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  1. Well, I submitted it and got a response within 12 hours! It is indeed a typo that they will correct in future printings.
  2. The "Weapons of Traditions" callout on pg 54 I think answers this. A "starting Jedi character" can use 2500cr of their starting credits to be granted a lightsaber "of any type". This would apply the Heroic Jedi's starting 9,000cr, would it not?
  3. I didn't see this posted, but the Jedi Palawan tree's last row has the talent "Sincerest Flattery". It is marked as only costing 15xp. Typo?
  4. This was my thought, too, but I can't find any rules that make this clear.
  5. My apologies if this has already been asked and answered, but my searches have not been successful. This question could possibly apply to other powers, too, but Farsight is the one that I'm currently confused about. Question: If a PC wants to activate Farsight: Control "Spend FORCEPOINT to see through a single object at medium range as though it were transparent", how many pips total would that require the PC use? Would it be 2 total (to first activate the Basic Power and then the Control Upgrade), or would it be just 1 total (to activate just the Control upgrade)? Same question would apply to the other two similar Control upgrades: See Fine Details and See Microscopic Details.
  6. It would be so poetic if the sequel hit shelves before its predecessor does!
  7. OggDude's is definitely generating business for FFG. When I was introduced to the game, I was just going to use my GM's books. I found this app, though, and it really fueled my interest in the game, to the point where I couldn't wait to borrow books, so started buying all of them for my own. OggDudes is great so that I don't have to do character sheets manually.
  8. Maybe someone can work on a utility that will transfer an OggDude character XML into SWSheets....
  9. I'd like to be a player in a campaign that you GM, and get a first-hand experience in how that is implemented. I like Force user characters, but I feel that Morality is not utilized properly by GMs or players.
  10. It might be in the FAQ or help section, but here you go: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/89135-another-character-generator/ Dice and Symbols: [ABILITY] [ADVANTAGE] [BOOST] [CHALLENGE] [DARK] [DESPAIR] [DIFFICULTY] [FAILURE] [FORCE] [FORCEPOINT] [LIGHT] [PROFICIENCY] [SETBACK] [SUCCESS] [THREAT] [TRIUMPH] Other tags: [B] [b] Bold on/off [I] [i] Italics on/off [H1] [h1] Header 1 on/off (large blue/gray header) [H2] [h2] Header 2 on/off (dark brown header) [H3] [h3] Header 3 on/off (olive right-justified header) [H4] [h4] Header 4 on/off (smaller lighter brown header) [P] New paragraph [BR] Break/new line [S] [s] Small text (such as for talents) [T] [t] Talent text for the character sheet [TA] [ta] Talent text for alternative lines (lt brown background) [W] [w] Weapon text for the character sheet [WA] [wa] Weapon text for alternative lines (lt brown background) Plus, you can put in HTML if you want, as I'm rendering descriptive text using web browser controls using an embedded style sheet.
  11. Hmm, good point. I focus mainly on the character building stuff, like talents, powers, trees, species, etc.
  12. Until you get so far behind that trying to catch up seems like too much to do, so you hope an update will come out soon and catch you up (at least partly). At least, that's me. Disciples of Harmony was indeed the latest book added to the generator. I've got DoR and UP sitting on my desk, taunting me. I may break down and start doing some data entry...unless someone already has some data files ready to go....
  13. Can you give an example of a species that has 3?
  14. So, Klaatoinian? Is there a species that already exists that has what you're looking for, except not as many choices?
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