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  1. Question: Hello, There are several beautiful maps in the Realms of Terrinoth book - however there is nothing by which to judge scale. Is there any sort of scale available so that rough distances can be determined? Answer: Hi Josh! We imagine Terrinoth (page 139) around 250 leagues across at its widest point (roughly 900 miles). Travel time in days is likely more an issue, and our benchmark is 5 leagues per day on foot on average. It probably would take 7 or so weeks to cross it on foot (3-4 on horseback), and several days to travel from Tamalir to Greyhaven that way. This is something the GM can change, though, to best fit the game and the plot. One GM might have Terrinoth as big as the US, another the size of Europe, a third eh size of France. And all are perfectly fine. We’re discussing this here and may add some guidance along these lines either in a reprint or online. It’s a great question and thanks for bringing it up Josh!
  2. In terms of Genesys I think it'd work better if your powers used strain the same way magic does. Each power would have its own set of actions (for steel pushing for example, you could have attack (coin shots), augment (narrate pushing on the wall behind them when lunging), barrier (narrate pushing on an attackers sword to defend), etc etc. Then when they get low on strain, use "vials" as a "painkiller" but for strain instead. it plays more into the narrative system that genesys has perhaps the only change i'd make, is because "flaring" metals is a big part of it - is make it so that you burn strain equal to the difficulty instead of a flat 2
  3. i feel like that will be entirely narrative. you'll simply ask the GM - "is the NPC aware that I'm here and that i'm a threat to him?" - if the answer is no, backstab!
  4. saethone

    Map scale

    I asked FFG about this - here's a link to their reply
  5. Hey everybody - I've created a basic style sheet explaining how to use the Terrinoth GM Binder and could use some more testers to see if i messed anything up. At this point you do need to install the "Bolton" and "JSL Ancient" fonts - which can be found freely on the internet at various font sites. When this goes live that will not be needed. https://www.gmbinder.com/share/-LAd3GBwVpsjlo3MsYeB Please let me know if you notice anything wonky or missing! Thanks!
  6. yeah its short for players handbook, this is all adapted from a D&D code block
  7. holy ****, that looks awesome! One thing to note, the formatting for the archetype stats changed a little - take a look at my sample example and you'll see that the code doesn't match up with the instructions below it...you basically just need to add a section in for the Brawn, Agility, Willpower etc labels underneath
  8. This feels alot like the structure of dungeon world to me and i love it
  9. lmao. brain is fried, sorry
  10. https://www.gmbinder.com/share/-LAd3GBwVpsjlo3MsYeB Here is the current version - there are still some tweaks that need to be made here and there but it is mostly finished. i'm not planning to run a game in terrinoth at the moment so it hasn't been a high priority - if anybody else wants to finish up what I started you're welcome to you'll need to download the fonts "ESL Ancient" and "Bolton" for it to appear correctly - those are free fonts available online. the other two fonts the genesys book uses are not free so i imported similar looking fonts from google web fonts for those. if it gets finished and you want to have iveld add it as a theme in genesys he should be able to upload esl ancient and bolton to his server so everybody doesn't have to download it also note a lot of the text in the document is not relevant 'cause i just modified the original genesys one without updating the actual content lol. there are for example, tables and bulleted lists inside of notes which the genesys book does not use, and the statblock instructions don't match up for how i had to rework them
  11. I've already got one that's roughly ready but it's significantly more complex than the first book due to the way the note blocks are styled. if anybody's interested in testing it out i can give you the code
  12. yep, looks like the same on my phone. strange. i wonder if that's part of how gmbinder renders pdfs or what...i'll have to look into that
  13. Thats very odd. There is a pattern in that box but its at <1% opacity so it should barely be visible - the same as it is in the book. I've tested with a few different pdf viewers and it shows correctly everywhere I'm looking. What are you using to view the pdf?
  14. Hmm that's a good idea, but as that one is stun damage it'd probably need to be a lot lower damage to be balanced. Then again bellow is balanced for the ithorian abilities and star wars stuff so i'll have to think about that some.
  15. flight - i considered this too, that was definitely one of the areas i was looking for feedback on. breath weapon - yeah, i matched it up with the cat folk's claws ability but i think adding the once per encounter really weakened it. Which do you think players would perfer - a rarer more powerful breath, or a breath that can be used fairly often but not as strong? as far as text box in the bottom left, im not sure what you mean? there should be an image in the bottom left
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