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  1. You’ve understood the point of the variant perfectly. The criticism of the solitaire rules is that you can have dreadfully bad luck and lose the game through no fault of your own. I have the found the variant to work well so far...I do play against all three instances of a Villain though! Metagame I think of a hero defeat as being the end of a comic (rather than the end of the game) and beating each level of a hero is also the end of a comic...so the challenge would be to beat the Villain within three issues.
  2. This variant is to address the “swingyness” of solitaire and I believe adds to the story logic of all comics...that is, heroes suffer setbacks but always come back to try again. Solitaire Variant Rules When you would lose the game, immediately refresh all characters. Heal all damage on all characters. Replenish upgrades etc. Remove all Threat from Main Scheme and discard all other Encounter cards except Villain and cards attached to Villain, and Nemesis and Nemesis Side Scheme if in play. Add one Threat to the Main Scheme and add one Expert card to the Encounter deck. Re-start the game.
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