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  1. Thanks for the information. That’s how we played it as it makes the most sense.
  2. You are correct. Only base game. Thanks for all the help. All of it makes sense.
  3. Let’s say a monster is in the village because of something or other. Do you fight the monster THEN do the stuff in the village. Or do you fight the monster and that’s it until he’s gone or you are defeated? Thanks.
  4. Thanks so much for those answers. I agree with each of them from my continued reading on this forum. Very helpful. Thanks. A couple more clarifications please. 1. In an attack, whether a player or monster, all adjustments to the roll have to come before the roll, correct? Except for a spell or something that says “at ANY time” it could be used. Is that right? 2. Armor/helmet etc. can only block damage from a battle. Not a craft attack and not an attack from the crown of command. Is that right? 3. How many weapons/armor can one character have on/use? Thanks so much!
  5. Hey, Played the basic game with my kids and we all loved it. But lots of rule-diving. Some questions on the ghoul. For raising and taking followers, can I only take monsters with a “strength” as a follower? I’ve done a lot of reading since playing. Or can I take any enemy I defeat as a follower, but only use the followers with “strength” to add to a battle? And if I happen to fight something that uses craft, could I use a follower’s craft (that I raised) in that enounter? I’m guessing no as the Ghoul card only says “strength”. Inevitably the ghoul gets killed, as he’s so weak anyway. Do his undead followers stay in the space for the next person and follow that character? Or do they become something the next character has to fight? Or do they just go to the discard as they were only followers raised by the Ghoul? I’m guessing that one. And it’d be the same if the ghoul becomes a toad? Lastly, and this one we botched and was pretty easy from my reading since playing I’m guessing. Game setup. Ghoul says 4 life. I put up 4 life counters. 4 fate, I put up 4 fate counters. 1 gold everyone starts with. Is that it? Or do I put up 2 strength counters on the other side, effectively making him 4 strength? Same with craft? Or do those counters only come on when an encounter says to change or handing in trophies? Thanks for the help. This forum is a great resource and most all of my questions have been answered. Just asking these few so that my kids believe me for next time. :)
  6. Thanks so much for your answer. It really helps. I'm sure I'll have more questions then next time we play. Most of the time is taken up at the start of the round, playing the rebels, trying to form a strategy each round for the constantly changing cards in my hand. That and arguing about rulings. How about setup? Does the game always have to be setup that way or can it be done differently? I'm still trying to figure out where to go and which way to build. And I constantly screw up my strategy even as the round unfolds. Thanks for the help!
  7. Second time through, only 4.5 hours this time. A lot less questions, but we were both playing the same teams. I'm the rebels. The main disagreement this time was around the millennium falcon ring. How and when does that get played? I do a mission of Wookie Uprising with chewbacca and succeed. He's in kashyk. He then plays Vader to capture Chewy. I bring in Leia to oppose. So I have leia and chewy there. I have the "action card" that allows the falcon ring. Since chewy is on the action card, can I then put the falcon ring on chewy? Then when he fails his roll and gets captured, take the ring off and go free? I guess I don't get it and am likely misremembering some of the details. Thanks for any help.
  8. Wow. Great job! What brushes and where do you get them and the paint? It'd be fabulous to play a game with those. Just awesome.
  9. Thanks so much! I figure we were playing a lot of it wrong. I found the reference at the back of the rules only after I posted. I had the reference book, my son the rule book. He didn't tell me until AFTER we played that there is that flow chart on the back of the rules. Kids. Would have saved a lot of time. So damage is cumulative, which makes sense. Where is that spelled out in the rules? The Death Star plans card only says "If you have at least 1 fighter". Since the calamari ship can "fight" that's what we assumed. It should be more specific, unless the definition of "fighter" is somewhere, but it's also in line with the movie. We played a lot wrong and did a lot of arguing. The next time will be much quicker, and likely more FUN. Thanks for for the clarifications!
  10. Hey. I got my son Rebellion for his birthday. Yesterday we tried to play. This game was near impossible for us due to all the reading and having to look every phase up over and over. Then arguing about what each can and can't do for combat etc. We played for NINE hours and had to quit because it was 11PM on a school night. Does anyone have a streamlined reference for playing? That reference book is almost dog-eared after one game because of having to look everything up over and over. Also, a couple of questions if you have the time..... When there is going to be combat, and the opponent chooses not to send in a hero to oppose, do they still get to pick up air/ground tactic cards when the light sabers are rolled? We ended up playing it that yes you do, but it didn't make any sense to me. I send in a hero and draw two air and one ground card. He chooses not to send a hero. So now I have 3 cards to his none. Then he rolls 2 light sabers and takes 2 cards. Why? He doesn't have a "commander" to play those cards. Who is doing the assessment for the strategy part of the battle? A tie fighter pilot? I understand it may be "the player" making the decisions, but logically, these are tactic cards. I have my hero in the battle organizing strategy and calling tactics. He's got nobody but the mythical "eye in the sky" which the player is. Didn't make sense to me. Also, when pulling action cards and there are 2 heros on the card, are both auto-activated to your pool at that time then? Thanks for your time. We really struggled with any kind of "strategy" in this game. I managed a grand total of one sabotage and only because it wasn't contested. Being a FIST mission, the rebels are crazy weak. Most of the time I was rolling one or two dice vs. 2 or 3 dice when contested and lose all ties. Ugh. Lastly, sorry. One last question. He destroyed a world with his Death Star. It was the only thing in the system. I had the "destroy Death Star" objective card and moved my mon calamari ship into the system for a battle. Every time he rolled his 4 red dice, didn't do 4 damage, so I was able to shake my 3 dice to try to destroy it. Then we repeated and repeated and repeated until I finally destroyed his Death Star. Is damage to a unit cumulative? So if he hits my ship for 2 damage, does that mean the next turn I can only take 2 more damage or does all damage need to be done in one turn? And, can units take more damage than the health they have? That is, if 3 ground troops attack one ground troop and do 3 damage, is that one ground troop at -2 health, or can he only take ONE damage, as that's his health, so I can then play a tactic card to block ONE damage and keep him alive? Thanks and sorry for the LONG first post.
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