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  1. Thank you for answers. Now I see how it must work. Thanks for all!)
  2. Thank you guys for answers. I wrote to the FFG support too, maybe they can give us official answer that we will use. Main question for me was about Infestation card, because if for term "continuous path" we define it like "line of sight" it makes a situation, when some portals can't be flipped up. So why I must use this card? I have assault or horde cards which is much better.
  3. Hello Doom fans! I bought this game a month ago and after tutorial and first mission I have some ( maybe silly ) questions: 1) If marine uses Chainsaw card to reduce staggered value by 3 - can he make Glory Kill on Imps which do not suffered damage? Their base staggered value is `1, and by Chainsaw card its reduced to 0. 2) Infestation deploy card says - "When a marine opens the door: Each portal token that the marine can trace a continuous path of adjancent spaces to ( i.e. each portal token that is not separated from the marine by blocking terrain, walls, or doors ) is flipped faceup. Then, invader summons from each faceup portal. At the end of that marine activation shuffle 1 invader card to initiave deck " - so I have question for this card. First - what does mean "a continuous path of adjancent spaces to"? It's line of sight? Or I just count spaces to the portals. When I play first mision in Black Bishop Operation, I have 3 non-active portals becasue they havent line of sight from the door. Second question - when I summon demons from portal, I put figures on the map after marine finish his activation or when he opens the door. Third question - If I have few iniative cards in iniative deck, I shuffle new invaver cards with non-covered iniative cards that was on setup?
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