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  1. “Join us on May 28th for a stream focusing on X-Wing and Star Wars: Destiny™! Not only will we announce the dates of the 2019 World Championship for both games, but we're also giving you the opportunity to ask your burning questions about Organized Play. If you're a fan of either of these games, this is one stream you won't want to miss!” If you mean spoilers, I doubt it.
  2. It occurred on the 8th of April. The rotation of sets depends on which format you play. Presuming you mean standard, Awakenings cycle is no longer legal.
  3. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/11/8/swd-what-lies-ahead/ http://yourdestiny.dk/blog/understanding-rotation-and-format-in-destiny All sets and cycles are the Infinite format. Those links above should help with your understanding.
  4. Yes, Infinite. Also depends on the people you play with.
  5. I was happy to do the events for any new folk that come along looking for similar information. Upgrades and supports are dependent on your build and play style, you're best to do that aspect yourself. http://swdestinydb.com/ - Good place to start, check other people's builds.
  6. Due to the upcoming rotation, I've revised the question: What are the Top 3 events for each affiliation and colour in the Legacies cycle. Please note that I'm a Hero player only, hence the lack of responses for Villains. Hero - Yellow Easy Pickings Scruffy Looking Nerf-Herder Impulsive/Drop In Villain - Yellow Take Flight? ?? ??? Neutral - Yellow - IMO, it's a tricky one Truce Vandalise Entangle/Well-Connected/Hasty Exit Hero - Blue Loth-Wolf Bond Concentrate Pacify Villain - Blue Isolation? Fear and Dead Men? ??? Neutral - Blue Hidden Motive Beguile Conflicted Hero - Red Field Medic Motivate Attack Run/Aerial Advantage Villain - Red The Best Defense... Probe Tactical Mastery Neutral - Red Recon Logistics Crackdown/Crash Landing Hero - Grey Into the Garbage Chute Way of the Light Villain - Grey Doubt ?? ??? Neutral - Grey Flank Sound the Alarm Free Fall
  7. Kes was a good add IMO. I would like to have R2D2 as a character rather than a support but I get why they didn't. Due to my age and what I loved about Star Wars as a kid, I'm keen to make an Ewok based decks. Overall, quite happy with characters they've introduced so far. Only character I'd like to see next set is Clone Wars Hero Anakin. Based on Vader comics, Kirak Infil'a could be interesting.
  8. Unrelated, we'll be drafting AtG.... haha. It's a bit odd but not a big deal. There may have been approval issues with Disney, however, I'm just guessing. I actually think it's a good article for newbies to get the gist of drafting.
  9. We're plodding along and growing slowly in Canberra, Australia. Reddit SW Destiny group has shown steady subscriber growth. Potential is still there IMO.
  10. Gees, I thought the original post was going to be a rant saying Vader needs a nerf....haha. Glad it's not. It's nice seeing that Vader decks are competitive but not overly dominant in the current meta. I'm really keen to see how rotation impacts the current meta moving forward.
  11. I imagine alt dice would be a logistical nightmare - not hating the idea. I'm guessing part of their timing issues relate to printing dice. I'm in Australia too, it sucks that we don't see GC prizes unless someone brings it home...
  12. I thought the article below would be worth sharing around the place. Feel free to discuss and share your thoughts - hopefully FFG will trawl through here at some point and take note. Artificery - #Armored Support, A Proposal to Bolster #RallyAid
  13. 4 dice potential Chirrut and Baze would be nice. However, Hero and Villain are probably support focused characters as a guess.
  14. Unfortunately, Australian LGS or distributors didn't get any. Just have to wait and see, I guess...
  15. We are coming up to when the Legacies cycle two-player-game was released last year for Force Friday (I think?). Just curious if anyone has heard or seen anything about if there will be a Two-player-game for every cycle moving forward from Legacies, or was it just a once-off?
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