises coming from outside the cantina. It appears 2 full squads of stormtroopers led by Kayn Somos are pursuing a Jedi ... could be Ahsoka Tano ... and there is a Grand Inquisitor too! Will the heroes join the fight (in which case if Ahsoka survives, the heroes could earn her as an ally for free or at a lower cost for an upcoming mission) or will they leave the jedi to her own faith? If they decide to fight, during the skirmish, any damage suffered AFTER a hero has been wounded could carry over for the next mission. So joining the fight could have consequences. Or maybe there are a number of npc to talk to that will determine which side missions the heroes can attempt next (instead of randomly drawing side mission cards)
  8. Or what about a Grey jedi hero with two builds, one leading to the Dark side and another one that would lead to the Light side. Or you could mix up xp cards to earn powers from both sides. Maybe xp cards from the same side would synergize slightly better to encourage sticking with one side.
  9. Do you mean by that 1) you pay 2 strains in the same sequence and then proceeds to give an attack to another hero (or ally) and then to an ally (other hero) compared to 2) paying one strain to allow an ally to attack and then (for instance) seeing that the target survived, you pay an extra strain to allow another hero to attack? After False Order, when you spend 1 strain to let an ally or hero to attack, once the attack is done, are you still in the "after False Order" state? I'm not sure about that but my intuition would says no. Therefore, I feel 1) would be the correct approach. For example, you spend 1 strain to give another hero an attack and right away spend another strain to let an ally perform an attack. Then you proceed with both attacks one at a time. Is that what you meant?
  10. I house rule that an imperial figure will move until it has reach a space that guarantees it will "hit" from accuracy point of view. For example, a stormtrooper with its Blue-Green die has a minimum of 3 accuracy (2 from the blue die and 1 from the green die). Therefore, when the Stormtrooper is within 3 spaces of a target (assuming LOS obviously) and still has movement points, I do not move it closer and proceed with the attack. I also take into account built in accuracy, but not the one gained on a surge has it can be cancelled out by an evade or the dice roll might not produce any surge to trigger it.
  11. I have never played the mission (and I don't have it in front of me at the moment) but nerfing elite Stormtroopers (3 attacks) for an elite Death trooper (a single attack) seems like a big downgrade. Are there any leaders you might be able to activate with tactical comms to get back one possible extra attack? Also, removing the auto +4 accuracy sounds like you will need your DT to almost be adjacent to hit since red die doesn't have accuracy and yellow die is limited. Of course, you know your rebel players more than we do and this may be perfectly fine for them. Riot for RG is a swap I would be more comfortable with. You still get 2 possible attacks by activation. The stats downgrades should definitely help early-campaign rebels. Most importantly it's about having fun. If the changes bring the fun-factor level high enough for everyone to enjoy the mission then everyone win!
  12. No I did not create a thread just for that. It is scattered across several threads. Mostly what I did back then is use FFG's actual missions then I try to link them with narratives. My campaign (still in progress) started with the Battle of Hoth followed by White Noise for which the narrative was changed to be a follow up mission of Battle of Hoth (White Noise was about the heroes protecting the Ion cannon control room while the transports were evacuating). Then I had a custom X-wing/IA mission that depicted the heroes transport being intercepted by a star destroyer. Heroes had to mess with the SD's laser cannons (on an IA map set up on an X-wing mat) while their x-wing escorts were trying to free their transport by destroying the tractor beam device. Next they stopped on Bespin to free Lando who gathered information on a secret imperial weapon (branching to Core/Weiss) while searching the crime lord that placed a bounty on Han and see if he could get from Cloud City nav computers the next destination of Fett's slave I ship (Branching to a chase-Boba-Fett-to-rescue-Han type of campaign. Final mission would have been a custom mission based on the Gall spaceport level from the Shadows of the Empire video game from the mid 90s). The cantina mini-mission discussed above was to open up a third branching leading the heroes into the Heart of the Empire. We are now at a point where my rebel heroes will have to decide what they'll do next (Go after Weiss, Fett or on Coruscant). Then, sometimes I was customizing the existing mission. For example, during the Bespin's mission, when the heroes freed Lando, the Wing Guards, defected the Empire's side to fight along with Lando, for the good old time.
  13. Yeah I tend to repeat myself on this board about my customization of the game... geez I hope it's not a sign that I'm getting old
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