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  1. sounds like GURPS default setting of Infinite Worlds: http://www.sjgames.com/gurps/books/infiniteworlds/ Even if you don't use GURPS, their settings books are usually a pretty solid buy.
  2. I'm a bit confused. I mean... from what I understand, Almec is a character. He does what his writer says he does. There is no "ad hominem" argument vs a creator. He exists as a figment of our collective imaginations. His motivation has zero to do with what a "real" person involved in his character says. Heck, he has no motivations in our world, "He" is not... period. I get arguing what Tramp is saying, if only in character. But once a "real" person, in the real world says, X is what this is about... that character could be the dirtiest of lairs, In character - in world, but the line isn't meant for the people "in world," it's meant for us (the real people, out here, consuming said media) at that point... it's the creative team/person, telling us how they want us to view the world they get to make. Almec (to us, in our world, reading/watching) has no motivations, he's lines on a paper, digital strings on a program showing us animation. "He" is not. To counter a statement from Lucas, Hidalgo, or Filoni with a characters motivation just seems to border on something separate from what I call sanity, honestly. it's two different levels, man. Our little hobby here (TTRPG's) once had a bit of an issue with being able to tell fantasy from reality. Let's make sure we keep those lines clear and distinct, please. Maybe I'm miss reading the direction of the conversation, but... wow.
  3. For my own two copper, on the Mind trick, I just view it all as under this banner, from Obi-wan in ANH: for me, that kinda means, someone who's not weak minded, the trick doesn't work. Even in the whole Cad Bane interrogation it took 3 super duper force users to even make that happen, and by their own dialog could have permanently damaged Bane... I know, in the game we kinda use it quite a bit, but I don't think it was originally intended to be able to just give cart-blanch pass to Jedi to change folks brains/memory/thought... For the Mandalore/Fett thing... I kinda thought Dave Filoni shut that down in the "Creating Mandalore" short: Emphasis mine.
  4. Home-brewed Steampunk is one I'm currently working on with a friend... right now it's just too fluid and undecided to get more descriptive than that. Ice age Fantasy, Humans, Neanderthal, Dinistovian as possible PC species,The "Ice King" rules from the frozen north, a thick ice sheet covers the Atlantic, and tribes of peoples try to survive, while our heroes strive to defeat this Ice King, and return the world to warmth... Weird War... sort of. I've been playing a lot of the Sniper Elite Nazi Zombie franchise, and Wolfenstein lately... So, undead, Nazi, Dieselpunk would be about where my head is at. Modern Magic setting. Kinda Dresden-ish... but not in his universe, certainly of my own creation. I'd love to say cyberpunk, but R. Talsorian is going to be releasing their newest edition along side the Cyberpunk 2077 video game from CD Projekt Red, the folks who did the Witcher, so I'm looking for them to bring back the "Classic" Cyberpunk rpg, updated to a modern style. Maybe moving my Xfiles like game over to Genesys. That's where I'm at right now.
  5. Very evocative... I'm in... good stuff.
  6. Don't forget the miniatures game (I think I still have the skeleton of at least most armies... lol.) I went in hard for first edition. Most of that is gathering dust now. (I also have the few 2e books before they started linking with the D20 system/D&D stuff).
  7. Yah, I do both. As either system tends to favor a Roll player, or a Role player. In the end a player is either limited or expanded by the character. I mean, role-playing doesn't have it's lack of people who lack certain social skills (Gamer funk is a thing folks. and that's simple hygiene) . Anyway, what I do is Have a person Roleplay out what they say (in their preferred form, first or third person), and then based on that We roll, either it's made easier because of what was said or harder. For something like this system, I'll hand out Blue and or Black dice for what was said to alter the roll. Then I'll give them back the reaction of the NPC. I mean, Sometimes even the most eloquent person can step on their own tongue, or trigger an emotional response from people. I don't think mechanics are a bad thing for "Social combat," any more than I do think they are a bad thing for physical combat. But with a narrative system I do think it benefits the creative (the whole system, not just social or physical combat) person....
  8. https://q-workshop.com/en/95-legend-of-the-five-rings These are on my list.... then again I'm not missing a single book from the first two editions of their D10 system... I'll check out the new system, but honestly, unless it's Genesys, or a move back to the previous system, I doubt I'll pick it up. Genesys because I love the system, and will probably purchase every book I can in it, and the old system because I've been using it for so long, and love it.
  9. I used to play first edition L5R a great deal... and it was fantastic... if a bit "american version of psudo Japanese feudal peoples" it's a fun little area to campaign in, especially during the uprising of the Scorpion. Plus the D10 version was very much built to complement the mentality of the world. Great game, really great game.
  10. Looks like if one waits for a steam sale, one can cut the price down pretty sharply: Historical Lowest Price for Grand Designer: $29.99 at Steam on 5/8/2017 Historical Lowest Price for DLC: $14.99 at Steam on 5/8/2017 I mean, late november, if they put it up for sale again, 45 bucks for all of it...
  11. Despite my leaving materials out for proper naming, my group still calls them Bang, Birdy looking thing, Jedi thingy, bad triangle, Tie Cockpit, and despair... I mean... at least they get one right...
  12. I've considered a few times, even before I knew Genesys was a thing about ordering a few from Q-workshop for me. https://q-workshop.com/en/content/7-custom-dice but my pocket book isn't even really deep enough to purchase their dice at normal cost, much less whatever it would cost me to ask them to make me some.
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